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text 2018-10-23 20:41
Original Ladies Silver Chain and Rings Shop Online this festival Season

Many of us usually think about how to pull off gems. In spite of the fact that it might appear as though jewelry is a female idea, particularly to the ignorant, gems for ladies, for example, pieces of jewelry, bangles, hoops etc. The most ideal route for ladies to wear rings is to keep it downplayed. Your jewelry ought to reflect class and style. Subsequently, the ideal embellishments for ladies are silver rings. ​Ladies silver rings can be an image of intensity, renown, and style. Silver has for some time been the best decision for jewelry. Silver isn't as conspicuous as gold, while still valuable enough to create an impression.




In this society, the correct hand is viewed as the viable and physical hand since it's generally the prevailing hand. The left hand is related to convictions and the mind. Silver rings worn as the commitment or wedding bands are for the most part worn on the ring finger of the correct hand, however, this custom is at times turned around.


Shop For The Best Silver Chain Online


Notwithstanding, these aren't immovable standards. You can wear your silver rings on whichever hand you're the most agreeable with No matter what sort of silver rings or the number of rings you're wearing, you need to convey the look with certainty. Since gems for men and ladies are remarkable even now, a man who wears gems will dependably emergel. Ladies silver rings ought to be proportionate to your hand estimate.




In case that you have beautiful neck, you can get original silver chains online to differentiate your look. Silver chain in thicker and bulkier plans. The silver chain ought to likewise be the right size; in the event that they're too free, original silver chain online should supplement your different jewelry not to swarm every one of your extras on one hand yet rather, make progress toward a decent look. Silver chains are a fitting style explanation for the cutting edge man. Purchase silver chain for an adaptable bit of gems that will improve any outfit.


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text 2018-09-14 02:51
At Least It Was Free
Emma: An Audible Original Drama - Morgan... Emma: An Audible Original Drama - Morgana Robinson,Joseph Millson,Aisling Loftus,Isabella Inchbald,Anna Lea - adaptation,Audible Studios,Jane Austen,Joanne Froggatt,Emma Thompson

Introducing Audible Originals. Each month, members may pick two out of six selected Audible Originals to download for free. The only one that had any appeal this month was Austen's Emma. Sadly it is an adapted dramatization, Austen Light for those whose only knowledge of Austen is from the television. After 8 minutes I had had more than enough, DNF'ed it and moved on.


It flips back and forth between dramatized dialogue and narration, with little connection between the narrator the subsequent dialogue, The dialogue sections are Foley-enhanced and the background noise is super annoying. Enough. You get the point. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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text 2018-07-28 20:51
Red Eye: Patrick Kenzie vs. Harry Bosch: An Original Short Story - Dennis Lehane,Michael Connelly

Two pages in and I was wishing Connelly and Lehane would team up again and flesh this great short story out into a full length novel, because I sure as hell would read it.


The story is set in Boston and poor Harry Bosch who spent the Vietnam War as a tunnel rat, and tries to avoid enclosed spaces, immediately finds himself in the Ted Williams tunnel with a load of maniac Boston drivers. (There's a reason they're known as 'Massholes'.)


Once he's met Patrick Kenzie and they've checked each other out and decided they're both alpha males they settle down to a bit of East Coast vs West Coast sports banter.


"You like baseball, Patrick?"


"Big-time. Why?"


"You're the first guy I've seen in this town not wearing a Sox hat."


Patrick pulled off his hat and considered the front of it as he ran a hand through his hair. "Imagine that. I didn't even look when I left the house."


"Is that a rule around here? You've all got to represent Red Sox Nation or something?"


"It's not a rule, per se, more like a guideline."


I laughed out loud at that, seeing as I was wearing a Red Sox hat while I was reading.


But if I have one complaint about Patrick Kenzie, it's that he's not a hockey fan.


Patrick edged his way through the doorway onto an Arizona Cardinals rug, drew a bead on a BarcaLounger trimmed in Sun Devils colors. A Phoenix Suns pennant shared space with one from the Phoenix Coyotes and Patrick had to peer at the latter to realize the Coyotes played in the NHL.


If he learned nothing else from this day, he now knew Arizona had a professional hockey team.


So, please Messrs Lehane and Connelly, could Harry and Patrick ride again?



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review 2018-07-07 16:47
An ideal Star Trek novel
Yesterday's Son (Star Trek: The Original Series #11) - A.C. Crispin

Two years after the U.S.S. Enterprise's visit to the dying planet Sarpedion, a young crew member finds evidence that, when transported to the past during his time there, Spock fathered a son. Determined to rescue the boy and his mother, Spock, Kirk, and McCoy use the Guardian of Forever to journey to the planet's prehistory, where they meet Zar, Spock's son, and bring him back to their time. Though Zar acclimates quickly to his new surroundings, bonding with his father proves difficult until an incursion by the Romulans forces the two to work together — and Zar to confront his future.


A.C. Crispin's novel was one of the first of the Star Trek Pocket Books series that I read, and one of the ones I remembered most fondly. I was a little worried that revisiting it would cheapen my recollection; instead it only deepened my appreciation of what the author achieved with it. Crispin manages to achieve an ideal balance between the original series (integrating details and characters from five episodes) and her own creations for the book. Foremost among the latter, of course, is Spock's son Zar; while not an original idea (with the introduction of Kirk's son in the movie Wrath of Khan predating this book by a year), he is introduced in a way that is extremely faithful to the series. Yet the strongest element of the book is Zar's relationship with his father, which manages the difficult trick of being emotionally moving while remaining true to the depiction of Vulcans. Taken together, it makes for a model of what a Star Trek novel should be, setting a high bar for the many works that followed.

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review 2018-07-03 02:00
Amazing look at Jedao before the Black Cradle
Extracurricular Activities: A Tor.com Original - Yoon Ha Lee

It was nice to see him before he'd been imprisoned in the Black Cradle, and inside someone else's head: he was much freer in so many ways, and it almost felt like a guilty pleasure, especially knowing what would happen to him later. 


I will devour anything this author writes in this universe, pretty much.

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