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review 2017-10-10 15:59
Love, love, love this AU!
Spider-Gwen (2015-) #24 - Jason Latour,Robbi Rodriguez

Spider-Gwen may just be my favorite of the Spider-Verse characters.  I love the dark take on Murdock and Wolverine, and even Kitty Pryde.   Still loving all the twisted stuff going on with Gwen's family, etc.  

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review 2017-10-06 22:49
Loving this
Avengers (2016-) #672 - Jesus Saiz,Alex Ross,Mark Waid

There's a new artist, and I like him a lot more - particularly how he draws Vision.   It's also fun to see the Champions and Avengers team up, especially since with Mrs. Marvel leading the Champions and her working with her old team?   There's a lot of tension and conflict when Falcon starts handing down orders to them all. 


Love the conflict with Vision and Viv and how that's treated, not with delicacy but there's no time for that right now.   I have no doubt it will be dealt with in the next Champions - the one that's going to continue this storyline - or in the follow ups.   I'm looking forward to that. 


And yeah, seeing Vision and Viv fight together is especially fun for me.

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review 2017-09-23 00:04
Vision and Hercules talk, Falcon and Thor talk and Wasp and Spider-Man talk
Avengers (2016-) #11 - Mark Waid,Mike Del Mundo,Alex Ross

All of these are dealt with on a team level of some sort: what does Vision do with his newfound longevity?   He's gone to the future, found out how long he does - or at least can - live, and he's trying to figure out what it means for the relationships he has with the people in his life - like his teammates.   Wasp and Spider-Man don't get along, and Spider-Man wants to know why.   Falcon thinks maybe now that he isn't Captain America, Thor should lead the team.   


All of these talks expose characters weaknesses, or strengths, and sometimes something that is a little bit of both.   Two of the talks were heartwarming, and hopeful, while Falcon's wallowing - and his realization that he doesn't have to be Cap - just reminds me of nazi-Cap.   I mean, I wanted to shake him and ask why he wanted to be like a dude who was a nazi. 


Nazi-cap annoys me enough that I knocked down a star. 


Still not my favorite art.   This is one of the less sexy versions of Vision and yeah, I like the art style enough - I guess it's grown on me - that I won't knock off stars.   Technically, it's great art, but I wish I had a sexier Vision!

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review 2017-09-21 14:27
Venomverse (2017) #3 (of 5) - Iban Coello,Nick Bradshaw,Cullen Bunn

I'm just not a huge fan of these events, mostly because they seem to be...shallow.   Like I don't see what larger purpose this will serve in the Marvel universe, nor what the ones before this served, and it makes me cynical. 


It's fun seeing Rocket as a Venom, and Robbie Reyes as a Ghost Rider, and there's a twist I really enjoyed in the middle of this, thus the three-star rating. 


It was fun and slick. 


But it certainly wasn't great, something I know this author can do well.   It didn't make me feel for the characters, even at points where I normally would have.   Most of the emotional aspects felt like it was trying to manipulate me, or just fell flat, thus the lack of four or five stars. 


Still, I probably inflated this rating.  It's the first time I've been able to read and review in a while - and man, I missed both of those things!


Aliens in Halloween bingo.

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review 2017-08-31 13:19
Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX (2015) #4 (Giant-Size Little Marvel- AvX (2015)) - Skottie Young,Skottie Young

The Guardians of the Galaxy and the Inhumans get involved as the fight over the twins spills over to everyone. 


Funny, charming, just gorgeous art - pencils, inks, colors, everything - this is a perfect mini-series.  I need to remember I own this on Comixology whenever I need to cheer myself up.   Love, love, love!

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