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text 2019-11-14 07:23
Exercises for men in their late 40s

Make your 40s rocking with perfect exercises to balance both your bone density and health

 ‘Men will be men both in their teens and forties.’ It is usually found that a man grows more handsome and fit with his age. The real reason behind it is exercises. At this age you should go for relaxing exercises than the rock-hard exercises. With age, the bones become smaller and more prone to any kind of injury. So, it is advisable to take up light exercise to stay fit and increase your Bone Mineral Density. Check out the below exercises for the same.

However, there is a big difference between various actions and words. Although  there are a number of Health Coach SF and Health Coach San Francisco.


Weight lifting

Researchers show that resistance training is a very effective means of improving bone density. At the age of 40, it is difficult to lift heavy weights but slightly resistive weights can do wonders to your bone density. It keeps you fits as well and gives you a healthy way of living.

Cardio with the stairs

Cardio exercises are very common yet most important for starting a workout. However, with time the traditional cardio machine has changed to a stair monster that gives you better fitness regime to follow. All you have to do is climb stairs the similar way you used the treadmill. This is a perfect way to stay fit in the 40s keeping your BMD balanced.

With the availability of Health Coach San Francisco CA and Personal Training San Francisco CA it has given a chance to everyone to stay motivated in their fitness journey.


High intensity interval trainings

A man in his 40s is definitely a busy person and hence he should opt for HIIT. He will be able to shed more calories and the more intense his workout will be the more improved his bone mineral density will be. Intense workout with fixed period rest is a perfect routine for staying fit.

Source: www.akdpt.com
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video 2019-11-12 05:59

Meet the best Personal Trainers Near Financial District SF. Andrew K. Duffy Personal Trainer & Health Coach provides personal training and has a fitness studio in San Francisco at Jackson Square CA.

Source: www.akdpt.com
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text 2019-11-11 11:50
Benefits of hiring a personal trainer

Fitness is essential in today’s world. A lot of fitness machines are invented to help people to get their desired body weight and body fitness. But the problem with these machines is that most of us do not know the use of these machines accurately. People who know how to use these machines are in much demand. These people also have adequate knowledge regarding the fitness training that will help people to achieve the appropriate body fitness.

Who is a fitness trainer?


People who provide knowledge regarding body fitness and know which kind of diseases is ideal for which type of body structures are known as fitness trainers. The fitness trainer San Francisco knows how to achieve the desired results and helps the customers to get the appropriate body structure. The best personal training San Francisco knows how to make their customers happy and satisfied. They have the relevant qualification and are fully aware of all fitness machines with modern technologies. He should also be certified and are a proper specialization in this field.


The fitness trainer provides his services according to the requirement of the client. It can either be at the San Francisco fitness studio, rent personal training space SF or the personal training space San Francisco or in the client’s house or any other place which is convenient for the client as well as for the trainer.


Benefits of hiring a personal trainer


There are many benefits of hiring a personal trainer. They are as follows:


  • A person needs to take proper account of the work he does. The personal trainer takes adequate accountability for his clients
  • They provide a lot of motivation to the clients. This helps to make the clients happy and satisfied. The personal trainer helps to make lives much more comfortable by motivating the clients to work better.
  • He will help to achieve the goals of the clients. He will take you through the correct path and achieve success within a short time.
  • They will also help you to release your mental strength. They also help you overcome your psychological difficulties.
  • Your trainer will help you develop a full routine for exercise and also he will give you a healthy diet plan which will help a lot in your daily life.


A personal fitness trainer San Francisco will help you get a rigorous routine, but this routine will help you achieve your goal. A personal trainer will not remain your trainer but a true friend who will help you overcome your difficult times and face the world with a smile.

Source: www.apexwellness.com
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photo 2019-11-11 06:46
Best Personal Fitness Trainner

Are you looking for Personal Trainers Near Financial District SF? Andrew K. Duffy Personal Trainer & best Health Coach provide personal training and have a fitness studio in San Francisco. To get started or learn more about working with Andrew, you can easily reach his by visit https://www.akdpt.com/ or call at +1 415 828 2440.

Source: www.akdpt.com
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text 2019-10-22 09:28
Butt sculpting exercises for women

“Oh butt, I love you!” you are always busy covering it or laughing it off but have you thought of giving proper time to sculpt your butt. Well, I guess not enough time is devoted to it. Most of the working women find their butt happily increasing as compared to the rest of the body. This is due to working on the computer at your office desk without much physical movement. Follow these easy steps to keep your back at a pace with your body.


Despite having Best Personal Trainer San Francisco and Best Personal Trainer SF people are still not very cautious of their health.


The ball reverse exercise


Take a stability ball and lay your face down keeping your feet and the hands at the ground level. Keep your hands stretched to the ground level and relax your lower torso on the ball. Keep your legs joint together and lift it up. Keep in mind not to lift your legs higher than your body level on the ball. This will cause an arch in the lower back.

Set your goal and the time and try not to stop until achieved. With the various Personal Fitness Trainer San Francisco and Personal Trainers Near Financial District SF, it has made it very easy for the individuals to keep themselves healthy and fit.


Just lift it


Lay face down on your mat. Then fold your arms and bring them near your head. Lay your head on the folded arms. Put a rolled up towel or a dumbbell and place it on the back of your right foot. Fold it and squeeze it, then again put it back on the ground. Repeat this step 20 times. Then do the same with your left foot.


Stand to lose

Nobody other than the  Personal Fitness Trainer San Francisco CA could help all the individuals to get their mental game as strong as their fitness game.

Stand in an erect position with your hands stretched in front of you. Keep your feet close by and lower your back. Come back to the original position. Repeat this 20 times in a day.

Source: www.akdpt.com
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