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review SPOILER ALERT! 2020-10-21 06:06
The Dark Prohecy
The Dark Prophecy - Rick Riordan

Vague spoilers for all Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus/Trials of Apollo that I've read so far.

tl;dr: the books are long but nothing is happening in them (or maybe I'm just not interested in the action? That's very possible).


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text 2020-10-15 08:26
Natural Skincare Brand In India

Pure Natural Skincare products are rare to find. There are lots of companies who claim to provide pure organic, natural & Ayurvedic Products. But it is not correct. Today, I will tell you where to find pure natural skincare products.


Bella Vita Organic  - Natural Skincare brand based in India. This Organization has 100% pure organic products inspired by Ayurveda. They have their own production house where they formulate natural beauty products with the help of ayurvedic herbs, fruits & other useful resources.


Bella Vita Organic is dedicated to produce pure, natural, healthy & organic beauty products for your skin and hair. All the Ayurvedic products are completely toxic free, contain no harsh ingredients & highly effective.


So, check out their online store and explore all beauty products and check their ingredients. NicoLips Lip scrub & EyeLift Under Eye Cream are the best selling products of Bella Vita Organic.


Best Lip Lightening Cream


People develop dark lips due to a range of factors like smoking, medical, hyperpigmentation etc. To remove this darkness of lips Bella Vita Organic formulated the best lip lightening scrub to brighten your dark lips.


You can cure dark lips by laser treatments and chemicals, but these are dangerous for your health and skin. So, try out this natural & ayurvedic remedy by Bella Vita Organic.


Nicolips Lip Lightening Scrub is the best natural cream to lighten your dark lips. The ingredients which are used to produce this scrub are 100% natural & Organic. You can check the ingredients list from Bella Vita Organic online store.


This is a very effective scrub, all you need to do is rub this scrub on your lips and wait for the magic.


Best Under Eye Cream


Do you have under eye problems? Say goodbye to dark circles, puffiness & bags within four weeks by using Best Dark Circle Cream - EyeLift Under Eye Cream by Bella Vita Organic.


Fine Lines & Wrinkles are the biggest problem when it comes to eyes. And many of you don’t know that these problems can be resolved by using Under Eye Cream.


EyeLift Under Eye Cream by Bella Vita Organic  is the natural dark circle cream which will solve all your eye problems. This cream is 100% natural & Organic and formulated specially using various herbs & fruits.


So, get rid of your dark circles within a few weeks. Shop Bella Vita Organic now.

Source: bellavitaorganic.com
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review 2020-10-08 16:10
Book Review - The Gritty Truth by Melissa Foster
The Gritty Truth (The Whiskeys: Dark Knights at Peaceful Harbor Book 7) - Melissa Foster
This was such a beautiful, and phenomenal story.  I enjoyed many moments smiling, laughing, melting with the heat, but Melissa absolutely broke me emotionally on more than one occasion with this. She took the wind out of my sails with the most emotion I've ever felt whilst reading a book. 
Quincy has held a special place in my heart ever since meeting him and Tru in their traumatic story of Tru Blue. I thought I was prepared to relive his heartbreaking past and ready to take on whatever was going to come along but my heart felt like it had actually broke as I read certain scenes. This is now firmly planted forever as my #1 Top Melissa Foster read!  It can definitely be read as a standalone but I feel that there is a special connection to the characters that seeds from Tru Blue that brings even more feelings to this book.
I always love my time in the Whiskey world, it's always fun, people genuinely care about each other, no judgements are made and are everyone is so supportive, which is what Quincy, a recovering drug addict, needed more than most. He was in his second drug free year and doing really well, he had turned into such a genuine, caring and thoughtful guy, and he was falling hard for sexy dance teacher Roni, who also had her own traumatic history.  As we follow their story the author brings the beautiful excitement of fresh love to the pages, the giddiness, stolen glances, the innocence of kissing, drifting you back in time and bringing a smile to your face.
They have the ultimate connection and chemistry, but as things start to progress Quincy finds that he can not allow the relationship to strengthen until he has been totally honest with Roni about his past, even if it means delving into his mistakes he regrets on a daily basis and the possibility of losing Roni completely by scaring her off.  As you read, you could feel the sheer anguish, pain, and sadness, running off the pages, whilst remembering to tell yourself to breathe. It ripped my heart out listening to Quincy retell his heartbreaking and unthinkable past.  And even though we love Quincy now, imagining how Roni must have felt not knowing what to do with all this painful story.  She could be taking the biggest risk of her life.  It definitely makes you think about your own thoughts and how would you deal with the biggest decision of your life. What will Roni decide? And what will happen next?
After finishing the book I was an emotional wreck, it left me speechless with emotion as I sat thinking...I just...I can't...I just...I felt like I'd taken all the emotion I could.  I found myself writing to the author to try to express just an ounce of how I was feeling...
"I feel like an absolute wreck, I don’t think I could have take much more emotion, can’t get the words out, but phenomenal and beautiful is all I can say. I actually feel like my heart has broke. Thank you for being such an amazing writer xxx"
Phenomenal #1 Melissa Foster read!
Source: beckvalleybooks.blogspot.com
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url 2020-10-08 08:25
10 Top Dark Sky Parks in the United States

