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review 2016-03-06 08:04
Pennsylvania: The Peaceful Kind -Book 5...
Pennsylvania 5: The Peaceful Kind (Volume 5) - Michael Bunker

In book four Jed learned something important about the Transport's battle plans and intent on colonizing New Pennsylvania which I thought might have been the big reveal that explained why Jed was so important to the Tracer's mission. It turns out, the reveal in book four was only part of it and book five expands on Jed's role and answers all of the mysteries surrounding New Pennsylvania's existence, how the colony came to be and where it's actually located. I was pleased that those main questions that were bugging me were tied up in this book. I also enjoyed learning more about the Amish culture in this book from barn raisings to what their daily routine entails. We haven't learned all there is to know about Jed & Dawn, Trace & Transport and Old & New Pennsylvania though. The author left some room for growth so I wouldn't be surprised if we see some future expansion to this series. If that happens, I'll definitely pick up where I left off. 

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review 2016-03-05 20:59
Thou Shalt Not...
Pennsylvania 4: Thou Shalt Not (Volume 4) - Michael Bunker

In the previous books, both the readers and the main character, Jed, have been kept in the dark about what's happening with Jed him on this new colony that he traveled to, New Pennsylvania and the story has been leading up to a big reveal. Well I got the feeling that the "big reveal" may have happened in this book but it was so anti-climatic that it surely couldn't possibly be it yet. So maybe that was just a little teaser and there is still more to come. I'm not sure at this point but there is one book left in the series so hopefully I'll get the answers I'm looking for in it. 

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review 2016-02-20 02:45
"All Quiet in the Amish Zone"-Book 3...
Pennsylvania 3: All Quiet in the Amish Zone - Michael Bunker

The Pennsylvania serial continues with Jed still trying to get to the Amish Zone in New Pennsylvania. Of course it's not as easy as he thought it would be. He is having to navigate the war between Transport and the TRACE team which both also want him in their clutches and salvagers hunting him in hopes of getting a reward. Why is one Amish boy so important? That is the question of the day and it weighs heavily on Jed's mind. And mine too... : )

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review 2016-02-18 06:50
Pennsylvania: Non-Electric Boogaloo - Book 2...
Pennsylvania 2: Non-Electric Boogaloo (Volume 2) - Michael Bunker

Book 2 of the Pennsylvania serial continues with Jed being helped by a girl named Dawn and her group of resistance fighters. He has no idea why they want to help him cross to the Amish Zone or what he's really gotten into by coming to New P.A. but it's obviously not what he was anticipating. 


I think what makes the serial so intriguing is not only the world building but also that you are really kept in the dark about what's happening to Jed as much as he is, so the suspense is continually building.


Moving on to book 3...

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review 2016-02-18 03:11
Pennsylvania- Book 1...
Pennsylvania 1 (Volume 1) - Michael Bunker

I had no idea really what to expect when I decided to read Pennsylvania, an Amish/Sci-Fi serial but I'm glad I did pick it up because it has started off pretty good. There are five short novellas that make up the serial story. Book 1 starts off in this dystopic society called the North American Union which is divided into two groups of people; the Amish a.k.a. the Plain People and the English a.k.a. the city people. An Amish guy named Jedediah or "Jed" Troyer lives in Old Pennsylvania in the Amish Zone but he has signed up for a one way trip to a distant planet, New Pennsylvania, as part of an emigration program that's intending to colonize that planet. He is hoping to buy land and start a farm on some affordable land in the Amish community in this New PA colony. He runs into some issues though during his transport and all may not be as it seems...


What I enjoyed most about this story was the world building. It's really unique and imaginative and you can tell a lot of thought when into the details. It's very interesting and I look forward to learning more about it. There were a couple of instances in the plot though that I thought were a little too contrived and there wasn't really a backstory given for them but maybe we'll find that out in the next novella. I am definitely going to continue with it. It's really an interesting concept! 

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