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review 2015-02-01 14:31
Misty Falls by Joss Stirling

Hey my lovelies, I have just finished reading Misty Falls by Joss Stirling and decided to write my first review of 2015 on it.






I have been a big fan of Joss Stirling for a awhile now. It has beeen a sort of tradition for the last four Christmases  that I receive one of her books. I got hooked on Finding Sky, when I read a excerpt in some sort of magazine, I instantly begged my parents for it and received it for Christmas possibly in 2010 or 2011. Since then Finding Sky, Stealing Phoenix and Seeking Crystal have been a part of my favorites, they have now been joined by Misty Falls. Even though the previous novels in the series have been predominately about the Benedict brothers finding their soulfinders. This fourth one could be classed as a side novel, as it is not directly linked to a Benedict brother finding love, (Even though it is in there) They are put on the back

burner for Misty's story.




Goodreads synopsis: Misty is a one-girl disaster zone. Born with a Savant ‘gift’ that means she can never tell a lie, her compulsive truth-telling gets her into trouble wherever she goes.

So when she meets Alex: gorgeous, confident, and impossibly charming, Misty instantly resolves to keep her distance … Someone so perfect could never be hers, surely?

But a dark shadow has fallen across the Savant community. A serial killer is stalking young people who have these special mental powers. Soon one of them will be taken to the edge of death … and beyond







In the first couple of chapters I was waiting for the umpff that really kicks a story into gear and from then on. I enjoyed myself, finding myself not wanting to put it down for the final chapters. I enjoyed the small twist, although it did seem fairly obvious who it was after I found out (hope that makes sense). I enjoyed the (new and old) characters, especially the ones that have returned, which were mainly Zed and Sky, but I enjoyed the book immensely and I am rating 4.5 out of 5 stars. I have to admit I did not like the way Alex forgave his parents I mean really? Your parents abandon you for 13years, nut now they’re here, and there would be no bitterness at all? Maybe that’s just me, but who knows? What do you think of Misty Falls? Send me a comment in my askbox (x). See you next time my lovelies, when I am going to review Before I fall by Lauren Oliver, which will come out on the 9thJanuary 2015.



Source: englishblonde1.blogspot.com
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quote 2014-04-15 22:26
There is more than one way of being complete, no matter what the romantics tell you.

Topaz, Seeking Crystal by Joss Stirling

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quote 2014-04-15 22:21
Oddly enough, you might be one of the deepest thinkers, certainly the most compassionate. You use your humour, like Diamond does her peace-making, to defuse, to heal if you can.

Crystal Brook, Seeking Crystal by Joss Stirling

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quote 2014-04-15 10:18
There's too much need and not enough of us to go round. I can't heal everyone so I have to make my own path, do the good that comes my way rather than exhaust myself on a futile attempt to cure the world.

Xavier Benedict, Seeking Crystal by Joss Stirling

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review 2012-12-03 00:00
Seeking Crystal - Joss Stirling Crystal comes from a large family of Savants but she has always felt like a failure compared to her brothers and sisters, she is the only one who isn't able to communicate telepathically and she has the most useless Savant ability ever. The only thing she is any good at is finding things that people have lost - so she's the person who her family turn to when they lose their car keys but not for much else. Crystal has travelled to Denver with her sister Diamond for a conference arranged by the Benedicts and it is there that Diamond immediately recognises Trace as her Soulfinder and the couple are quickly engaged to be married. Back at their home in Venice Crystal is in charge of organising Diamond's hen party and she is in competition with Trace's brother Xav for who can come up with the best night out. Xav and Crystal have taken an instant dislike for each other but when the family come under attack and several of the Soulfinders are taken hostage it is up to the two of them to figure out how to save the others.

I'm a massive fan of this series so have been looking forward to reading Seeking Crystal for ages now and I'm pleased to say that it was everything I hoped it would be. Fans of the series are sure to enjoy this instalment just as much as the previous ones and I'm really hoping that this isn't the last we have seen of the Benedicts - please someone tell me there will be another book! The romance between Diamond and Trace does move incredibly quickly but as they aren't the main characters for this book I felt that was understandable. Especially when you consider that they are both much older than Crystal and Xav so have been waiting a long time for their Soulfinder to come along, knowing full well that they might never find them. It made sense to me that they would accept their relationship much faster, they are both confident in who and what they are and are delighted to find the missing piece of themselves.

Crystal wasn't always the easiest character to like, at times she could be very childish and I got frustrated with her and the temper tantrums she threw but at the same time I could understand why she was so upset. She has spent her whole life feeling like she is useless and when she finally finds something that she thinks she could be good at her family are completely against the idea. I did feel that Diamond and Trace could have done a much better job of explaining to her why modelling wasn't such a great idea but she worked it out for herself eventually. When things start to go wrong and Diamond and other family members disappear Crystal really does step up to the plate and show how strong she can be. I loved the developments with her abilities and think that will add a really interesting element to any future books we might see.

I really liked Xav, he could be cocky and arrogant but he often tended to put on an act and deep down he was a really nice guy. He knew how to push Crystal's buttons and went out of his way to irritate her but that was just his way of teasing the newest member of his family. It was obvious from the beginning that they were attracted to each other but not believing they were Soulfinders meant there was no point in pursuing things further. Xav's power as a healer makes him very protective of everyone around him, he wants to be able to keep everyone safe and finds it distressing that he was unable to stop his family members being hurt. I really loved the banter between Xav and Crystal, the way they constantly snipped at each other was fun to watch but they grew to respect each other when they started working together.

I loved the Venice setting for this story, the previous books were set in Denver and London so it was nice to visit somewhere different. I've never been to Venice (it's somewhere I always wanted to go) but the descriptions were so well done that it really felt like I was there and I was able to picture things very clearly. I have to say that the plot of Seeking Crystal was the best of the series so far, the story was fast paced, action packed and included some great new side characters. We also got to see some of the previous characters which was nice although the circumstances didn't allow us to catch up with the girls as much as I would have liked. I loved getting to see the Benedict boys all working so well together though, they certainly prove themselves a force to be reckoned with! I'd definitely recommend this series to fans of YA paranormal romance, I think you could probably get away with reading this as a standalone novel but personally I think the series works much better if you read them in order. If you've not already read Finding Sky and Stealing Phoenix then you really don't know what you're missing.
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