Plan an unforgettable stargazing outing to one of these light-free destinations across America. Here are some dark sky parks you can visit.

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text 2020-10-01 19:40

What is Verified Carding Forum?


A Verified Carding Forum is an unlawful website dedicated to the sharing of stolen credit card information and details. Carding Forum contains credit card information that has been stolen or obtained by any other illegal means. It also includes a discussion Board in which the members of forum shares techniques and tactics to be used to obtain credit card information. 

Verified Carding Forum are usually found on “Dark Web” using highly encoded TOR routing intended to provide secrecy. Purchaser of stolen credit “card information” mostly pay in cryptocurrencies. Sale and purchase of “stolen credit card information” is illegal therefore, participants in carding forum use aliases to hide their identities.

  • “Fullz” is a term, in slang, used for complete credit card information required to a thief to for buying something using stolen card. Usually “Fullz” pertains your name, account data, social security number and other information needed for the transaction.

How Verified Carding Forum Works?

When a person or an organized group steals credit or debit card information, it’s not clear whether the number or stolen information is sufficient for making transaction or not. For example, if the stolen card has insufficient funds for the transaction, or user has cancelled their card, or card has been blocked due to any penal action, or card has been expired. The card thief needs verification of card information so that he can use the card’s information for deceitful purchases and transactions.

Thieves primarily focus on verification of stolen credit or debit card information by multiple ways. Most commonly they suggest that stolen card first be used to make a small transaction containing nominal amount that are unlikely to trigger a warning to the rightful owner/cardholder. Debit and credit cards information which has been verified by using carding techniques, thieves sell this information to other parties, who makes fraudulent purchases using this information.

Carding Forums is a market place used by thieves willing to use stolen card information for making purchases, as well as folks looking to buy stolen card number. Thieves makes the offer on the forum which attracts the buyer and they negotiate on the forum, or move their offers for sale to black markets on the dark web, where bulk of credit and debit card information in hundred to thousands of dollars. Furthermore, prevention of these black market is quite impossible for law enforcement agencies.


How to protect Yourself from Verified Carding Forum?

There is no scientific and authentic method is invented to minimize the possibility of carding forum. However, precaution and careful means can be used to avoid this fraud. Be conscious while providing you credit card information, provide information to reputable retailers only. 

Trades and industries are equally worried by the fraud linked with carding forums as stolen or breached date directly impact their profits and reputation. Therefore, most of the grand retailers have implemented various modes to reduce the possibility of data stealing including multi-part payment process to verify transactions and filter out fraud. This most commonly includes ‘CAPTCHA’ which tries to confirm human input and decline automated and rebooted scripts from processing batches of stolen debit and credit card numbers.  

Furthermore, the credit and debit card industry is adopting precautionary measures by introducing latest techniques to lessen this illegal activity and to avoid the possibility of fraud. Chip, RFID and PIN empowered cards as well as sensitive electronic countermeasures have made stealing card’s information more tough for thieves/criminals. However, as precautionary method become more urbane, as compare to thieves/criminals.

Despite these best counter-measures, even the major companies and individuals are susceptible to data breaches which release your card’s information over the dark web.



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