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review 2017-08-13 04:29
The Runaway Amish Girl - Riley Moreno The Runaway Amish Girl - Riley Moreno

Hannah wants to do more than keep house and do chores around the farm so she runs away.  Jacob picks her up on the highway and tries to persuade her to stay in her community but she will not be swayed so she goes with him to Philadelphia.


I liked Hannah and Jacob.  I liked the protectiveness that he felt for her.  I also liked Hannah's brother Toby and how he watched over her even when he did not agree with her.  I enjoyed the story.

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review 2017-07-06 22:30
Clean Regency Romance: Not So Sweet Maria (Sisters By Marriage Book 1) - Jessica Spencer

Clean Regency Romance: Not So Sweet Maria (Sisters By Marriage Book 1) by Jessica Spencer Lady Maria has gotten a bad hand from the start. Her parents die and leave her an orphan and others do take care of her but it's not a warm welcome. Later in life she finally agrees to marry so others will stop asking her. love all the mysteries surrounding her and her inheritance. Others also are not so truthful either and you wonder how they will spend the rest of their days, never knowing each other's real names. Lots of action, mysteries and struggles to survive the scams. Enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the next in the series. Love the design work and what's incorporated into them and how. Received this review copy from the author via Goodreads and this is my honest opinion.

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text 2017-04-21 18:21
Page (Sweet Scottish Brides Book 1) by Tanya Anne Crosby (Author), Alaina Christine Crosby Free!
Page: A Sweet Scottish Medieval Romance (Sweet Scottish Brides Book 1) - Tanya Anne Crosby,Alaina Christine Crosby


England/Scotland 1124: Page FitzSimon has lived her entire life in the shadow of the man she called father. Left to her own devices, with her mother imprisoned, she still might never have imagined that Hugh FitzSimon would deny his only daughter. Alas, when Scottish Chieftain Iain MacKinnon comes to barter for his son's release, she learns how expendable she truly is...

Vowing to stop at nothing to secure his young son's return, Iain MacKinnon captures Page with the intent of bartering her for Malcom's freedom. Little does he realize that Page's father doesn't want his daughter, and although he will win Malcom's freedom by other means, he will also find himself a reluctant champion to the Sassench lass who now has no home.


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review 2017-04-12 06:41
Duty and Honor, Annie Boone
Duty and Honor: A Sweet Mail Order Bride... Duty and Honor: A Sweet Mail Order Bride Romance (A Kansas Mail Order Bride Story Book 14) - Annie Boone

I really enjoyed this Clean, Historical, Western Romance.I voluntarily chose to review it. I've given it a 5* rating. This set of sisters head West to Kansas to marry one of two brothers. Sparks fly but not really in the right directions. Add a baby to one of the sisters and it makes things more interesting. There is a lot going on and secrets unfold to stir things up more. I enjoyed this whole set of 14 books.

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review 2017-04-09 05:24
Visual novel review - Robo-Tea: 1 Cup!

[This is a visual novel review, so feel free to ignore it if that isn't your thing. This one is structured more like a choose-your-own-adventure story than like a game. It's free/pay-what-you-want and available here.]


Robo-Tea: 1 Cup! is a cute little dating sim. You play as Galine, aka “Gal,” a guardbot at a SpacePort on the planet Verdande. At the start of the story, Gal is in the breakroom at work, having a snack and fantasizing about being somewhere more exciting. Vals, Gal’s supervisor (I think?), asks Gal to watch over a bot who was recently picked up from a damaged ship. The bot, Revek, is scheduled to be shipped back to their home. Your choices determine whether Gal goes out on a date with Vals, spends time with Revek, or does something else entirely.

Gameplay is pretty simple. No stat-building (thank goodness!) - all you have to do is decide between one of two possible responses at various points during the story. If you want to try out other choices without having click through a bunch of text screens over and over again, no problem! You can save the game whenever you like and then go back to those points and try different options, you can use the game's "back" button, or you can start over from the beginning and just make liberal use of the "skip" button. There are only two points where your decisions affect the story beyond changing the dialogue a little, and there are only three possible endings. I was able to go through the whole thing and try out all the possible choices in about an hour.

All in all, I enjoyed this. I had questions about the world-building, but it wasn’t too hard to turn my brain off and just accept the fluffiness and general setup. I liked that both of the romantic routes had some element of fannish excitement. The characters talked about comics, music, sweets, and tea. And there was a forehead kiss! And hand holding!

Both romantic routes were enjoyable but had some slight issues. For example, while Vals’ route was nice, I kept wondering about the whole “employee dating supervisor” thing. Neither character ever brought it up, so I guess they didn’t consider it a problem?

Of the two, I think I preferred Revek’s route the most. Gal had to be the absolute worst guardbot ever for that route to happen, but I didn’t really mind because, as far as I could tell, Revek probably shouldn’t have been detained in the first place.

There are a couple related games, plus a demo of the sequel. I liked this enough that I may give those a try too.


I'll end this with a nice Galine & Revek screenshot:


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