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review 2017-07-17 01:12
Ashes of the Phoenix (Phoenix Rising #1) by Jess Haines
Ashes of the Phoenix - Jess Haines
Lyra runs a magical book store - despite having no magic herself. Still, she thought she was well protected against most of the tricks wizards can pull
Until a man stole one her more valuable books
And turned her into a bird. Neither of those are things she’s willing to let go
This book caught my attention because I haven’t seen a lot of phoenixes in the genre. And a book where the main character spent it entirely as a bird is definitely incredibly different and a completely novel concept. Things like this interest me as it points to an author thinking so far outside of the tropes we’re used to having
It’s also really well done - I can see this as the struggles a human would have when forced into such an alien body they don’t know how to pilot.
The world setting also is highly promising. Not just phoenixes and demons but a definite range of magic, magical creatures and big differences and implications with which with a clear rich and involved magical world.
The concept of the phoenix is also really original and curious - even if it’s only fully realised at the end of the book which is epic and is the main thing about this book that really drew me to wanting to see where this is going. There is a foundation for an absolutely awesome series here - so much can be developed in so many amazing ways
I did have an issue though - beyond the complete erasure of POC and LGBTQ people and any other minorities.
Unfortunately I kind of feel like a deadline was looming and the author had to get this book to the publisher like yesterday because it feels vaguely unfinished.  I know less is more (except when talking about bacon, of course) but in this case I could have used some more expansion
As I said, this book is here to introduce a new world, a new concept and a whole load of new characters. Which is great - and it does a good job of beginning to introduce these people, these concepts and this world (and I’m intrigued) but not enough for me to get fully invested in them (especially the characters). Everything, the world building, the creatures, the monsters, the magic, and the characters (definitely the characters) could use a bit more to get me invested in them





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Source: www.fangsforthefantasy.com/2017/06/ashes-of-phoenix-phoenix-rising-1-by.html
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review 2016-12-27 00:00
Phoenix Rising (The Kindred, #1)
Phoenix Rising (The Kindred, #1) - Madis... Phoenix Rising (The Kindred, #1) - Madison Granger I want to start off by saying I really enjoyed Madison Granger's book. Anyone that enjoys paranormal romance and shifter books will love Phoenix Rising. Actually I'm under playing this . I absolutely loved this book without any thoughts of it could have been different!!! Phoenix Rising is book one of the The Kindred series.
This book is a little different then most shifter romances in my eyes. In a good way of course, I look forward to seeing different in this genre. Our heroine, Tori, is considered curvy which in my mind transferred into an image of a full figured but gorgeous woman. She is also older, she has children and grandchildren, has been divorced and so needs this exciting love in her life in my opinion. So this gives us a different start from the normal young ,thin, single heroines we are used to seeing.
We then have our man candy. Lots of man candy in this book. What good is a paranormal romance book without our leading man candy? Quinn is the Liege Lord to a centuries old clan of shapeshifters. The Godess has a Promised Soul destined for him. He has all but given up on finding this so called Promised Soul of his when he meets Tori.
The love story told between Tori and Quinn is one of the greater love stories I have read. You feel the connection between them. There is so much love and respect and all the right elements that a real true love should hold. Of course the world never can let that be ....
We then have the drama that tries to tear them apart, an evil uncle with hidden agendas. This book will keep you locked in reading through twists and turns biting nails finding out what happens next. I was completely hooked you could not tear this book from my hands until I was done reading it. You could try but I may bite lol.
There is so much more to read and see Tori coming into her own. This book gives us a wonderful story on it's own, but also sets up an amazing plarform for the books to come in this series, which I can not wait to get my hands on.
I am giving this book full stars. I could not find a single reason to deduct any points from it. It has everything a good book should have in my opinion. If you are reading this trying to decide if you want to purchase this or borrow it or get it from the library even lol DO IT!! You will not regret it.
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review 2016-10-31 16:43
Adventures in Audio
Phoenix Rising - Philippa Ballantine,Tee Morris
A Conspiracy of Alchemists - Liesel Schwarz
The Bullet-Catcher's Daughter: The Fall of the Gas-Lit Empire, Book 1 - Rod Duncan

Mr Ceridwen and I have been listening to audiobooks on our (somewhat long) drive up to the cabin, which has been generally enjoyable. We got through the entire "Fall of the Gas-Lit Empire" series, which was absolutely a great time. Good narrators, very interesting alt-history, a semi-twist ending I didn't see coming, very astute observations about gender, and on. Well recommended all around. So then we cased around for the next steampunkery to fill the hours. 


