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review 2017-01-10 04:26
Good Story and Characters
Midnight Everlasting - S.M. Stelmack

Zephanie belongs to one of the most powerful criminal clans in the tunnels under London.there is a whole different society in the undergrounds than above. Zephanie and her family live and have their business in the Midnight. Zephanie’s family makes a living setting up negotiations between criminals most of the time. This way there is a safe place for the criminals to meet. Zephanie enjoyed her simple life leading people into the tunnels content not to be in charge. Even though she is the rat princess. But then her family’s business is attacked with some of her family killed and also some of their clients. Why were the Rawheads all of a sudden attacking the Midnight after all these years. Zephanie knows she must step up and be the Rat Queen and lead her people. But she needs Tom's  help to find a hacker who had been kidnapped during the attacks. Tom is a private detective that is pretty successful at finding missing  people.  However ten years ago his son came up mysteriously missing and his marriage crumbled as his wife blamed Tom. but Tom hasn’t given up on his son. Zephanie tells tom she may have some information on his son but in return he has to help her find the hacker she is looking for. Zephanie thought she knew everything about London’s underbelly but Zephanie finds out that there was a lot she didn’t know as Tom and her start investigating the missing hacker. Also the world's most dangerous terrorist was in London- Rander MacMurphy. Tom and Zephanie hunt for the hacker and Tom’s son but also an evil group working with the Rawheads- an underground species. They have to find this evil group before it takes over the world. Tom and Zephaniah go through mental institution, underground buried cities, buried ancient temples, and horrible mazes to stop the evil group. Zephanie and Tom seem to fall for each other as they go on with their investigation.

This book was interesting and I can certainly say very different. In this case that was a good thing. I love how Tom refused to give upon his son and didn’t become bitter like his ex wife. He still  had hope even after ten years. It was a good plot even with a different type of story I didn’t really care that all of a sudden Tom and Zephanie were in Insta love which I am not really a fan of as I feel that it just lust really. But that is my opinion. I loved the twists and turns of this story. The characters are unique but very  good. I recommend this story especially if you want a different read that will keep your interest.

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review 2014-07-16 22:03
Midnight Everlasting by S.M Stelmack
Midnight Everlasting - S.M. Stelmack

I was contacted by the author to see if I was interested in getting a free copy of this book in exchange for a review.  I jumped at the chance as I was really pleased at how much I liked the first book in this series.  And the second installment did not disappoint.


This book is set in Great Britain, it follows a completely different set of lead characters.  The main female is Zephanie Sweetly, her and her family live underground in the Midnight, they work as caretakers keeping the Midnight safe for the people who aren't always accepted up top.  Until one day her family is attacked, family members and clients are killed, while one client is kidnapped.  After narrowly escaping the attack, Zephanie hires Thomas Coyle, a famous missing persons expert to find her client.  Little does Coyle know Zephaine has an agenda all of her own.  Together Zephanie and Coyle team up with some American's to find out what happened to her client, and why after all these years they're being targeted by the creatures that live in the Midnight.


I really enjoyed this book, more then the first one really.  I liked the hero in this book better, I felt that Jack from the first book was a little on the whiny side.  Both Jack and Tom had horrible things happen to them and were both well written, but I enjoyed Tom's character better then Jack's.  Another nice thing about the characters in this book is how the author created all new lead's, while incorporating a few of the minor characters from the first book to make the connection between the two.  


The romance was well done, in my opinion anyway.  It wasn't overpowering, the author did a good job combining a good mix of soft tender moments and thrilling action scenes.  


I felt that the world building was well done, even though it's a second book, the first one was set in NYC, and there were still a lot of differences between the Midnight of Great Britain and the Underground of NYC.  I also liked how the author used a different name for the mole people.  In Britain they are called Rawheads and in the United States they are called Moles.  It makes sense that two different countries would use different terms, it made it feel more real.  Speaking of feeling real, the dialogue was very well done too, using a lot of English slang and terminology.


On a whole this was an enjoyable read, I was more then happy to read and review this one.  I'm glad that I was able to get my hands on this book and as it's the third book I've read by this husband and wife writing team, I would be happy to read any future books they write. 

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text 2014-07-15 17:13
Reading progress update: I've read 45%.
Midnight Everlasting - S.M. Stelmack

I was given this book in exchange for a review, and I'm happy to say that it's going pretty good so far.  I thought the first one was pretty good, I think I like this one a little better so far.  The hero in the first book seemed to be a little bit of a whiner, but the guy in this book is anything but. 

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review 2014-04-21 01:44
Fox Hunt by S.M. Stelmack
Fox Hunt - S.M. Stelmack

Received book from author for honest review.

Fox Hunt begins when Brian is on his way back home but he finds a woman walking in the rain in the middle of the night. So being the nice guy that he is, he stops to help her. He never expected she would be someone who was on the run from people trying to kill her, and now he's being dragged into the middle of it. And now he's determined to help her because this whole thing is making someone awaken inside of him, even though this woman wanted by the cops, and bad guys he is still anxious to help. But the woman is making that difficult by saying she doesn't need his help, even if she does.

This book was good. I really enjoyed reading it. All of the characters were fun, and enticing. Then there was the whole suspense/danger thing going on that added a whole lot of awesome to the story! Not to mention the major chemistry between the heroine and hero was very good! So over all this was a good start to the series. It has many good characters, and lots of interesting things going on. I also thought the story was pretty unique being that the heroine was a professional thief! So that made it so much more enjoyable!

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review 2014-02-13 00:00
Undertow - S.M. Stelmack 3½ out of 5 stars.

*I received this copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

The cover grabbed my attention straight away; it looks dark and kinda scary. I like to read a bit of everything as long as it has some romance to it, so.

The prologue definitely grabbed my attention and left me wondering what was down there in the tunnels under New York City.

Fast forward eighteen years, Lindsay and Jack now are thirty-three, and she needs his help. When she finally manages to get him to agree, they head underground and I was amazed at the detailed description of the communities they come across, and the variety. Some seemed rather crazy while others were pretty laid back. It was interesting.

We see from both Lindsay and Jack’s POV, which turns out to be very interesting. He tries to act like he doesn’t care about her (in Lindsay’s POV), I think in an attempt to keep himself removed from the rest of the world after what he went through at the hands of the Moles. Then seeing from his own POV that he does care and that he does want to help her. I like him: a LOT.

Seeing the occasional flashback of Jack’s time being held underground by the Moles was kinda creepy. What they did to him… *shudders*

It’s hard to go into too much detail about this book without giving some stuff away but I was drawn into the book easily. Maybe it was the romance aspect that was present from early on or maybe it was the mystery about what was down in the Undercity. Whatever it was, I liked it.
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