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review 2020-02-26 17:31
There's a Giant Trapdoor Spider Under My Bed
There’s a Giant Trapdoor Spider Under Your Bed - Edgar Cantero

Okay, this is not a horror story. Even a little bit. It is funny as heck though when we follow along with a sleepover that starts to get weirder and weirder and scarier for the kids involved. This book reminded me of how my mind worked as a kid though. I was convinced one night a witch was in my room and if I took the blanket off my head, she would be able to attack me. I swear at one point I felt her long dagger like nose poking at the top of my head. I kept convincing myself it had to be that my poster had fallen over and that was jabbing me in the head. I woke up the next day (when the sun rose all monsters and witches could not come into my bedroom) I found out that the poster was still up on the wall. So what poked me in the head? Yeah I was a mess as a kid. 


I thank Cantero for the nostalgia this story brought and the Harry Potter references. I maybe died at the whole, so you're what? A woke Slytherin? 

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review 2020-02-11 23:46
Callahan's Legacy / Spider Robinson
Callahan's Legacy - Spider Robinson

For years, Callahan's was the place where friends met to have a few drinks, tell a few jokes, and occasionally save the world. Until that unfortunate incident with the nuke a few years ago....

But Jake Stonebender and his wife have opened a new Callahan's, Mary's Place, and all the regulars are there: Doc Webster, Fast Eddie the piano player, Long Drink McGonnigle, and of course the usual talking dogs, alcoholic vampires, aliens, and time travelers. Songs will be sung, drinks will be drunk (and drunks will have drinks), puns will be swapped...and as a three-eyed, three-legged, three-armed, three-everythinged alien flashes through space toward the bar, it just might be time to save the world again....


Suffice it to say that if you like Robinson’s Callahan novels, you will like this one. This offering was perhaps a bit better than the previous volumes or perhaps the series is growing on me (like a fungus). Something about Robinson’s voice in these books irritates the shit out of me--to me he sounds rather smugly self-satisfied. I hope that I’m wrong on that, but that’s my experience.

This story hasn’t aged well, being specific about certain computer and internet details as it is. It is definitely a creature of 1996. Also, be prepared for a LOT of pun-ishment. The puns are a characteristic of this series, but if you are allergic to this form of humour you may wish to pop an antihistamine before wading in.

Book number 354 in my Science Fiction and Fantasy reading project.

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review 2020-02-04 17:45
#5StarReview – Itsy Bitsy Spider by Willow Rose @MadamWillowRose
Itsy Bitsy Spider - Willow Rose

I actually picked up Itsy Bitsy Spider by Willow Rose on an Amazon free day on 11.22.14. I didn’t read it until 6.8.19, but that’s not the books fault. LOL


I am thoroughly creeped out by spiders, so I do love this cover.


Itsy Bitsy Spider (Emma Frost #1)

Amazon / Audiobook / Goodreads




Oh Astrid. My heart is breaking and I’ve only read the Prologue. I am one of those people that love Prologues and Epilogues.


Emma Frost is new to the island due to an inheritance, a house from her grandmother. let’s see what kind of trouble will come her way, seeing I know Willow Rose from other stories of hers I have read and she tends to blow my mind.


There’s a murder next door. “Welcome to the neighborhood.”


Willow has a way of grabbing me by the throat, gaining my full attention as I struggle like the characters to survive the evil.


WTF! Sure led me down a twisted, horrifying path to the killer.


Willow Rose draws me in slowly…I know it’s hard to come up with something new..and BAM, in your face, but Willow seems able to do that many times over!


From past to present an evil secret in Emma’s family is expose.


Blew me away. Saying OMG, Omg, omg…


Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos5 Stars






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Source: www.fundinmental.com/5starreview-itsy-bitsy-spider-by-willow-rose-madamwillowrose/#.
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text 2020-02-04 09:45
Spider Vein Removal Treatment Market Global Trends, Market Share, Industry Size, Growth, Opportunities, and Market Forecast 2020 to 2027

Spider Vein Removal Treatment Market is estimated to value over USD xx billion by 2027 end and register a CAGR of xx% from the forecast period 2020-2027.

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Additionally, this report illustrates the corporate profiles and situation of competitive landscape amongst numerous associated corporations including the analysis of market evaluation and options associated with the worth chain. This report provides valuable insights on the general market profit through a profit graph, an in depth SWOT analysis of the market trends alongside the regional proliferation of this business vertical.

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Major market players enclosed within this market are AngioDynamics, Lumenis, Energist Group, Syneron, Biolitec, EUFOTON, Vascular Solutions, Quanta System, WON TECH, LSO, ALNA.

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text 2020-01-31 21:08
Friday Reads
The Night Country - Melissa Albert
Inheritor - C.J. Cherryh
The Innocents - Michael Crummey
Callahan's Legacy - Spider Robinson

I'm having fun with The Night Country, the sequel to The Hazel Wood.  The library website tells me there are 10 people waiting for it, so I'm giving it my full attention right now.


Then I'm trying to catch up on the books that I meant to read last year for my Science Fiction and Fantasy reading project.  Inheritor is one of those, being the third book in C.J. Cherryh's Foreigner series.  I'm quite excited to get to it.


Next in the queue is The Innocents by Michael Crummey.  This is the selection for February in my real-life Book Club.  I've borrowed a e-reader from a friend and am having my first experience with that format.  Not sure what I think just yet.


Finally, I had to interlibrary loan Callahan's Legacy for my Science Fiction and Fantasy reading project.  I'm never very impressed with Spider Robinson's writing.  He rubs me the wrong way, but you will hear more about that in the review, I'm sure.  I don't dislike him enough to refuse to read the 2-3 books I have left in this series.


So that's my reading line up for the weekend and early next week.  The weather here has been gorgeous, but is due to cool a bit on Saturday evening.  Still not frigid, though, so I remain happy about that.


Have a great weekend, friends!

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