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review 2017-06-30 05:00
Release Day ARC Review: Manny Get Your Guy by Amy Lane
Manny Get Your Guy (Dreamspun Desires Book 37) - Amy Lane

This book is a sequel of sorts to The Virgin Manny, set about 10 years after the first book. If you've read the first book, you'll remember Nica, Tino's sister, and her now-husband Jacob/baby-daddy, who can't seem to stop procreating, as kid number five is on the way. And Nica needs help.

Thankfully, her best friend Taylor (he who was sort of dating Nica while hitting on Tino in book 1 while Tino was falling for Channing) is back in town, and 10 years is enough time to forgive and forget, right? Nica needs help with the kids, Taylor needs a job - voila, a new manny.

Except Brandon, Jacob's cousin, old enough at the time to remember Taylor being a douche, didn't get the "forgive and forget" memo, so he has some initial doubts about Taylor's good-guy persona and makes his concerns known. In his face. Multiple times

For some reason though, Brandon changes his mind quickly about Taylor and it's on like Donkey Kong. 

I quite liked both Taylor (29 here) and Brandon (22) because they actually really seemed to care about each other. Yeah, the love is pretty insta, but this is a Dreamspun Desires title so I kind of expect that. They did both step up to the plate though, providing each other what they needed, and Brandon, though younger, is certainly all in from the moment he gets his head out of his ass. Taylor is a bit more reluctant to jump in with both feet, and has some doubts that he's right for Brandon. Persistence pays off nonetheless, and eventually Taylor jumps too.

There's some cute banter too, and a lot of family time is woven into the plot as well, so much so that the romance almost took a backseat. The steam is within the limits set for this series, though I'm only mentioning this for those readers that like a lot of sexy times in their books - this isn't one of those. I myself don't care either way, as long as the relationship makes sense, and I don't miss the steam if it's not present. 

I would have liked there to be more interactions with the actual kids, considering Taylor is the manny, but with the exception of a few moments, it was mostly adults on page. 

This is billed as a standalone, but I wouldn't recommend reading this book on its own without having read the first one. Most of the characters in this book were established in the first one, and I think it's important for the reader to know the relationships since they're not explained in this book. 

Manny Get Your Guy is pure sugary-sweet fluff, and as such a perfect addition to this mostly fluffy series. I had a great time reading this.

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **

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review 2017-06-29 02:13
Adult Content
The Manny - Susan Ward The Manny - Susan Ward

The Manny is my first book by Susan Ward, but won't be my last.  This is a male/male romance book, so it may not be for everyone.  This is a fairly short read, a great choice for those with limited time for reading.  Ms Ward has delivered a well-written book.  The characters are perfect for this story, I especially loved the interaction with the kids.  Graham and Leland's story is full of drama, humor and m/m sizzle.  I enjoyed reading The Manny and look forward to reading more from Susan Ward in the future.  The Manny is book 1 of the Locked & Loaded Series but can be read as a standalone.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger. 

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review 2017-02-25 22:24
Amy Lane does cute and fluffy...
The Virgin Manny (Dreamspun Desires Book 25) - Amy Lane

The 'Virgin Manny' is #25 in Dreamspinner's 'Dreamspun Desires' series and #1 in Amy Lane's 'The Mannies' series and in general this was just a cute, fluffy story about falling in love when you least expect it. But I have to admit I did have one issue that took me the better part of the story to get past and that was...the dreaded age difference. It's not even the fact that it's 10 years. It's the fact that Tino is 22 and Channing is 32 and in the scheme of age differences this is one of my least favorite age gaps because people tend to beat such different points in their lives during this time and while this initially niggles at me a little, as the story progressed my discomfort with this eased and finally just didn't seem to matter.


Now about that housekeeper...I don't even know where to begin with her. She gave me rage people total rage. I couldn't stand her, she was a horrible, horrible person. I never fully understood her feelings towards anyone. She was blatantly rude and disrespectful towards everyone in this story and I'm pretty sure that by the second time she opened her mouth I wanted to her kicked to the curb. Seriously I think I did a happy dance when Channing finally got rid of her.


I really liked Channing and Tino their attraction to each other was intense but it was also tempered by their mutual concern for Sammy. Sammy is Channing's nephew and following the death of Channing's sister Channing is trying to rearrange is life so that he can become the guardian that Sammy needs to raise him.


