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review 2017-02-09 09:29
Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Mega Beasts
Encyclopedia Prehistorica - Robert Sabuda,Matthew Reinhart

The last of my pop-up book splurge, Mega Beasts is almost every bit as good as the Dinosaurs edition created by the same pop up artist team.


The same incredible level of paper art, the same solid writing; my only complaint is sometimes the spectacular paper art actually blocks the text, making it difficult to read without some maneuvering.  Otherwise, an awesome example of its kind.


Once again, MT provided a hand (or two) for the picture taking portion of this review:


King Kong wasn't just a myth y'all!


It was depressing to learn just how many creatures lived for ages without natural predators... until man came along.


My personal favourite spread.  Of course.  :)



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review 2017-01-19 04:08
In The Cards - Peter Styles

Al, short for Alchemy, I know - right?  Poor character.  It's sure different.  Anyway, Al has several men in his circle he could choose.  He currently has a love interest who takes him for granted, is already cheating with him on his partner, and is kinda testy when pushed.


Finn is someone who believes in magic, the universe, and is a touch jaded.  Hugh is a mentor who has some serious issues.  In the ways of love, however, we are not always thinking with a logical part of our brain.


I found this story to be full of surprises for the reader!  Each character has its own quirky and individual personality.  That was the best part of the book.  I had a hard time with a bit of the fact that I felt the main character was taken advantage of.  That could just be my own interpretation, of course.  Overall a funny read.  I give this story a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

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review 2016-10-16 14:32
The White Magic Five and Dime (A Tarot Mystery)
The White Magic Five and Dime a Tarot Mystery - Steve/Falco,Lisa Hockensmith

The White Magic Five and Dime (A Tarot Mystery) is not a good book, but it is fun.  Written by Pride and Prejudice with Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls author Steve Hockensmith assisted by SME (subject matter expert) Lisa Falco, The White Magic Five and Dime (A Tarot Mystery)  is a nicely done puff piece of a cozy, complete with Tarot spreads.  While much of the plot was predictable, the one-liners and amusing Tarot card descriptions frequently had me smiling. 


I particularly enjoyed the descriptions of selected cards from the major arcana that appeared as chapter dividers, such as the two pictured below.



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review 2016-06-30 00:00
Llewellyn's Complete Book of Tarot: A Comprehensive Resource
Llewellyn's Complete Book of Tarot: A Comprehensive Resource - Anthony Louis Do you like Tarots? Do you want to start to read them? Are you curious about one of the most important kind of divination in this world? You read tarots but you want to learn something else?
So, this book
Llewellyn's Complete Book of Tarot - A Comprehensive Resource -

is for you!
Written by Anthony Louis, his author has previously written other books for Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. about this topic.

Louis is a great estimator, passionate and of tarots reader since he was little.

Maybe he told in the book, because he studied in a catholic reality where of course this stuff was not seen very well, the little boy started to develop a big curiosity about astrology and occultism, later falling in love for tarots.

In this book Louis will tell us how we should read tarots, with a long story of tarots, born in Italy many centuries ago. A real cult for Italians. Very important families created wonderful, stunning tarots in late 1400 most of them unfortunately gone forever.

Tarots will read Louis will be the one of the common italian playing cards with the four seeds of Swords, Coins, Cups and Wands.

I was a tarot reader and I am still a passionate one although I loved to read this book also because I hadn't never learnt how to read our italian playing cards, the most common ones. I have the Egyptian tarots, the Native American tarots. Being a Sagittarius maybe that's the answer.


Anthony tells that some friends of him have more than 100 different kind of tarots. Wow!

Reading tarots can be more simple for some people than not for others.
What Louis says is that practicing and intuiting what the tarot wants to say to the person in front of us the first condition. We mustn't think a lot. When we have the first intuition we know that it is the one for the person in front of us.

We should be free of every strong emotion when we read tarots, Louis says and our mind open to the divination. We mustn't read tarots under stress. Tarots wouldn't speak.

What the reader should do with her/his client?

He/she must be honest with the client because of course it means also to be honest with the spirits and Superior Entity that are telling to us what it will happen to that person in the following months.

Louis has also written a special Hippocratic Oath for Tarot Readers in this sense.
Sometimes tarots can clarify and help also people in need. In real need of answers. Journaling, keeping track of what the tarots wants to say to us become fundamental. Tarots should be read two times per year and reader should always be paid because a payment means that the reader is a serious person.

An interesting section interests the zodiac signs.
And then: a long long section you will fall in love for all dedicated to the meaning of all the most important Major Arcane and common seeds.
Enjoy it, and start to read Tarots!
Oh: and Happy Journey into the Souls!

Thanks to Netgalley.com! for this book.
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review 2016-06-28 12:58
Booknote: Easy Tarot Handbook, with review on the Gilded Tarot deck
Easy Tarot: Learn to Read the Cards Once and For All! - Josephine Ellershaw

On the one hand, the book has some good advice for learners, especially about keeping a Tarot journal and overall for learning how to read the Tarot. Ellershaw offers a step by step system for learning how to read the Tarot cards. On the other hand, I did find some of the card meanings in this book a bit on the lighter side when compared to other books, such as Lyle's, but the meanings still fall within tradition for the most part, thus the book is still useful in that regard.


Read the full review, where I also provide a review of the Tarot deck that came with this book kit, Ciro Marchetti's Gilded Tarot, at The Itinerant Librarian. Simply click the link above.


By the way, if there are any Tarot users, readers, and/or collectors here in BookLikes, feel free to comment and say hello.

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