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review 2014-04-06 00:00
GUNS: The Spencer Book: (Rook and Ronin Spinoff)
GUNS: The Spencer Book - J.A. Huss I totally LOVE every character in this series!!!! I have actually never read a series where I like ALL the characters like I do these guys/girls!!! Ford is still my favorite but close on his tail is Spencer.

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And Bombshell gah she was great!!!!!!! I loved her gun wielding, tattoo makin, frye boot wearing self!!!! She rocks!

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Having all the characters together again in another book was pure heaven!

Read this series!!!!!!

I gotta get a t-shirt!!!!

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review 2014-04-05 09:18
GUNS: The Spencer Book - J.A. Huss

★★★★★GUNS: The Spencer Book by JA Huss (Rook & Ronin Spinoff #4)

photo 859758.gif

And it's done in 
photo large-14.gif
And fuck-me boots, what's not to love?!?!?

And that cover.....
photo tumblr_m3fy8khUyr1qmhoxu.gif
Combined with the feisty Bombshell
photo tumblr_m2kq1zPiEv1qbh9jvo1_400.gif

The question on everyone's mind
photo tumblr_mvih1ss2zd1rfjku0o1_500.gif

Should you read this?
photo tumblr_lout90IztN1qeb618.gif
But make sure you start at the beginning, like seriously all the way back at Tragic or you'll by like
photo HOLD_THE_FUCK_UP.gif
What's going on???
But even then make sure you are REALLY PAYING ATTENTION!!! 

I love End of Book Shit!!!! 
photo giphy-23.gif
But it says I've got awhile to wait for more:-(NO, NO, NO, I WANT IT NOW!!!!
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review 2014-02-22 02:01
BOMB: A Day in the Life of Spencer Shrike - J.A. Huss

I've always been a fan of Spencer's, but at the beginning of this book he drove me crazy with his cockiness. Maybe he was trying to be funny, but it verged on annoying. However, towards the end he redeemed himself. I'm really looking forward to how everything plays out in the next book.                  

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url 2014-02-15 17:06
Giveaway – And We Went

And We Went by Spencer Rook is participating in a giveaway that ends 2/19. Follow the link for more details on how to enter.

Source: heartsonfirereviews.com/?p=25177
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review 2013-04-29 00:00
The Mask Maker - Spencer Rook Luk is a 16 year old boy in his last year of magic school. As a school tradition the students must build their stage for the Festival of Parth (it's graduation but with a magic show to show what they've learned). It's here that readers are introduced to his class bully, Pat and his cronies. Pat and his cronies spend their time sharing rumors of the mask maker instead of doing actual work. Luk volunteers to go to the mask maker's shop to inquire about the masks being made for the festival when no one else does. On his way, Luk recalls all he knows about the mask maker. When he reaches the shop has a small chat with the mask maker, whose name we later learn is Alexander. The chat takes a turn for the worst and Luk is kicked out of the shop. Upon exiting the shop Luk is ridiculed by Pat. Luk returns home and decided to make something handmade for Alexander as an apology and leaves it on the step of the shop for Alexander to find. Luk is invited back to the shop early the next day and gets better acquainted with Alexander. Later that day when Luk is at school, Pat decided to bad mouth Alexander which sets Luk into a mood. Luk then challenges Pat to a duel. After that, Luk and Alex get closer and then the day of festival approaches. Luk invites Alex, who refuses Luk invitation and causes a rift between their relationship....

This was a sweet short read that I wished was a little longer. I would have loved a few more moments between Luk and Alex. The back story for Alexander was interesting and answered a lot of questions as to why he was the way he was.
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