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review 2018-09-12 03:24
Belong To The Night (The Long Island Coven #2) - Shelly Laurenston,Cynthia Eden,Sherrill Quinn

The Long Island Coven is an outlier of the various shifter books Ms Laurenston has out. You don't actually run into anyone you know, so it's not obvious it's part of the series. I like this one better than the first one in that the H isn't a creep. Was kinda frustrating that it took so long to take care of The Problem. And, I must admit, I don't generally care for her wolves (Dee Ann and the Van Holtz bunch being an exception) because they tend to play up that hillbilly angle a bit much...while being assholes half the time. Tully - the H - is a member of the Smith Pack...and the resident alpha...and mayor...and well-known architect who may be ivy league. He plays dumb a lot. He's not an ass either, though admittedly it's usually the females who take on that unpleasant nature.


Cynthia Eden's entry is yet another random pairing in her world. I did like this one but the end made me flinch a bit.


Sherrill Quinn's entry is a PWP really. Oh there's a plot in there but for such a short story (80 pages or so), most of it seemed to be overly descriptive and crudely written sex.

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review 2018-09-12 03:10
Everlasting Bad Boys - Noelle Mack,Cynthia Eden,Shelly Laurenston

Half the book is devoted to the tale of Ailean the Wicked and his convincing Shalin the Innocent to be his mate. Who are these uh...people? The parents of Bercelak and the grandparents of Fearghus and his brothers (and sisters) Ah...you'd have to read the Dragon Kin series to get that.


it was a very entertaining tale.


Cynthia Eden's entry is a random part of her world. Truthfully, all i have run into are random parts of her world so I have no idea if any of them intersect. It was...interesting.


Noelle Mack's entry is...odd. I've never run across her works before, and it was maybe a little too...out there... for me.

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review 2018-09-10 16:20
Sun, Sand, Sex - Shelly Laurenston,Jennifer Apodaca,Linda Lael Miller

A bit... Ok, usually I prefer my anthology to have a recognizable theme...other than the title. Or at least to be all in the same sub-genre.


The LLM - a second chance romance. The H/h are negotiating a divorce. The h has spent however many years they've been married essentially doing nothing to rock the boat. The H has spent that time getting his way. At some point, they stopped communicating, or maybe he just kinda forgot her. I'm not sure. There was no-one else for either one of them. He'd sold his company and bought a sports car. She'd spent entirely too much time alone not to read something into that. They go spend time at their seaside cottage on the advice of their lawyer/friend. And well, being forced to interact with each other lead to hot sex, a few heated discussions, revelations that his behavior made her feel insecure, etc.


I'm not familiar with the second author. The story was interesting I suppose. Heroine is the family doormat where everyone assumes she's going to deal with their mess. Her mother had a heart attack and dumped her business in the heroine's lap, the brother stole her key and had an affair using her apartment, a client/friend/something of said brother made a copy of the key and started stalking the h - after she'd stapled his pants shut (something about him flashing her at his wedding rehearsal), and also after he'd filed charges against her. The H was the brother to a previous client, and also a bounty hunter. He spent entirely too much time trying to marginalize the h while at the same time giving into the attraction. I wanted to kick him in the nuts more than a few times over the things he said to her.


Third... I would guess this loosely ties in to Laurentston's pride/pack/whatever series seeing as how there are mention of Smiths. it was...odd. The H was more creepy than sexy really, and I got the feeling "No" wasn't in his vocabulary. There was the usual set of quirky characters.

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review 2018-08-26 23:32
The Beast in Him (Pride #2) by Shelley Laurenston
The Beast In Him (The Pride Series) by Laurenston, Shelly (2014) Mass Market Paperback - Shelly Laurenston

Back in high school Jessica was awkward, lonely, bullied, helpless and desperate


Many years have passed since then - she’s now successful, powerful, rich, has an awesome network of friends and an amazing pack. Of course she has some old scores to settle and is perfectly willing to give old crush Bobby Ray Smith the run around.

I love Jessica. And I would love this entire book to be the story of her awesome life. Jessica was an orphan and grew up almost friendless, ostracised and severely bullied. Her family lost through a plague that hit so many were-wild dogs (and I like that the world building includes elements like that - that a disease can his one population and what that does to their culture and survival). We then have the gap to adulthood


Jessica is wealthy, successful, snarky and she has a pack. And while I am a complete and utter cat person and would never ever ever have a dog, I absolutely love the wild dog pack. I love how they have fun. I love how they rely on each other. I love how they constantly support each other. I love their bonds, I love their karaoke, I love their family and how important it is to them. I love how they support other lost orphans and work closely with them to help them feel belonging and connected.


I just want the story of Jessica. I want the story of her and her four closest friends. I want their fun, I want their complete lack of embarrassment over everything (they’re not wolves - they’re dogs. And since when do dogs care about being silly?)


And I want the story of her claiming her power; not just wealth and success but how she built her pack and staked out territory and her pack together. There’s some excellent, awesome scenes where this wild dog pack showed just how much they are contenders and excellently take down the packs who look down on them.


Jessica is also a Black woman. She is completely lacking in stereotypes or tropes or other elements that so often make us cringe when we see a Blackety-Black portrayals. On the downside I reached page 163 and read “get my Black, Wild-dog ass out of there” and said “wait, she’s Black”? Which is almost a little odd because one of her pack is Asian and that’s very clear; we also have another Japanese wild dog who visits and is a major business partner which is very overt.



It’s going to sound odd but I kind of like that Sassy was one of the girls who bullied Jessica. Because it’s easy to have a cruel bully be a complete monster we’re meant to hate. It’s harder to see that bullies can be people we like and appreciate - but that doesn’t change the terrible, cruel things they do to other people. I like that it challenges the narrative that because someone is nice/friendly/fun with you doesn’t mean they are to everyone. And I like that Jessica is still extremely not happy with her.




Read More



Source: www.fangsforthefantasy.com/2018/08/the-beast-in-him-pride-2-by-shelley.html
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review 2018-08-20 00:35
Hot and Badgered (The Honey Badgers) - Shelly Laurenston

Mixed feelings on this one. On the one hand, it was fun to visit the NY shifters and all their zaniness. On the other...I'm not as sold on the honey badgers as well, the rest of the world seems to be. I just kinda find the whole criminal family bit...bothersome. Or is it tiresome? Because really, how many petty thieves, serial killers, and mobsters does a particular species need? And I really was unimpressed with the Kicking Dee-Ann's Ass bit. Because I like Dee-Ann.


I like the H, and his family, his neighbors, the old friends (Bo and Blayne have 3 kids? Guess she really did get his attention. Hahaha!). The prodigy jackals are a bit irritating in their self-absorbtion.


I like the h and her sisters. I just...don't care much for the criminal elements, and really don't care for the idea that suddenly all these badasses we've met in previous books are defenseless against two of the three (kinda leaving Stevie out since she's so neurotic she's more inclined to run).


Also not pleased that we have a story arc - the girls' father disappeared, as did their serial killer cousin, and twin aunts.  So you know they'll be back in the next round.

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