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review 2018-12-14 20:22
Ancient History comes alive
The Silence of the Girls - Pat Barker

So to start a quick recap of Ancient History... Agamemnon and Achilles come from different backgrounds, but the war in Troy brings them together. ... Without Achilles, Agamemnon is losing. It isn't until Achilles' companion and best friend Patroclus is killed that Achilles rejoins the Trojan War. And Agamemnon, realizing that Achilles is needed, returns Briseis to him. What was all the fighting about? here is a synopsis According to classical sources, the war began after the abduction (or elopement) of Queen Helen of Sparta  by the Trojan prince Paris. Helen’s jilted husband Menelaus convinced his brother Agamemnon, king of Mycenae, to lead an expedition to retrieve her. Agamemnon was joined by the Greek heroes Achilles, Odysseus, Nestor and Ajax, and accompanied by a fleet of more than a thousand ships from throughout the Hellenic world. They crossed the Aegean Sea to Asia Minor to lay siege to Troy and demand Helen’s return by Priam, the Trojan king.


So a beautiful telling of an ancient story woven expertly into The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker. However if we delve deeper this is more a novel about the women of those ancient times and how they were (mis) treated sold to the highest bidder to be abused, raped, discarded when their bodies and not their minds were of no further use. The narrator is Briseis who herself becomes involved in a love triangle/struggle between Agamemmon and Achilles. Through her eyes Barker strips away the hero qualities that have often been laid at the feet of Achilles and shows him for what she believes he is an intolerant butchering brute...."I'd been afraid ever since the cities of the Trojan plain started falling to Achilles; every burning, every sacking brought the war closer. But my fear that night was of an altogether different order, more sharply focused than it had ever been before. I knew my presence in the compound no longer reflected well on Amamemmon. Rather the opposite, in fact I was a constant reminder of the quarrel that had brought the Greek army to the brink of defeat. My only potential use, my only value to him- since he certainly didn't want me in his bed- had been as a possible bargaining chip in future negotiations with Achilles...."...."Achilles kept his word, everyone he promised Patroclus he did. He cut the throats of twelve Trojan youths, dragging their heads back by the hair and pulling his knife across their throats as quickly and cleanly as if they'd been goats".......


A lively colourful short novel with a profound message makes The Silence of the Girls a very enjoyable read that could possibly take the author in a different direction leaving the way open for many sequels. Recommended.

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text 2018-12-11 00:17
Favorite books of 2018 part 1
Nimona - Noelle Stevenson
the princess saves herself in this one - Amanda Lovelace
One True Loves: A Novel - Taylor Jenkins Reid
Taming Him - Kennedy Fox
Restore Me - Tahereh Mafi
Radio Silence - Alice Oseman
Moxie: A Novel - Jennifer Mathieu
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - J.K. Rowling
Bottoms up - Holly Renee
A Court of Wings and Ruin - Sarah J. Maas


Part  2  comes  December  31  



What  were  your  favorites  of this  year   .


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review 2018-11-27 02:07
The Silence of the Library
The Silence of the Library - Miranda James

It is Library Week and Charlie had suggested that they highlight authors that he had enjoyed in his youth. In the book, you have two stories happening at one time. You have the story that Charlie is re-reading, a Victoria Thane mystery, which makes me think of Nancy Drew Mysteries. The funny thing about the story is that a comment is made about how many times Victoria is injured, tied up, or drugged while sleuthing. The other mystery involves the death of a woman who loves the author of the Victoria Thane mysteries. She has a collection of different items that she has collected over her life. She even runs the EBC fan page. EBC agrees to come to the library and do a question-answer session and maybe meet some of her fans, but then she and her daughter started asking for money for their time. Then the lady who runs the fan page is found murdered. Charlie helps find out the truth while reading his book and researching the values of his prized books. 


I just used an audio version of this book as I was driving and we listened while driving to Navarre to visit family and then home again. My husband got into the book and wanted to find out how it ended. This is a win in my book when the whole family enjoys the story. 

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review 2018-11-22 18:20
The Silence Between Breaths
The Silence Between Breaths - Cath Staincliffe


















There are no words needed to describe and explain how I had felt whilst reading this amazingly profound book page by page and chapter by chapter. Five stars isn't nearly enough to rate this wonderful work of literature. I've had so many mixed feelings and mixed thoughts about what was going on within the book, about how all the fictional characters were immensely connected to each other by the tragedy that has befallen into their lives, and I honestly couldn't wait to learn more about each and everyone of them and even about the one who has caused the tragedy and has forever changed their lives. It was a truly profound read and comes highly recommendable to everyone who wishes to learn the true value of life.

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review 2018-11-13 21:48
Night and Silence / Seanan McGuire
Night and Silence - Seanan McGuire

In the aftermath of Amandine's latest betrayal, October "Toby" Daye's fragile self-made family is on the verge of coming apart at the seams. Jazz can't sleep, Sylvester doesn't want to see her, and worst of all, Tybalt has withdrawn from her entirely, retreating into the Court of Cats as he tries to recover from his abduction. Toby is floundering, unable to help the people she loves most heal. She needs a distraction. She needs a quest.

What she doesn't need is the abduction of her estranged human daughter, Gillian. What she doesn't need is to be accused of kidnapping her own child by her ex-boyfriend and his new wife, who seems to be harboring secrets of her own. There's no question of whether she'll take the case. The only question is whether she's emotionally prepared to survive it.

Signs of Faerie's involvement are everywhere, and it's going to take all Toby's nerve and all her allies to get her through this web of old secrets, older hatreds, and new deceits. If she can't find Gillian before time runs out, her own child will pay the price. One question remains:

Who in Faerie remembered Gillian existed? And what do they stand to gain? No matter how this ends, Toby's life will never be the same.


I guess the fact that I’ve read to book 12 in this series would be an indication that it’s a hit for me. I don’t know how much longer McGuire can continue to spin the faerie tales, but I am a willing victim.

This installment takes us back right to the beginning, as it once again involves Toby’s human daughter, Gillian. In an earlier book, Gillian had made the choice to become fully human (the changeling’s choice) and Toby honoured that wish, despite her own heartache. But thinking that the Fae would leave Gillian alone seems to have been wishful thinking and once again some difficult decisions need to be dealt with.

At least Toby has her beloved Tybalt back at her side, although I didn’t find his sudden switch back to be the most believable plot point that McGuire has written! She’s going to need his support as her life becomes even more intertwined with The Luidaeg and she tries to re-establish family bonds with her genetic family, not just her chosen family.

There are certainly plenty of loose threads, where McGuire can pick up the narrative and spin us more of the adventures of Toby. I, for one, will be waiting impatiently for the next volume.

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