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review 2016-09-09 07:16
First read down
Her Russian Protector Boxed Set - Roxie Rivera

I am WAY behind because I was determined to finish some other books before I started on my Halloween Bingo card.


Anyway, I finished 'Yuri', book 3 in Her Russian Protector box set by Roxie Rivera, who's a dirty-writing sexy romance/erotica kinda gal whose books I love (also writes under Lolita Lopez). I read the whole box set on my phone when I was unable to sleep, but I didn't start Yuri until after September 1, and it's a book in its own right.


I'll just give a quick rundown since I normally only review Young Adult and this review won't even go on my regular blog, youngadultatheart.com:


Yuri is a billionaire in love with PR princess Lena Cruz, and when she confronts him over what she mistakenly suspects is shady dealing trying to undermine her club, the two start dating. There's lots of hot sex and lots of talk about feelings and are we moving too fast because it takes place over the course of about one week. Of course there's some gang/mob trouble but nothing a big tough Russian can't handle.


I like Roxie Rivera's books because the guys are always huge and alpha male but when they look at their woman they go all dopey and sweet. I love a big man, my husband's seven feet tall, although I could do without the inherent bossiness in Roxie's men and also the women's complete happiness to be bossed around. She tries to make the relationships equal but often fails, but even then I don't really mind, it is fiction after all. I love me a big sexy Russian.


I probably won't go on with the series, it just seems to melodramatic and it's always the same thing: the house gets broken into, the woman is threatened, the Russian goes all alpha male.


Probably the star of the book is Sasha, the enormous Caucasian shepherd who, obviously, hates everyone but falls in love with Lena at first sight.



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review 2016-03-11 12:09
A Very Russian Christmas (Her Russian Protector) - Roxie Rivera

If you discover the series late like me and you are hooked like me this is a nice book to get a a little bit of sneak of the new characters that they are coming into life with their new books but also to see how oldies one does and all. I still have a sweet spot for Dimitri ;)

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review 2016-03-11 00:00
Dimitri - Roxie Rivera FINALLY a book that I enjoyed as much as Ivan.

LOVED Dimitri...LOVED Benny...LOVED the sexy times. The plot flowed nicely and I never felt the need to skim.


This one made me happy...
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review 2016-03-10 00:00
Nikolai - Roxie Rivera Talk about SLOOOOOW burn. This was basically me whilst reading this thing...




I enjoyed this one, but it took WAY to long for these two to get their shit together. I wanted more hot naked Nikolai sexy times...sigh.
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review 2016-03-10 00:00
Zel: Markovic MMA
Zel: Markovic MMA - Roxie Rivera This was alright.

I LOVED Zel and wanted to give him a big fat hug. Sara was also a likable character. My problem was that the story was just to short for me to believe that these two formed this "happily ever after" bond. I needed more...

It was nice seeing some of the other guys though! I want Besian to get his HEA soon.

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