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review 2017-08-08 13:03
Book Review For: The Billionaire's Paradise by Victoria Davies
The Billionaire's Paradise - Victoria Davies

'The Billionaire's Paradise' by Victoria Davies is book Three in the series "The Sexy Billionaires". This is the story of Avery Clark and Hayden Wexton. I have not yet read the other books, so for me this was a standalone book.
Hayden is a wealthy man who owns several hotels and it Avery's job to help figure out what is going wrong with the hotel when they start loosing money. But a one night stand between Hayden and Avery a while makes makes Hayden want to have an affair with Avery. We learn that Hayden has been trying to corner Avery after that night to talk to her but she has been avoiding him. Until now, Hayden finally has her at one of his paradise hotels where he shows up to talk her into continuing what they have. But Avery is fighting it...she is all work and she knows he is all playboy but she still finds him to hard to say not to.
I really enjoyed their story!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

Source: www.amazon.com/Billionaires-Paradise-Sexy-ebook/dp/B073Z9JNXF/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1502044623&sr=1-1&keywords=The+Billionaire%27s+Paradise+Victoria+Davies
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review 2017-08-05 22:37
The Billionaire's Paradise (The Sexy Billionaires Series) by Victoria Davies
The Billionaire's Paradise - Victoria Davies



Avery and Hayden are happy with where their life has taken them. He's a playboy charmer with more money than he can ever spend and more women than he could ever need. She's a woman with a career that keeps her plate full and the wanderer in her satisfied. Neither realized what they were lacking until they discovered it within each other. The Billionaire's Paradise is a reminder of why romance is not dead. Ms. Davies delivers characters that are gorgeously laid out for the lover in readers everywhere.

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text 2017-07-28 12:13
What to read next...
Paradise Lost - John Leonard,John Milton
Wizard's First Rule - Terry Goodkind
Unnatural Creatures - Neil Gaiman,Maria Dahvana Headley
Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater
The Green Mile - Stephen King
Heart of Darkness and Selected Short Fiction - Joseph Conrad,A. Michael Matin
The Flight of the Griffin - C.M. Gray
Uprooted - Naomi Novik

Once again, I've got to my last Netgalley book, until more approvals come through. Only this one is one of those silly protected PDFs that I have to read on desktop, so it only gets 10-20 pages at a sitting before my eyes go squiffy. That's ok, it's an academic work anyway and not the sort of thing you stay up all night to read.


I plan to push myself to finish Don Quixote at last, but apart from that and a short story collection I ought to finish up, I'm free to just choose books from my A-list and enjoy!


I've gone through the 4 pages of books in that collection and the above are the front runners to start next. Too many to do all at once.


So, which should I read? I'll probably start 2 of them over the next couple of days.

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review 2017-07-25 20:05
Paradise Valley: A Novel (Highway Quartet) - C. J. Box

I love C. J. Box's stand alone novels and this one did not disappoint. An action thriller that had my heart pounding as I ripped through the pages. 

Investigator Cassie Dewell is on a mission. She failed to capture the "Lizard King" years ago and it has been bugging her ever since. Now, they have found him again and he's still abducting "lot lizards" who no one ever hears from again once they are inside his truck.

Cassie just knows that this time they have him and the latest "lot lizard". He's going to be arrested and hopefully rot in jail. Unfortunately, the elusive and always thinking of ways to keep himself out of prison is one step ahead of them. His latest plan has Cassie losing her job and even more determined to get this guy.

Filled with action, suspense, unusual predicaments and one that will have you staying up WAY past your bedtime this is one I highly recommend. I read it in one sitting while the pages just flew by. A sicko with an unusual technique that I couldn't wait to see him caught and put away!

Thanks to St. Martins Press and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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review 2017-07-19 22:13
Review: Goodbye Paradise (Hello Goodbye #1) by Sarina Bowen
Goodbye Paradise - Sarina Bowen


Could've been 5 stars but the stunt Caleb pulled at the end really pissed me off!! I enjoyed Josh kicking his ass for it. Caleb was a lucky SOB for Josh forgiving him that soon!

But if I ignore that, this story was still a very sweet love story.



Loved the caring Josh and that idiot Caleb. Just kidding... He was loving enough and learned the lesson he needn't have to be the strongest one all the time!!

"It’s because I always needed to maintain this illusion that I could be in charge of everything. Like, if I let go of the reins for a second, everything would fall apart.”

“I get it now. I can’t always be in charge. There is so much out of my control. And I hate that. But I need to get over myself.”

The secundary characters Maggie, Daniel and Miriam were awesome too.


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