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text 2020-08-11 17:35
Historic Places: Benjamin Harrison House

During a recent weekend in Indianapolis, I was thrilled to stumble upon this gem on the north side of downtown. I'll be honest, I didn't even realize that President Benjamin Harrison was from Indiana, so this was a fascinating visit! 


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review 2020-07-14 04:46
ARC Review: The Unseen (Elder Races #9.9) by Thea Harrison
The Unseen - Thea Harrison

 The Unseen
 Elder Races #9.9
 Thea Harrison
 Paranormal Romance - Urban Fantasy
 Teddy Harrison LLC
 July 13, 2020


From New York Times bestselling author Thea Harrison comes the first in an explosive new quartet of stories set in the Elder Races world…. Dragos and Pia are back by popular vote!




Saying goodbye to their old life in the Wyr demesne in New York may be hard, but Dragos and Pia are determined to create a new life in the Other land of Rhyacia.


At first, everything seems idyllic. Rhyacia is paradisiacal. Accompanied by old friends and new allies, the future looks safe and bright for Dragos, Pia, and baby Niall.


But strange things are happening beneath the picturesque façade. Items move unaccompanied, buildings collapse without justifiable cause, and even the most Powerful residents of Rhyacia can provide no logical explanation for the events transpiring. Whispered rumors point to something called the unseen.


As Dragos and Pia investigate, they uncover a greater mystery than they could have imagined, and they realize the startling truth…


They’re not alone in Rhyacia. The land Dragos had thought was uninhabited hides many secrets, a shocking history that’s not quite ready to be buried, and something more.

Something ancient, evil, and hungry. Something that wants to consume Dragos and take everything he holds dear.


Something that just may be powerful enough to overcome the dragon…


***This is book 1 in a series of 4 connected novellas. The first three books in this set will end in cliffhangers.***


Reading Order:

1. Dragon Bound
2. Storm’s Heart
3. Serpent’s Kiss
4. True Colors
5. Oracle’s Moon
6. Natural Evil
7. Devil’s Gate
8. Hunter’s Season
9. Lord’s Fall
10. The Wicked
11. Kinked
12. Dragos Takes a Holiday
13. Pia Saves the Day
14. Peanut Goes to School
15. Night’s Honor
16. Midnight’s Kiss
17. Dragos Goes to Washington
18. Pia Does Hollywood
19. Shadow’s End
20. Liam Takes Manhattan
21. The Chosen
22. Planet Dragos






The Unseen is a novella in the Elder Races series by Thea Harrison. It’s full of humor, romance, surprises and all of your favorite Wyr characters.


Fans will enjoy return to the Elder Races series and one of the main couples Pia and Dragos. If you haven’t read the Elder Races series then you need to start at the beginning and read in order. This novella is not the place to start. 


It was such a joy return to the Elder Race world. I love all the different kinds of Wyr’s and how vast the world building is. We are always treated to something new in each novel or novella. 


It was fabulous seeing all the old characters from all the novels. They come together to wish Pia and Dragos good luck on their new adventure, but even with them leaving the Wyr demise and moving to the Other land of Rhyacia things don’t go as planned and the gang comes together to help. I loved seeing many of my favorite couples come back and having the author give us insight into where they are and what they are doing now. It was so fantastic to get answers to things I was thinking about and wondering. 


The Cuelebre family are a joy to read about. It’s so great to see how much Pia has grown, to see Stinkpot and his adorableness, and to see how much Dragos love for his Mate. 


I would love to tell you more, but I don’t want to ruin the surprises. I will point out that the author does note to her readers this novella ends on a cliffhanger. I have a love-hate relationship with cliffhangers, but I have to say this cliffhanger was in the perfect spot. It has left me wanting the next novella and I can’t wait until it comes out. Luckily I won’t have to wait long, since the author will be releasing the next three novellas in quick succession. 


Rated: 4 Stars


*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by Thea Harrison with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.


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  • 2020 New Release




I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!



