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url 2023-08-22 07:58
Across The Spider Verse Release Date and More

Discover the Across the Spider Verse release date and learn about the future Marvel Cinematic Universe voyage. Read on.

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review 2019-03-21 20:52
So I'm gonna share a person story on why I'm not crazy about this...
Miles Morales: Spider-Man (2018-) #1 - Saladin Ahmed,Javier Garron,Brian Stelfreeze

Before Black Bolt, the author, worried by something political that got an artists fired, said his comics wouldn't be political.   Sweet!   Especially since Christians and Jews were targeted by an artist, particularly Jews. 


The author is also palestinian.   Which makes me nervous because the standard lefty views - and yes, the immigration politics in this are lefty - is that Jews should not be allowed to raise their hands in self-defense, especially against palestinians.   Ignore everything, especially the open calls to murder all Jews, from the palestinian leaders, ignore the many murders commited by palestinian terrorists, don't defend yourself. And so I have no safe place: lefty politics in my comics may mean this subtle antisemitism creeping in, and so I refuse to continue with this series if it insists on being political.   I refuse to give money to someone who complains when Jews defend themselves, ignoring the violence against them by his own people. 


I found the storyline decent other than the anxiety provoking aspect of worrying about lefty palestinian politics creeping into Spider-Man, and the art was meh for me, so thus the low rating.  I got this for free as a Marvel Insider - you get points for things, and can get free digital comics with your points - otherwise I wouldn't have read this at all. 

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review 2019-03-21 20:00
Wonderful reboot!
Superior Spider-Man (2018-) #3 - Christos N. Gage,Travis Charest

I hadn't dared hoped for another Superior Spider-Man reboot; the first one was overly ambitious, and yet paid off so much.  Then again, it completely replaced Peter Parker with Otto Octavious and this was the overly part of the overly ambitious.   It condemned Parker to an ugly death and elevated Octavious to the one, true Spider-Man, declaring him not only that but superior.   And so this also doomed that series.  


Parker was beloved, and while people might have loved to hate Octavius, to see him attempting to be heroic wearing Parker's face?   It was galling.   And yet I adored Octavius and while I was merely amused by his antics at first, I saw just how much changing how the world treated him changed him.   How seeing the world from a hero's eyes changed him. 


And I fell in love. 


So imagine my delight when not only does Octavius - using a new name - as Spider-Man came back.   Now imagine how lovely it was to find this meet my expectations, even surpass them. 


This is a wonderful series that tries to tackle the implications of the lies Octavius had to tell to make in the world as Spider-Man, all the while being the hero he had hoped to be before.   And the wrinkles are just so much fun as he fights for the world.   I loved to hate him as a villain, and now I love to root him on a hero even more.   Doc Ock?  He really is my superior Spider-Man!

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review 2019-03-21 19:46
Continu to love McGuire's take on this character
Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider (2018-) #5 - Seanan McGuire,Bengal,Takeshi Miyazawa

Beautiful, beautiful work.   It's fun, it's full of awesome fight scenes, and doesn't skimp on character development.   Continues to be wonderful. 

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review 2019-02-10 18:40
Another fantastic issue
Superior Spider-Man (2018-) #2 - Christos Gage,Mike Hawthorne,Travis Charest

I wasn't 100% sure about this series, but I liked the concept enough of having Doc Ock as the Spider-Man to subscribe to this series. 


Given what happened with him, and his girlfriend Anna, I understand why she wouldn't want to be involved with him, and why she's so unhappy with his new deception.   And so it might make sense to keep her out of this, but it's delicious to watch her struggle with the implications of having a new, cloned Otto Octavius - living under a new name - and her knowledge of who he is.   Is he going to prove that he wants to do good to her?   I think he already is, and this makes her secret knowledge that much more of a cross to bear. 


And yet, as sucky as it is for her, it's damn good drama.   It's handled deftly and I'm glad the author found a good way to bring her back into the fold. 


The art is pretty fabulous, but it's not different enough to be a favorite.   Phil Noto, Alex Maleev, and others have a painterly, or different style, that make them stand out as top tier favorites.   While this art is spectacular, it looks very same-y to many other comics. Gorgeous, and I can tell many artists apart from decades of reading comics, but I think this would blend into the general 'standard comic style' for novices.   (And yes, I've been told that all comic book art looks the same to novices, who struggle with the fact that details differentiate.)

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