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review 2019-03-21 23:22
This seemed unnecessary
Saga #54 - Brian K. Vaughan,Fiona Staples

Mostly because it didn't deal with the fallout from last issue, or not the way I had hoped it would.   No, that I wanted it to. 


I understand that it's the author's story and they can tell it however they want.   That doesn't mean that I didn't want to see other things. 


And now the long, long hiatus.   So, yeah, not sure if this is the last Saga issue for me...

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review 2019-03-21 23:18
So this...
Saga #53 - Brian K. Vaughan,Fiona Staples


I can't even with words.  


So much sad. 


Char has agreed to read on and see if I can even continue this comic, so thank you Char.

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review 2019-03-21 19:52
Still loving this
Savage Dragon Archives Volume 8 - Erik Larsen

I'm all caught up with SD Archives nine right now and I'm going to move beyond that to some issues that I bought later on.   Again, this is just pure soap opera as if happened real time, and I'm loving it all!


It's addictive, despite some flaws, but I'm willing to put up with them because it's so much fun!

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review 2019-03-15 23:49
I'm not the audience for this one
New Kid - Jerry Craft

New Kid by Jerry Craft is a middle grade graphic novel that tells the story of a boy named Jordan who has (against his will) been enrolled in a prestigious private school in the upscale (and predominantly white) neighborhood of Riverdale. While he didn't necessarily feel like he fit in among his peers at his old school in Washington Heights he really feels like the outsider at this school being one of only 3 students of color. (There's a lot of mixing up of names by the teachers + bullying by peers.) In classic 'rebellious preteen' fashion he feels that the world (i.e. good ol' mom) is set on ruining his life because she won't let him go to art school instead of this place where it seems like everyone is either rich, white, or both. To help him sort through his frustrations and rage he takes to working on a sketchbook detailing his experiences. [A/N:These comics are interspersed throughout the book.] New Kid is a coming of age story about classism, racism, and finding out where you truly belong. 


Honesty compels me to tell you that I didn't necessarily love this book because of its predictability and slow moving pace. However, this book wasn't written with me in mind as its audience and therefore I think for the young person who is feeling 'other' and beaten down by circumstances out of their control this could be quite an important book. I liked the illustrative style particularly how it worked so well with the sprinkling of Jordan's comics with their very different artistic approach so no complaints on that front. For me it's a 4/10 but in terms of readability for that audience I'd say 8/10.


Source: Amazon


An example of Craft's style. [Source: iTunes]



What's Up Next: Remember? Remember? by Charles Beaumont


What I'm Currently Reading: ElfQuest Archives Volume 4 by Wendy & Richard Pini

Source: readingfortheheckofit.blogspot.com
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2019-03-08 08:51
Review: Shadowman — I Like It; Will Continue!
Shadowman (2018) #1 - Andy Diggle,Stephen Segovia,Tonci Zonjic


Just started reading this series and liked it. I am sure I am meant to read the comics that have come before this one to fully appreciate it. Even without knowing Shadowman’s origin story, I wanted to keep reading. So, that’s good.

Some scenes:

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