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video 2019-04-27 13:50
City of Flowers - Mary Hoffman
hi sorry for the bad audio but i did it anyway could not do better anyway is a summary of geogia's love story and life between london and talia i used the same character i used in the other stravaganza videos i put again the part of the argento went ourt and sandro had to help people because it's connected if you read the books you ould understand why. it's impotant also the duel between niccolò and luciano. this is quite a trailer where i speack for all the characters i wanted. mainly georgia and arianna.
here the words if you cant understand or can't understand italian.

"I've loved it since we were in the school orchestra together"
"I never thought I could see him again."
The jockey of the Montone is a she .....mhm..."
"Where there is Arianna there is Luciano"
"I can not Pèerdere also Nicolas."
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video 2019-04-27 13:48
City of Stars - Mary Hoffman

sorry if the work was bad but i bad my ears problems could not be care so i don't know what i have and how to care it
story:stravaganza city of stars
clips from ostwind mika e milan
harry e hermione liberano sirus from hp 3
picture of the book cover from official facebook stravaganzaa
picture of the horse from bing search
picture with ttext by scorpius did in italy

i start today this book to keep calm newt and maybe it's better that before i finish city of masks but i like the couple and try to do a video about their friendship and the love for the horses fierobecco was merla the horse. i know that georgia is not like the girl but i have no clip of a girl like her with horses so i try with this i think nick is good quite long dark and wave hair , joung boy ... it's right. i hope you enjoy anyway. i think tat the start of the video was good she is in the horses places like georgia when she arrived in Talia.

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video 2019-04-27 13:40
City of Masks - Mary Hoffman

harry pottter narnia going down cover glowing in the dark

capture of scorpius photos -our trip-
fgoogle search


i did this when i was ill

this channel is my first where i published  everything  as a youtuber it is not about books

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review 2019-04-27 11:24
City of Flowers - Mary Hoffman

credits and characters at the end of the video i used the clips from the previous videos because the characters come back in the story

this is from my youtuber channel not about my books but about everything

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quote 2019-04-27 11:19
Sequel to City of Masks, the setting is again Talia, the parallel world very similar to 16th-century Italy, but the main character in this book is Georgia - who has a love of horses. She is desperate to buy a little, dusty winged horse that has appeared in a local antique shop. This tiny, winged horse proves to be the talisman that transports Georgia right into the rivalries and the high-octane excitement of the hugely competitive Stellata horse race. Mary Hoffman proved herself a mistress of a narrative tour-de-force with City of Masks and this sequel will not disappoint. Fans will be thrilled too that favourite characters from the first book, such as Lucien and Arianna, again appear.
City of Stars - Mary Hoffman

i found it on amazon it is the plot

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