I downloaded A Conspiracy of Alchemists first, but holy God was the narrator bad. We just couldn't stop laughing at her hiccoughing reading style. Then we moved on to Phoenix Rising, which opens with a relatively fun rescue sequence, and then settles into ... a whole lot of not so very clever bickering. The main characters, named Books & Braun (gag), are a fussy librarian and a stabby brute, but, get this, the DUDE is the fussy pepperpot and the LADY loves explosives. Oh ho, I bet you thought the lady was the librarian, but you would be wrong! See our fascinating gender reversal! 


I actually fell asleep while listening. 


Which, look, I generally think whether I like this sort of pulp mid-list disposable reading is more dependent on the angle of the sun or the barometric pressure than, say, actual merit. Because this stuff is all more or less the same -- somewhat formulaic, dependent on action, sometimes quippy, little bit of romance for the ladies, etc -- so I wonder sometimes why I bother reading (or writing) reviews. Something called Conspiracy of Alchemists is going to be a three-star outing, shitty narrators notwithstanding, and that I thought Phoenix Rising boring and trite might because I ate something like all the doughnuts when I stopped in Hinckley and hit Toby's bakery. Noms. 

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review 2016-05-24 21:26
Book Review of Phoenix Rising: A novel of Anne Boleyn by Hunter S. Jones
Phoenix Rising: A novel of Anne Boleyn - Hunter S. Jones

The last hour of Anne Boleyn's life...


Court intrigue, revenge and all the secrets of the last hour are revealed as one queen falls and another rises to take her place on destiny's stage.


A young Anne Boleyn arrives at the court of King Henry VIII. She is to be presented at the Shrovetide pageant, le Château Vert. The young and ambitious Anne has no idea that a chance encounter before the pageant will lead to her capturing the heart of the king. What begins as a distraction becomes his obsession and leads to her destruction.

Love, hate, loyalty and betrayal come together in a single dramatic moment... the execution of a queen. The history of England will be changed for ever.


Review 4*


This is an intriguing look into the last hours of Anne Boleyn's life. A friend of mine recommended this book to me. I am not really a huge reader of historical fiction, but who hasn't heard about these royals and the tragic circumstances leading up to Anne Boleyn's beheading? So, being curious, I decided to give this book a try.


First off, I would like to say that the cover is very striking. It definitely catches the eye and has many elements in it that are relevant to the story within the cover.


This book is told in first person by various characters, from Anne Boleyn herself to King Henry VIII and the executioner amongst others. The author has taken real facts but added her own fictional twist to the tale. Unfortunately, I found this story, although a page turner, to be a little too dry for my taste. I felt that there could have been more meat added to the fictional sections to make it more scandalous. I don't know if Henry really loved Anne or not, or whether the accusations he levied against her were true or not either. Henry must have found himself under extreme pressure to father a male heir for him to annul his marriage and order Anne's death, then set his sights on Lady Jane Seymour. Or he was an utter womanizer and it was his infidelity he was hiding by accusing his wife of it instead when she failed to give him the son he desired. We can only guess at his thoughts, though his actions on the day of the execution was rather telling in my opinion.


What I did discover about Anne Boleyn from this book was that she was strong willed and had many enemies that wished her ill. I am not sure if she would have gone to her death without a fight. Whether she was drugged/sedated up until her beheading to keep her quiet one will never know. However, what I do know is that she was a formidable woman who faced death with grace.


Hunter S. Jones has written an intriguing fictional tale of real events. Her descriptive writing brought the past to life and her fast paced writing style kept me turning the pages. However, by having each chapter told through the various characters, I found the flow a little choppy and slightly disconnected from each other. But, having said that, I would consider reading more of this author's books in the future.


Although there are no scenes of a sensuous nature, there is mention of execution and beheading. Therefore, I do not recommend this book to younger readers (under 12) or those with a nervous disposition. However, if you love historical fiction and you're interested in the Tudor's, this is the book for you. - Lynn Worton

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review 2016-04-18 19:16
Phoenix Rising - Elise Faber

A teeth clenching, edge of your seat journey for a woman that finds love when she least expects it. You won't be able to put this story down and will have you eager for book 2.


Daughtry has had a pretty hard year and she wants nothing more than to end the torment any way she can. She lived in constant fear of having someone touch her and seeing what she couldn't change. When her old friend John showed up Daughtry's world did a complete turnaround when trouble comes filling her with questions that no one seemed inclined to answer. Getting help from John's friend, Cody, they began a journey for their safety that ended in a place that holds the secrets of Daughtry's past. Things start to heat up between Daughtry and Cody all the while Daughtry battles those meaning to do her and all that she loves harm.

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