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text 2018-09-03 17:28
The Secret of the Irish Castle
The Secret of the Irish Castle - Santa Montefiore

First Book for Halloween Bingo!- Romantic Suspense


Centuries ago, a curse was placed upon the Deverills after taking a building a castle on the O'Leary land.  Since then, every male Deverill heir has been trapped in a limbo inside the castle upon their death.  For the curse to be broken, the land must come back into the hands of an O'Leary.  Now, in 1939, the Deverill Castle has fallen out of Deverill hands and has been bought up by former housemaid Bridie after she came into money in New York.  Bridie believed taking the Castle from the Deverills would be a perfect revenge, but still feels like an outsider in her hometown.  Jack O'Leary also returns to Ballinakelly from New York with a wife and kids in tow upsetting the gentle balance that Kitty has made with her family.  Meanwhile, Bridie's daughter that she believes has died, comes looking for her family believing that Lady Rowan-Hampton is her birth mother.  However, she is just the one who began many of the lies and deceptions.  With everyone in one place, old flames light once again and new ones spark.  A chance for  JP Deverill and  Alana O'Leary to end everything with true love. After generations of lies, mistakes, secrets and missteps, the Deverills and O'Learys will have to dig deep for forgiveness.

The Secret of the Irish Castle is the last book in the Deverill Chronicles trilogy.  I would highly recommend reading these in order, there is much to keep track of and a lot of history.  It was almost difficult for me to read this last installment because so much tension existed between all of the characters due to the massive web of lies and deceptions that they have formed over the years in the belief that it would keep them safe.  It was a relief when everything begun to crash down around them.  Santa Montefiore deftly moves through the many subplots happening at once in a way that kept me engaged and interested while showing the beauty of the Irish landscape, Castle and people as well as the intensity of war.  I was glad that more of the ghost's stories were brought to light along with how the curse began with Maggie O'Leary as well as their influence over their descendants.  A rollercoaster of emotions, The Secret of the Irish Castle went from triumph to tragedy, heartbreak to  happiness and fury to forgiveness which is what lies at the heart of the story.  

This book was received for free in return for an honest review. 

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text 2018-08-23 07:59
How to get the best Locksmith in Santa Ana

These days, advancement is rapidly advancing and it's extremely essential to remain aware of the most recent security plans. When you have beginning later acquired another auto, you utilize a transponder key (or "chip scratch") to begin the auto. Yielding these keys is certainly a costly and frustrating learning.


No persuading assurance to visit the seller. You can depend after the qualified positives of Locksmith Dana Indicate kick your auto off better esteem and lower level of inconvenience and trepidation! Locksmith Santa Ana values your position and is built up with in the present style pushed advancement gadgets and advancements to give 24 hour on-the-spot transponder key improvement. No necessity for an auto tow.


We give a same-day advantage, everything considered inside fifteen minutes of a get out! No one acknowledges or would like to be dashed out. Notwithstanding whether it is your home, office or auto, the weight and cost can be broad if you don't know who to call. Locksmith Santa Ana is your neighborhood fastest creating locksmith because of our numerous repeat customers who trust us to manage their locksmith and security issue, and encourage their allies to do in like manner. Orange County locksmiths are approved, sustained and shielded. Locksmith Santa Ana is available twenty four hours for every day, seven days a week and accreditation a fast response wherever in you are.


As you more then likely know, security begins at your front entryway, which is the reason Locksmith Santa Ana gives you a total line of completely joined security designs. You can help avoid future lockouts or break-ins with the most recent high security advances. Set up a game-plan currently to have a specialist assess your present home or office security structure and after that give you ace suggestion for refreshes, updates or new establishments. Locksmith Santa Ana is the KEY to the lion's offer of your security needs,


Locksmith Santa Ana anchors happens a verity of fulfillments and supplements impressive assurance and medium commitment change. There exists anyway a few things you should recollect before you make your buy.

