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review 2017-02-15 15:58
Fugitive Father (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No 604) - Carla Cassidy

I finished it, do I get a cookie?


One of the hazards of reading these types of books is that authors have this urge to throw as much crap in them as you'd expect in a full size book, but they have a limited number of pages to work with.


I think this one had enough crap for 3 full sized books.


So lessee... secret baby
psycho ex (or friend with benefits who was angling for a more permanent position)
dead mama
little sister who was nuts (and I couldn't tell if it necessarily was that she was nuts or that she'd figured out how to manipulate people. A lot of times, she came across as a spoiled brat).
And of course the H who was resentful that he hadn't been told about the baby he'd vehemently said he didn't want in the first place.
Oh, and the mysterious "leaves small town and runs off to NYC".


So the teenage h, pregnant with the H's baby, is stuck in a car with him as he rants about his best friend getting trapped in marriage by a pregnant girlfriend. She decides against telling him, though up until then, she'd been planning to, and leaves town. To NYC. To become...a waitress. There was some mental thinking later of her neighbors and I was quite frankly puzzled. How could you afford any sort of *safe* sort of apartment within an easy walk of the park, with nice neighbors, on a waitress' salary? Oh, and preschool.

So the h's mom has died, she's come home to handle the estate (which is another bemusement. Small farm in the midwest, apparently working. No mention of how or what either, yet somehow a family can support themselves.), the H finds out he's a daddy, dumps the benefits (who resents this, naturally), and within a day or so, the incidents start. First there's someone shooting in the h's direction - grazes her (this, btw, was with a shotgun. Really?! I know you can get cartridges like that, but they're generally used for target practice), then there's the board over the well (which had me smirking inappropriately about Timmy falling down a well and Lassie - err - Lindy (sis) going to fetch help), there's the intruder attempting to strangle the child (who somehow managed to kick and scream), there's the poisoned casserole (that was fed to a dog as they didn't want it).


At this point, the sis elected to stay with a surrogate momma, and the h and kid moved in with the H.


It was nearly a week of unbearable sexual tension (on their part) and unbearable pages (on mine) before the genius H (local sheriff btw) suddenly thought about the possibility of it being the chick he had an arrangement with. Of course Dudley DoRight manages to save the day. Too bad it never occurred to him to ponder things a bit earlier as by the time he figured it out, the h had left the child with the nut burger ex. By this time he decided he wanted his kid and the h in his life and he was ready to become a real boy errr man.


Regardless of how obsessive one is over a guy, his being sheriff should at least make one a little cautious. It apparently never dawned on the woman at all that if she'd succeeded in killing anyone, there'd be an investigation, and the possibility of someone figuring it out in such a small town (really, I think we met like, 10 people) is pretty high. So either she's batshit crazy (and really good at faking it) or she's stupid. Maybe seeing as how she's mid-late 20s and working in a small town diner...


And the sis. Supposed to be manic depressive and it's possible. It seems also possible in light of their childhood that she stumbled across a way of manipulating people. Apparently when they were children, the h played the protective older sibling. Strange since I never got the sense they were that far apart in age. There was one point where the sis was in one of her moods and voiced her resentment over the h leaving home. Uh...she wasn't stupid, surely she didn't expect big sis to stick around forever, giving up any chance of a future or whatever for her. She resented their mom for dying. Ugh.

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review 2017-02-07 12:12
Silent Watch by Elle Kennedy
Silent Watch (Silhouette Intimate Moments, #1574) - Elle Kennedy

A killer is plaguing Chicago. Nicknamed Rose Killer, for leaving scars in shape of roses on his victims' bodies, he's already taken three lives, but left two survivors. Samantha Dawson has been in witness protection, her death faked by the FBI, for the past six months. Hiding in fear, she has no intention of getting out of her safe house, until Special Agent Blake Corwin comes knocking, wanting her to talk to the latest survivor to maybe get some important details the woman refuses to discuss with the investigators...

This was a rather good read with well-developed characters (although the hero was a bit annoying in his guilt-tripping), and some seriously good suspense. Although I missed more scenes from the villain's point of view (that the length of the story didn't permit), I found the creep fascinating, and his motive, revealed at the last possible moment, was plausible and adequately creepy.

The romance was a bit rushed, IMO, with everything happening in the course of just a couple of days, but still, this was a solid (romantic) suspense.

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review 2016-10-16 21:15
Reckless Angel (Silhouette Intimate Moments #522) - Maggie Shayne

Not bad. Actually the one thing that did make me twitch more than a little was the communication.


This book has a release date of 1993.


Sometime in the 80s, I had a substitute art teacher who'd had a car phone.

Sometime around 1990, my spouse got himself a position where he was "on call" often and carried a bag phone when that occurred.


In 1993, a suburban housewife got a small, purse-sized cell phone to have for emergencies. Not too terribly long afterwards, so did several siblings.


Our H was a feeb. He contacted everyone with a landline. His boss used a hospital pay phone(?!) as a contact point (they didn't have a phone in the room? And...these were all relatively local calls).


I have a hard time with the idea that government agents wouldn't have had access to technology that John Q. Public had.


But I guess if there had actually been logic to this, the bad guys wouldn't have been able to track down the H/h...which is another thing. They called from a payphone in an eatery within walking distance of the motel. They ate, then went back to a motel room that had already been found by the bad guys. Seems like the bad buys would have been awfully close to begin with, but apparently one was at the hospital at the time the call came through.

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review 2014-07-19 00:00
Shock Waves (Silhouette Intimate Moments, #1287)
Shock Waves (Silhouette Intimate Moments, #1287) - Jenna Mills It had its moments... I felt both characters made some seriously stupid decisions, but it all worked out in the end, so whatever.
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text 2014-05-15 18:30
Easy: Best Contemporary Romance Novels Set in New Orleans
French Quarter - Lacey Alexander
Sweetened With a Kiss - Lexxi Callahan
Younger Woman - Wendy Rosnau
Cajun Vacation - Mindi Winters
Release Me - Farrah Rochon
Make You Blush - Macy Beckett
His Brown-Eyed Girl (Harlequin Superromance) - Liz Talley
Ruby (Facets of Passion) - Jeffe Kennedy
Tie Me Down - Tracy Wolff
Night Into Day - Sandra Canfield

In further celebration of the City of New Orleans which is hosting the  RT Booklovers Convention right now, I give you a list of recommended Contermporay Romance Novels set in The Big Easy.


Romantic Suspense and Paranormal Romance Novels set in the city are easy to find and I have read many. Spanish moss, the age of the place, and the Mississippi River provide the right setting for these subgenres of Romance. 


Contemporary Romances are much harder to find. I have read one of these and three others sit atop my TBR saying READ ME NOW.


Thank you to everyone who helped me find some wonderful books for this list that now I must read  before my next trip to New Orleans. 


1. Sweetened With a Kiss by Lexxi Callahan (In my TBR)

2. Cajun Vacation by Mindi Winters (In my TBR)

3. Make You Blush by Macy Beckett 

4. Ruby by Jeffe Kennedy 

5. Night into Day by Sandra Canfield (Adored this book)

6. Tie Me Down by Tracy Wolff 

7. His Brown-Eyed Girl by Liz Talley 

8. Release Me by Farrah Rochon 

9. A Younger Woman by Wendy Rosnau

10. French Quarter: Hot in the City by Lacey Alexander (In my TBR)


Did we miss any? Please let me know!


To vote for the best of the best go to the Goodreads Board: Easy: Best Contemporary Romance Novels Set in New Orleans


Take a gander at the Pinterest Board: Easy: Best Romance Novels Set in New Orleans.


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