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review 2020-08-21 21:20
Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo

“No mourners. No funerals.”


If I could apologise to a book I would, ever since it was released and every time I saw it flooding my Instagram feed I dismissed it. Now and again I would go back to it and re read the synopsis, but again I would say it wasn't for me. I enjoyed Bardugos first Grisha trilogy and was so excited when I discovered she was bringing out more books based in the same world. But this duology is completely different, this features six thieves and the heist of a lifetime.


Somehow I've gotten to this point where I read this book and fell in love with it, honestly I think I enjoyed more than her first series. I listened to it on Audible and the cast was absolutely superb. Although we have six main characters only five of them have a voice, although I have been reassured that in sequel that changes.


So the plot, Kaz Brekker, a notorious young criminal, is offered the score of all scores. The motherload, one that could change is life forever and make possible the revenge he so desperately seeks. Kaz brings together a crew to break into an impossible fortress and steal a scientist who is responsible for creating a drug that enhances a Grisha powers.


Via the various POVs we learn who our thieves are, their pasts, how they're connected and their feeling for each other. They're not all connected to each other and several of them have really tragic pasts and don't really do the whole sharing thing. Somehow this crew has to find a way to trust each other, not so easy when most of them want to kill the other, to pull off the heist.


Throughout the book I was forever second guessing people and their motives, was someone about to double cross someone else, is someone else really working with another rival gang hoping to beat them to it?? I loved this book and I loved the characters, Wylan is the only one who didn't get a voice so I look forward to knowing more about him and his background, especially with his father after they came face to face towards the end.


If you're looking for the similar fantasy adventures that were in Shadow and Bone you won't find it here, although we're still in the same world we're just no longer in Rava; the home of the Grisha. The story takes place in Ketterdam and Grisha are bought and sold. I was a fool for waiting so long to read this book and think it wouldn't be for me, it's exactly the type of thing I would watch.


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review 2020-07-01 14:30
Wonder Woman: Warbringer the Graphic Novel by Leigh Bardugo, Louise Simonson, and Kit Seaton
Wonder Woman: Warbringer the Graphic Novel - Leigh Bardugo,Louise Simonson,George Seaton

Title: Wonder Woman: Warbringer the Graphic Novel

Series: DC Icons #1

Authors: Leigh Bardugo, Louise Simonson, Kit Seaton

Published Date: January 7, 2020

Publisher: DC Comics

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 208 pages

Source: Library

Date Read: June 26, 2020



I was gifted the audiobook (CDs) a few years ago, but wasn't interested in listening to this version. I picked up the ebook when it was on sale a while ago, and never felt in the mood to start it. So when I saw this version in my library I decided to go for it and have it fill a prompt on the SRP. I'm so glad I did - it was a great story but also streamlined for my attention span. 

The story opens with Diana preparing for an important race to help her improve her standing with some of her Amazon sisters, especially her mother's right hand woman/#1 general who has an unfounded hate towards Diana because she was created differently than the rest of the island's inhabitants. On her way to winning the race, Diana notices a ship that 1)broke through the barrier separating the island from the World of Man and 2) the ship was on fire and going down quickly. She leaves the race and jumps into the water in the hopes of saving those onboard. There was only one survivor, an older teen named Alia. Alia is the descendent of Helen of Troy and as such, she is a Warbringer. 

Diana and Alia work to find out how to stop the people who are hunting Alia as well as help Alia redeem her ancestors/stop the Warbringer bloodline. There are others on the team: Jason (Alia's brother), Theo (friend of the family), and Nim (Alia's BFF who deserves her own series!). This is a coming of age story nestled in a journey to Greece and the resting place of Helen. On the way there is romance, really great one-liners, and some deep topics brought up (race, sexism, capitalism, etc). 

Overall, it was fun and adventurous story that added to my love of Wonder Woman. 


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text 2020-06-27 02:39
#FridayReads - June 26, 2020
A Search for Refuge - Kristi Ann Hunter
Proper English - K.J. Charles
Beneath a Ruthless Sun - Gilbert King
Wonder Woman: Warbringer the Graphic Novel - Leigh Bardugo,Louise Simonson,George Seaton
Wytches Volume 1 - Scott Snyder,Jock

I want to tell you there is a new book site called The Story Graph; right now it is in beta form. I signed up and imported my GR books to TSG. I haven't done much else except to finish filling out my profile (same handle I have here and same profile pic). Thanks to author Beverly Jenkins for letting all of Twitter know about the site.


This week I spent most of the time I could have been reading writing all these book reviews. I should be all caught up now; sorry for the tsnuami of reviews. Now that I am planning to write reviews on the regular, I should have more time to read. I am still reading A Search for Refuge for BL-opoly. I need to get to Proper English and work my way through Beneath the Ruthless Sun. Today is all about getting the two graphic novels, Wytches and Warbringer done. Time to buckle down and read all weekend long. 


Stay safe, stay healthy my BL friends. Kansas growing in COVID-19 cases and our school district sent out a parental survey yesterday, asking for feedback/input about how to go about doing school for the upcoming school year. I want my kids in school for their mental and emotional health, but I just want to keep them home for their physical health. My anxiety is high right now.

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review 2020-05-19 20:49
Ninth House
Ninth House - Leigh Bardugo

Sorry, not sorry, DNFed this thing at 12 percent. I cannot with this book right now. I felt like my brain was trying to slide away. The author dumps us in the book as if we should know things that she just blithely gets into. I don't know if she world-builds later or what, but I can't keep reading this book as if I know who everyone is and what they are doing. 


"Ninth House" is the first book in the Alex Stern series. Yeah, I say first book though the author makes it seems like this is just a continuation of another book. Alex through machinations (that I managed to gather) is a student at Yale. She is there because she can see ghosts (called Grays) in this book and seems to be some record keeper of a secret society at Yale. I can't say much more than that cause this book is all over the place.


My problems are the following:


Alex Stern. Can't really say much about her besides there is not much there to keep me reading about her. We start at the end of something big happening to her and then jump back to her observing some messed up ritual. I don't even know anything besides she eats a lot of ginger candy which I do not enjoy. Also I think she has another name? I don't know. I think between that and her having a secret society name I was just done. 

Yale. I got nothing here folks. Bardugo acts like everyone who reads this book knows exactly how Yale is set up. Bardugo go into the architecture and the meaning behind said architecture a couple of places and I wondered if she has a background in history cause that's the kind of meaningless stuff historians like to just randomly tell you when you ask them a question about anything. 


World-building. It's often hard to thread the needle with world-building in the first book in a series. This is a fantasy series and they are often harder in my opinion cause readers will be the first ones to bring up how the rules the author set up in book #1, and #2 are incorrect due to whatever happens in book #3. I say readers like I don't do this too.


Bardugo went a different direction and just threw us into this world and acted like it's no big deal. I still don't get what is happening. Secret rituals to keep people rich? Alex sees Grays? Alex is called upon when a dead body shows? Sorry, this made zero sense and I just did not want to continue. The whole mystery surrounding Lethe House could have potential, I just don't want to waste my time pushing myself to the finish on this one. Too many books out there. 

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text 2020-05-19 19:54
Reading progress update: I've read 10%.
Ninth House - Leigh Bardugo

Does this get better? Is there a prequel I am missing or something? There is way too much being thrown at me with no set-up. So weird.

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