Locksmith santa Ana


Source: theorangecountylocksmith.com/locksmith-santa-ana.html
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text 2018-08-23 07:31
Who is the best Locksmith in Rancho Santa Margarita

Do you dread for the security of your business property? Are you hearing media each substitute days and nights about cases discovered with robbery? Locksmith Rancho Santa Margarita plainly grasps the results proceeded to go against by the business enterprise buildings and thusly makes its locksmith strategies is a much regular level. Locksmith Rancho Santa Margarita will brand and current fit safe practices constructions so no interloper can clean vision to get into your business property!

Perhaps you have quite lately purchased another house or are moving? Could it be accurate to state that you will be stressed over overdue wrongdoing in your community? It really is more very important now than any amount of time in recent memory to really have the appropriate secures and security shows to help protect you as well as your families results. Locksmith Rancho Santa Margarita's gifted locksmiths go well beyond to present a portion of the greatest security frameworks in your community and our express lockout group is continually prepared for just about any business or probably private locksmith advantage. The bolt and key supervision that locksmith Rancho Santa Margarita accommodate area organizations and home loan holders, has supplied us with amazing casual exchange and studies.

Various organizations and living programs of action take up following this strategy remembering the real target to secure their advantages, at that time why not for the rented pads? If you allow us to last in this problem, Locksmith Rancho Santa Margarita will assure that your tensions for your property's success will be totally used care.

Locksmith Rancho Santa Margarita relationship gets the best jolt and other security buildings by which the success of a house is guaranteed. We've been offering this central firm of the locksmith business for uncountable clients who've benefitted massively. In the event you need any speculation property locksmith benefits in the scopes of more essential Orange and LA Counties, hook up around today.

Different regions that people cover incorporate automobile locksmithing, safes and gain access to control, these territories are expert and require focused training.Regrettably, since there are unlawful locksmiths in the area, the locksmith Rancho Santa Margarita have found ways to secure our company as well as, to likewise help make sure you. We need anyone to call us if you have been misled, so we can permit you to article this mishandle. Among the key casualties exploited is our elderly people and the debilitated.

Locksmith Rancho Santa Margarita


Source: theorangecountylocksmith.com/Locksmith-Rancho-Santa-Margarita.html
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review 2018-07-03 19:26
I'm here for the illustrations
The Royal Rabbits Of London - Santa Montefiore,Simon Sebag Montefiore

If you've come here hoping for your next read of the summer then I'm afraid I have to disappoint you (unless this sounds up your street for some reason). The Royal Rabbits of London by Santa Montefiore & Simon Sebag Montefiore caught my eye because of the fantastic cover illustration of rabbits in various outfits. This is the story of Shylo, an extremely small bunny that is ridiculed and bullied by his peers (and siblings). He gets roped into a bit of intrigue and derring-do which takes him away from all that he has ever known and into the very heart of the Royal Rabbits of London. Much shenanigans ensue especially when they are confronted by Ratzis. I feel like this book was given very little thought or care (except for the illustrations which were really great and liberally padded the story) so it shocked me to learn that this is the first in a series. (Spoiler alert: I won't be reading the others.) It wasn't particularly well-written but would probably appeal to 2nd or 3rd graders who really like rabbits. For me, it was disappointing to say the least. 1/10 only because of those excellent drawings.


The back. [Source: Amazon.com]


I mean this is really great stuff. [Source: katehindley.com]


What's Up Next: Nnewts: Escape from the Lizzarks by Doug TenNapel


What I'm Currently Reading: Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions by Russell Brand

Source: readingfortheheckofit.blogspot.com
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review 2018-05-13 21:58
Santa Claus Doesn't Mop Floors - Debbie Dadey,Marcia Thornton Jones,John Steven Gurney
For more reviews, check out my blog: Craft-Cycle

Growing up, I loved the Bailey School Kids series. It was a fun way to mix mystical elements into reality. In this one, the school gets a new janitor who may or not be Santa Claus.

Fun story with interesting events. I'll admit the kids are kind of jerks in this one (playing tricks on the janitor, making fun of fat and short people), but overall it is entertaining. There are definitely some cringe-y moments, but to be fair this was published in 1991, before the mainstream fat acceptance movement. There are definitely some flaws, but overall it is still a fun book. 

A nice book that isn't too Christmas-y. 
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