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review 2018-02-14 23:09
Medical Thriller
Bloodstream - Tess Gerritsen

I borrowed this book from the library and used both a Kindle version and an audio version so that I could "read" when I was driving or knitting/crocheting. 

Claire Elliott and her son, Noah, have moved to Tranquility, Maine to help him get away from a bad influence in their old hometown and to give them a chance to get over the loss of her husband and his father. They had been there since the summer when she purchased a practice from the family of a deceased doctor and she was having a hard time getting a start as she was regarded with suspicion by the people of the town. They felt that she would pack up and leave once the winter came. 

She ran into issues with her son getting into trouble at school while riding his skateboard and just trying to get patients to accept her and let her do what she was taught to do, be a clinician. They wanted her to be like their old doctor and just throw pills at the problem. 

One day, while she was at the hospital a teacher and kids from her son's school are brought into the hospital with gunshot wounds. She leaves to find her son and finds that he was a hero for tackling the kid with the gun. She also knows that the kid with the gun is one of her patients and she wants to treat him because he is not behaving correctly and she feels that he has some medical problem that needs to be treated. His father doesn't want her near his son and gets his friend a smug town doctor to take over the care of the child and he treats Claire like she doesn't know what she is doing. 

As she goes along, another student from her son's school has a break and attacks his family and the school is experiencing many students who are fighting and getting into trouble, including her own son. 

The story was very interesting and at times it made me think of another story that I had read some time ago but was just different enough to keep me interested to the end.

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review 2018-02-05 12:23
An Early Book
Never Say Die - Tess Gerritsen Never Say Die - Tess Gerritsen

This book is set in post-war Vietnam and Laos. Willy (Wilone) is searching for any information on her father who was shot down flying Air America during the Vietnam War. Information on him and his mission are still considered classified. Her mother is dying and wants information. Along the way, she is given help from the general who sent her father, in the form of Guy Bernard. A former soldier with a past, who is now working for the government in identifying the remains of soldiers that are being sent back by the Vietnamese government. As they work their way through the cities and jungles, they are being tracked by an assassin, assigned by someone who doesn't want Willy's father found. As they find people who remember her father, they are found dead. 


I was not as interested in this book as I am in the books she has written with Rizzoli and Isles in them, or some of her later books. I am uncertain about why this book was not as interesting to me, but I just pushed through, mostly to find out if she finds her father or if he is the elusive Friar Tuck, the spy that the government wants to bring back for justice. 

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review 2018-01-14 02:01
Running from Government
Whistleblower - Tess Gerritsen

Viktor is trying to blow the whistle on his company for doing something that is highly illegal but authorized by the government. He first calls the FBI and starts to work with an agent, but when he is ambushed and starts running for his life, he runs in front of a car driven by Cathy Weaver. She saves his life and gets him to a hospital and medical attention. When he wakes up from the surgery he tries to get out of the bed and get to the woman who rescued him. 


It is through their running for their lives that they form a bond. They also work to get the only evidence back that was not reclaimed by his company. 


I enjoyed the story and read it pretty quick. I know that some said that they didn't enjoy this story, but I did. Make up your own mind. 

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review 2017-11-22 17:33
hints at paranormal
Playing with Fire - Tess Gerritsen Playing with Fire - Tess Gerritsen

Intellectually I knew that there had been Jewish people in Italy during the Second World War and that the Nazi's had taken over, for all intents and purposes, but it never really occurred to me that Italian Jews were sent to death camps, of course they were, I had just never truly realised it.


I'm not normally a huge fan of audiobooks but this was perfect as an audiobook. There was music intertwined in the story, as there was in the story being told, when there's musicians and mystery pieces of music, audio is a useful medium.


The story starts with a violinist, Julia Ansdell, discovering a piece of music in a book she finds in a small Roman antiquities shop.  As she starts to play the piece she realises that it has layers.  However strange things seem to be happening around her daughter after she starts to play. She's afraid that the piece is affecting her daughter. Haunted by her mother's insanity she has to try to keep herself together to find the truth behind the piece.  At the same time there's a story of a lutier family and a gifted magician and the tragedy of being Jewish in Italy during World War II.


There are some suggestions of paranormal during the story but most of it is simply explained in ways that somewhat left me feeling cheated.

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text 2017-10-31 23:24
My October 2017
Miraculous - Die geheime Superheldin - Barbara Neeb,Katharina Schmidt
Just One of the Boys - Leah and Kate Rooper
Approximately Yours (North Pole, Minnesota) - Julie Hammerle
Miraculous - Der dunkle Doppelgänger - Barbara Neeb,Katharina Schmidt
Blutzeuge - Tess Gerritsen
Manga Classics: The Stories of Edgar Allan Poe - Stacy King,Edgar Allan Poe
Der magische Faden - Tom Llewellyn,Nina Dulleck,Ilse Layer
Süßer Ruf des Todes (Reihenfolge der Eve Dallas-Krimis, Band 29) - J.D. Robb,Uta Hege
Miraculous - Die geheime Superheldin - 4 stars
Just One of the Boys - 4 stars
Approximately Yours - 5 stars
Miraculous - Der dunkle Doppelgänger - 5 stars
Blutzeuge - 5 stars
Manga Classics: The Stories of Edgar Allan Poe - 4 stars
Der magische Faden - 4 stars
Süßer Ruf des Todes - 5 stars


Favorite book(s) of the month: Just One of the Boys, