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review 2017-06-22 17:47
Born of Legend (The League: Nemesis Rising) - Sherrilyn Kenyon

This book was so full of adventure, humor, heartache, passion, and action. I loved finally getting to see Julien's story, and just like with Styxx, we didn't know the hell he was put through growing up and the hardships he had to overcome. This book was long, 836 pages to be exact, so unlike the others that seemed to go too quickly, this one took its time and told his story right. Ushara was a great partner for the scarred and distrusting Dagger aka Julien. Ushara and Julien's story was so passionate and the conflict and plot were so strong. I loved Julien as a character, he was so dynamic, complex, flawed, and lovable. He was such a humorous character with such dry witty sarcasm that I loved all of his dialogue; Kenyon did an excellent job giving him such a vivid personality on the page. The book is so full of great plot and conflict details. I definitely think the character development was the best part. They jumped off the pages and I'm glad that in the end, his birth family finally got to know some of the hell he had been put through and that the road to forgiveness and redemption was accomplished.  I loved the whole thing.

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review 2017-06-22 17:13
Born of Betrayal (The League: Nemesis Rising) - Sherrilyn Kenyon

The action keeps getting heavier and more intense as the war against the League continues on. Fain and Galene are two who have loved each other since they were kids and were promised to each other their whole lives, but the ruling family Anatole were up to their meddling in their lives and forced Fain to leave her right as they were preparing for their graduation. What Fain was unaware of at the time was that she was pregnant with Talyn when things fell apart. What surprised me with their story is his true feelings about Omira, Sumi's dead older sister. Up until this story, we are led to believe he truly loved his human wife, but that isn't the case and all that we thought we knew about Fain isn't even close to the truth. A lot of secrets are revealed as they fight together to find a traitor in their midst. Their love story was strong and I loved the hazing that Talyn kind of put him through. Especially when Fain finally puts the pieces together and Talyn in his dry dead-pan humorous tone tells his mom he has finally figured out that he isn't her boy toy but her son. Watching their relationship develop and their happy ending was so enjoyable and when Talyn and Felicia finally get to get married was so perfect. I loved that sequence of scenes so much. Over all things are going so well with this series and I love every intense moment of each book. I have two more to read before I am finally caught up. This is definitely one of my absolute favorite series of all times. On to Born of Legend.

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review 2017-06-14 00:40
Born of Defiance (A League Novel) - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Talyn and Felicia's story is different than the others in the series. For one, it's events coincide and run parallel with book 1, Born of Night, so it takes place at the very beginning. Also what throws it off is the fact that Talyn is Fain Hauk's full grown son and Fain doesn't know of him. Because of this Talyn has grown up as a "lack-Vest", which means one of his parents is unknown or in the case of Fain, an Outcast (a disinherited male). Because of this distinction, he is also looked upon as sub-par or a "mongrel dog" and treated with no respect at all. He is put through so much abuse and set backs yet he keeps fighting for the life he wants. Felicia is a female who was acknowledged by her father but her mother and father were not married, ever, so she also has a tough road a head of her just not as bad as Talyn. When they meet, Talyn contracts her to be his paid companion, he is tired of being alone and there is something sweet and innocent about Felicia that draws him in. They can't help but fall in love and fight for each other during this supercharged intense adventure where a government coup is started to overthrow the corrupt Andarian government and put Nykerian as heir and his mother as queen. The villains were bad, the conflicts were intense, Talyn did seem to take a lot of beatings that were intense and the fact that they can never legally be together (married) because his father won't claim him (yet) is tragic. It was a very enjoyable story and this couple, I think, deserve their happy ending so much more so than the other couples in the series. These two went through so much, some unbelievable (his countless beatings and tortures), and they remained hopeful for a future for each other. It was a good story.

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review 2017-06-14 00:09
Born of Fury - Sherrilyn Kenyon

It has been many many years since I have dived into the sci-fi fantasy world that is The League. I worried that I wouldn't be able to remember all the characters and plots but they jumped off the pages as if they were alive and well and have just been waiting (not so patiently) for me to return to their world. Dancer Hauk is a founding member of the Sentella, a group of assassins bent on destroying The League, a corrupt government /military group that terrorizes the universe. He would love nothing more than to find himself knee-deep in certain death rather than take his nephew on his Endurance test. His nephew hates him and the last time he went on an Endurance test was his own when his older brother died; now he is expected to take his dead brother's cantankerous son and not kill him. Sumi is sent to find dirt on him and the Sentella and if she succeeds, her boss will free her daughter from League custody. But she can't do it once she meets Hauk. He is too honorable a male. When her secrets come out she knows he will kill her but she can't kill him and in fact, defends him and his nephew and niece from mercenaries who were sent to kill Hauk. Their passions flair once the truth comes out and Hauk is tired of being pledged to his dead brother's wife (a cultural requirement that he has yet to fulfill), and when he finds out that Sumi desires him for who he is and doesn't care about his scars, he can't stay away. Once back home on Andaria, they have the fight of their lives; they have to save her daughter, save Hauk from the mercenaries, and save Sumi from Hauk's dead brother's widow who doesn't want him but doesn't want him happy either. It was a great story and I loved their adventure and love story a lot. I loved seeing all of the old gang with all of their kids. I'm diving right into Born of Defiance next and am excited.

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review 2017-06-08 18:22
Not for me
Deadmen Walking - Sherrilyn Kenyon


Take choice snippets from mythology and legends, regardless of compatibility

Add Dark Brooding Alpha Male (TM)

Add Endearingly Stubborn Sexy Virgin (TM)

Season with Pirates of the Caribbean
Blend well

Serve in Historical Fiction vessel.



If you want you can go back and look at all the snarky bitching I did about this book.  I didn't complain about everything that bothered me, but I will say I think this book is better read than listened to.  The book is just... overwritten to me, everything is overly dramatic and sometimes hilariously extreme.  The narrator of the audiobook goes for an "intense" voicing that well... just made everything that I would likely have skimmed over stand out prominently.  Though, regardless of how I consumed this, I can't get past the literal sex fireworks.  There was a lot eye rolling and snerking on my part with this.


This book definitely will have it's audience, and many people who are not me will love it.  But I'm not one of them.


I love the idea of a love story between a captain and his ship, but all the plot with Cameron seemed shoe-horned in, even if that was technically the reason they were on this specific mission/adventure.  I like a little more consistency in character motivation, and not have every changed motivation be followed by a surprise reveal of some secret to justify it that seems more of an excuse rather than actual character building.  The power levels and abilities of the Dark Brooding Alpha Males (TM) got a bit ridiculous, and honestly leaves little level for those characters to grow (but I know more powers and secret backstory details will be shoehorned in on later books).


I'm wondering if the author has hit "uneditable" with her publishers?  She's such a big name in the PNR field that whatever she publishes is guaranteed good numbers.  I have read a few other books (I think one and two of a series) by her in the past, and didn't really feel them, but they didn't grate nearly as much as this one did.


Toying with a 'dubious honor' shelf of "better than 50 shades"... maybe also a "lol wut" shelf.

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