Sammy is also my one point of contention between the e-book and the audiobook. I get that children's voices are hard to do. I really do and while I must admit Sammy didn't annoy me as much as some of the other children that I've encountered in stories. He did annoy me and that really left me feeling a bit disconcerted because for me Sammy should have been a grief stricken little boy who was acting out due to the loss of his mother and yet, what I felt like I was getting was an obnoxious little sh!t who was use to getting his way and just needed a good old fashioned spanking...let me just tell you if you think this didn't cause me a little discomfort when I realized that instead of wanting to hug him and feed him milk and cookies, I wanted to give him a spanking, send him to his room...you'd be wrong.


Simply put I wanted to feel Sammy's grief and pain in his voice and instead it was just a whiny annoying child...sorry but while better than some this kid still just didn't work for me. Maybe I should just give up on audiobooks with children in them because other than that one little thing I very much enjoyed John Solo's narration of 'The Virgin Manny'.


So while this probably would have otherwise been a 4.5 star read for me, I'm taking a 1/2 star back because...annoying whiny kids make me cranky and calling it a day at 4 slightly cranky stars.



An Audiobook of 'The Virgin Manny was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2016-12-31 05:00
ARC Review: The Virgin Manny by Amy Lane
The Virgin Manny (Dreamspun Desires Book 25) - Amy Lane

Cute, fluffy, sweet. A real feel-good book, no angst between the MCs, virgin butt-secksing, a ridiculous over the top villain - yeah, I dug it. Most books in this series aren't meant to be taken seriously, and neither is this one.


Tino, 22, a last year college student about to take his finals, is out delivering pre-made dinners for his younger sister's business, when he ends up at the doorstep of Channing, who's raising his 7 year old nephew, Sammy, after his sister recently passed away.


Since Tino is almost done with finals and doesn't have any immediate job prospects, and since Channing begs so nicely, Tino somewhat reluctantly ends up as the newly hired manny for said boy. Of course, his insta-lust for the hunky Channing plus the money Channing offers help convince him that he can do that job.


There are some serious undertones here too - Sammy is struggling with his loss, acting out as part of his grieving process, Channing is at his wit's end and grieving himself, the housekeeper is a bitch, and while Channing is a great guy, he can't cook and he needs to work, and he needs help.


The housekeeper subplot was a wee bit far-fetched, but whatever, these stories are meant to be OTT so that fit right in.


I liked the main characters a lot - Tino was a nice young man, and he really cared for Channing and for Sammy too. Channing was a good guy, wanting to do right by his nephew. Sammy himself was described very well, and I thought that the author really nailed the character.


They fit, even if Channing is 10 years older, and much more established than Tino who still has to trade in his v-card, but their personalities meshed well. Tino has plans and he only takes the job as a tie-me-over for the summer, though falling in love with his new employer wasn't part of the plan. Channing too didn't quite see falling for the manny in his future, but he too falls hard and fast, so that's that. They complement each other though, and Tino's developing relationship with Sammy worked for me as well.


There's a bit of drama toward the end with Tino's sister that seemed a wee bit unbelievable, but fit within the theme of the book - life is what happens when you're busy making plans.


As I said, cute, fluffy, sweet. Perfect for this series, adorable, and very enjoyable.


** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **

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review 2016-09-21 11:44
Victoria Junior LIttle Prometheus
Victoria Jr. Little Prometheus - Manny Trembley


4.5 Stars, Buy it

This was a kickstarter purchase. Paperback.  The book is nicely made and I like the feel of the paper (Yes, book nerd here)


The main story: Victoria is the human daughter of Frankenstein and his bride.  Victoria decides to skip school to look for the spark of the sun. Victoria feels her family deserves to feel the warmth that she feels. They don’t because they are monsters and are undead. She finds the spark which is this little adorable flame and they go back to Victoria’s home. But I’ll leave it at that. It was juicy and sweet and loveable. The same feeling I got from reading the Owly series. I highly recommend this if you ever see it anywhwere. I’m glad I supported this second book and I really hope there are more.  The first added story Victoria goes under the sea with the spark. It’s cute and sweet and rhymes but not as good as the main story. But the art is nice. There are a few other short stories but nothing spectacular


I love how sweet Victoria is and her love for her family. I love her kind of steampunky glasses. I love the artwork. Anyway I think I’ll give this 4.5 stars because it wasn’t quite 5 but it was still really good and juicy and lots of fun. Crossing my fingers there will be another one.

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