Source: angelsguiltypleasures.com/2020/07/arc-review-the-unseen-elder-races-9-9-by-thea-harrison
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review 2020-06-30 18:00
Review: American Demon(Return to the Hollows #1) by Kim Harrison
American Demon - Kim Harrison



A thrilling return to the #1 New York Times bestselling urban fantasy series, continuing Rachel Morgan’s story.


What happens after you’ve saved the world? Well, if you’re Rachel Mariana Morgan, witch-born demon, you quickly discover that something might have gone just a little bit wrong. That the very same acts you and your friends took to forge new powers may have released something bound by the old. With a rash of zombies, some strange new murders, and an exceedingly mysterious new demon in town, it will take everything Rachel has to counter this new threat to the world–and it may demand the sacrifice of what she holds most dear.

My Thoughts

The hollows series always has a spot in my heart. It was the series that got my passion for reading back. That being said, I was super excited to go back to the hollows and see Rachel, Jenks, Trent, Al and hell even Ivy again.  I was curious to see how she would start it up again after the epilogue we got in The Witch With No Name, It was okay …. Even a bit of a cop out in my opinion, but I can overlook it.

The books start shortly where The Witch With No Name ended and it was so nice to see them all again. Though the first few chapters it felt like she made a point to mention everyone who was someone in the series. I still enjoyed it, for the most part, revisiting the people, places and see how and what everyone is doing. Mostly the demons, what are they up to now topside and how are they handling it.

Some things were kind of funny,  soon though we get thrown into the plot and it still okay even if a bit strange and odd … even for the hollows.

So one of the main parts I was looking forward to was seeing Rachel and Trent, them working together, being together and all the couple things, I was a bit disappointed when once again Rachel STILL doubted her relationship with Trent and why he loved her and so on. There was a reason for it ( of sorts) but still we worked so many books to get them together and he more than showed that he is with her all the way, we should be over this by now. Whatever the reason.

In other ways it also felt like typical Rachel, taking one step forward and three back.

I soon became a bit bored with her and stuff. I started to skim the book except the parts with AL, Trent or Jenks.

Overall I thought it was okay, I LOVED that we got to go back to the hollows, Rachel ugh … Oh and the Elisabeth being a fan of Rachel was just weird even for me.

Something just felt of and I’m not even sure what but maybe I just outgrew the series. I don’t know or maybe we just need a new voice, I think this could have been from Trent’s POV .

It would have been the same great people, world and series, just a fresh voice to it that we already know and love.

Speaking of Trent I think he was the best and I just like him more and more and I think out of all of them him and Al both grew the most in the series,

I also loved AL of course, while he had some issues, he is still the same ole Ale we know and love.

Overall, I think it was okay, bit boring but like I said maybe I just outgrew the series or I just can’t handle Rachel’s self-manipulation anymore, she always has some issues and if not she creates them.

I rate 3★ I might continue the series at some point but I’m not sure yet when even if I miss the world and characters.



Available NOW 

Amazon *** B&N *** Kobo 

  Snoopydoo sigi

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review 2020-06-29 18:37
What is Given from the Heart - Patricia C. McKissack,April Harrison

For more reviews, check out my blog: Craft-Cycle

A sweet story about kindness and caring for others.

The artwork in this book is lovely. I really enjoyed the various textures used.

There are some rather dark themes in the beginning, such as the main character's father going to sleep on the porch and not waking up, which may not be a good fit for younger children. There are also issues of poverty that come up, which can be a great way to discuss the topic with older children.

Overall, it was a very lovely book. The ending was very sweet and it had a wonderful message about showing kindness to others and the beautiful idea of "what is given from the heart reaches the heart".

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text 2020-06-20 18:34
The Beatles IF I FELL Funky Remix

Having fun jamming with the greatest band of all time, the Fab Four! Enjoy this new take on their classic love IF I FELL from their 3rd studio album "A Hard Days Night" released on July 10, 1964.

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