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review 2017-10-12 08:49
Haunted in Death by J.D. Robb
Haunted In Death - J.D. Robb

Number Twelve, an old, abandoned nightclub, is reputed to be haunted. Then the owner, a descendant of the original one, the one who supposedly killed his young girlfriend, is found dead in the club, his body full of bullet holes...And on the upper floor, there's a hole in the wall and inside skeletal remains; remains of the first victim, shot dead over a century before.

I simply couldn't get into this one. It was slow, rather dull, and pretty incongruous with the rest of the series. It felt written like an afterthought than an actual short story, with characters I usually love reading about merely going through the motions.

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review 2017-10-05 13:08
Big Jack by J.D. Robb
Big Jack - J.D. Robb

Almost sixty years after the heist in Hot Rocks, the quarter of the diamonds that has never been recovered is back in the limelight thanks to the book written by Laine and Max Gannon's granddaughter who comes home from her book tour to find her house sitter dead...Someone is obviously determined to get their hands on the famous diamonds and are willing to do anything in their power to achieve the goal.

This one was definitely nothing to write home about. There was some sort of disconnect between the story and this particular reader, and I didn't care much about the diamonds or the killer's identity. Something in the mystery/suspense department was simply off.

What saved this one were the well-known characters and their ever-developing relationships, but there is only so much even great characters can do to boost up a rather mediocre story.

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review 2017-09-27 12:52
Interlude in Death by J.D. Robb
Interlude in Death (In Death, #12.5) - J.D. Robb

Lieutenant Eve Dallas is one of the keynote speakers at a law enforcement conference, which is a problem, since she doesn't want to do it. The second problem is, the conference is off planet, which means deadly space travel, and at her husband's pet project Olympus resort. And the third problem is one of the other keynote speakers, a legend in the law enforcement community, who's harboring a grudge against Roarke, as a proxy for a dead man...And he's willing to do pretty much everything to make sure Roarke pays.

Short, but to the point. Concise, well-paced, gripping and intense, with a solid mystery, some added insight into Eve and Roarke's (possibly connected) past.

There was no angst, no romantic drama, just straight-up suspense/mystery and procedural with some danger thrown into the mix.

Loved it.

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review 2017-09-20 15:51
Midnight in Death by J.D. Robb
Midnight in Death - J.D. Robb

On Christmas day, mere hours after she caught the murderous Santa, Lieutenant Eve Dallas is called to yet another crime scene...The killer has left a message and she's his ultimate goal.

A bit different from the rest of this series, since the killer's identity is known from the get-go. What we're offered in this one, is non-stop procedural as the team (plus one civilian determined to keep his wife breathing) race against the clock to find the psycho before he finishes his list of victims.

Intense and gripping (as always), but maybe a little too short to really "spread its wings".

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review 2017-07-23 07:50
Stone Cold by Andrea Kane
Stone Cold - Andrea Kane

Lindsey Hall has known who her father is for a long time, while her father's two children have only recently found out about her...At the reading of his will. A will that stipulates she's to receive a hefty sum, and an old mansion. Determined to refuse the house, and maybe even the money, Lindsay visit the old, abandoned, vacation home, and falls instantly in love, already thinking of way to restore it, and make it a home for her mother. To make the decision to keep the house even stronger, is Nicholas Warner, a real-estate developer wanting to buy the house only to demolish it, and build condos on the land...No way in hell, Lindsay will allow that.

But while Nicholas seems to accept her decision, there's someone else who's determined to make Lindsay change her mind about accepting her inheritance. By all means necessary, it seems. But who is this shady figure? Is it one of her step-siblings, determined to protect the family name, both of them? Or is it Nicholas himself, the very man who's seduced his way into Lindsay's heart?

Ooh, this was one heck of a story. Pity, it was so short, since the romance didn't really have time to evolve properly. As it was, it felt a bit rushed, and very whirlwind without much character development involved. It felt more like it came out of the left field, while, by the time it was finished, the two would've worked better as very close friends on their way to being something more.

But maybe that's just me.

Let's face it, the romance didn't have much time and space to take off, because most of that time and space was occupied by the mystery (yes, this was mostly mystery with a very suspenseful final part). And the mystery, let me tell you, was masterfully done. Although I suspected who the baddie was from quite early on, I don't know what gave that particular character away, there were still enough misinformation, red herrings, and sinister clues to make me suspect everybody. I even had my doubts about the hero (his seemingly about-face also came as a surprise without much intro, info, or buildup—it felt hasty and awkward), which is saying a lot.

I liked the characters, as much as I got to know them, I liked the pacing (spot-on and perfectly balanced between the calm and the storm), and I loved the mystery. The romance could've used some working on, or a few extra pages, though.

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