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text 2017-07-24 16:21
Reading progress update: I've read 4 out of 234 pages.
Spider-Man: Death and Dating - Lee Weeks,Dan Slott,Roger Stern,Mark Waid

I'm just adding this graphic novel to my personal data, but I've actually read this before...and loved it. I get the Shocker--in full costume, this time--fresh from a little added fame due to the latest Spider-Man movie. I also get the Molten Man, who has never managed to ascend the ranks to be a truly great Spidey foe, but I do have a fairly healthy Molten Man fondness, and he's terrific here. or, at least, that's how I remember it; now to revisit, and hopefully love all over again.

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url 2017-07-13 08:50
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Xbox360 ZTorrents

Dans The Amazing z torrents  Spider-Man 2, les joueurs prennent une fois de plus le rôle de l’emblématique Super Hero. Tout au long de son voyage, Spider-Man va rencontrer un certain nombre de nouveaux ennemis ainsi que quelques vieux amis, comme il affronte une nouvelle menace pour sa ville bien-aimée. Le récit donnera Peter Parker, ringard photojournaliste persona de Spider-Man, un rôle plus important à l’honneur, comme il étudie les motivations complexes et des personnalités uniques derrière la ménagerie des menaces Marvel menaçant Manhattan.
Comme Spidey, les joueurs seront en mesure de libre-roam à travers un paysage urbain Manhattan grandement améliorée, un ensemble d’offrir des opportunités plus vives, plus attrayantes avec lesquelles mettre ses compétences sensationnels à utiliser. Central à la profondeur expansive et le détail étant versé dans The Amazing Spider-Man 2 jeu vidéo est le nouveau « Hero ou Menace » système, ce qui incite le comportement Superhero en récompensant les web-frondeurs efforts lutte contre la criminalité, et ajoute des conséquences pour laisser la criminalité envenimer . marque personnelle de Spider-Man de web-balancer et de près et personnelle combat va voir une variété de nouvelles fonctionnalités ainsi.

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review 2017-06-14 14:59
Web of Spider-Man (1985-1995) #31 - J.M. DeMatteis,Mike Zeck

Kraven, humiliated after a defeat by Spider-Man, comes to take his vengeance, just as Spider-Man himself is tormented by doubts about mortality, both his own and that of those around him.    (As in interesting contrast, Kraven thinks about his life and how long he'll live and how he'll die, but while Spider-Man is morbidly gloomy, Kraven is grimly realistic.  Spider-Man wallows; Kraven accepts and prepares.)


But Kraven also feels, as I said before, humiliated.   He wants vengeance.  He wants to take down the person who took him down.  


I can't really get into this without spoiling the issue.   What I can say is that it was a freebie with the weekly Marvel comics, and boy, was this amazing!   The contrast between Spider-Man and Kraven, and Karven's obsessions.   Just mindblowingly good, and the art was amazing, too. 



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text 2017-05-22 16:39
Reading progress update: I've read 4 out of 400 pages.
Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Book 1 - Sara Pichelli,David Marquez,Chris Samnee,Brian Michael Bendis

I'm halfway tempted to do what I never do, and follow up a graphic novel with another graphic novel; this looks SO good! it's probably not going to happen--Disclaimer will likely prevail--but I am looking forward to Miles Morales as my gatekeeper to the Ultimates Universe, or whatever I'm supposed to be calling it. the added bonus: flipping through this, and reading the back cover, has revealed a Mysterio presence, AND a Prowler presence...two of my fave raves! so, soon, no doubt.

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review 2017-05-20 12:49
Freebie this week
Spider-Man (2016-) #12 - Brian Bendis,Sara Pichelli

Each week, Marvel gives away a free digital copy with your purchase, if you redeem the digital comics.   (It's the same across the board, so if you buy everything, you only get one additional comic.   Still, bonus in addition to the free digital copies, so I can't really find a reason to complain!)


I'd read the Spider-Man/Spider-Gwen crossover, and still found myself confused when this exactly happened: so much of the time switches from before to after made me feel like it was placed before, then I realized they were talking about it, so it had to happen after.  I'm not sure why this didn't work for me, but I suspect that it's because I felt like the time switches didn't really serve a purpose: there were some funny lines, but I knew Miles was close enough to Ganke to tell him about this, and the other kid in there I guess?   They didn't add anything the comic though, so what was the big deal?


That being said, I think I'm over Bendis.  I still find him hilarious and he tells a good story, a story that makes me feel, but they all feel the same.   I'm bored.   He's writing more and more Marvel, and that's making it feel like the same.   Action, some quips, bada bing, bada boom.  Others - Soule comes to mind, and quite frankly less so Ahmed if only because he's only writing one Marvel comic and only ever has - seem to be doing something different.   (Black Bolt is amazing, but it's hard to tell how Ahmed would write other characters and if his tack would be different without him having written them.  Soule?  I've read a lot of his work and it seems to feel different depending on which character he's writing.)  


And I obviously still enjoy Bendis.   I got this for free, read it, and enjoyed it, but I don't subscribe to Bendis' series, and I've stopped looking forward to him writing new series.   Anyway, this is basically a recap of Miles and Gwen finding Miles' father, but not really the whole story.   Just up to a certain point.   It was fun, but I knocked off one star for the ennui I've got going with Bendis.

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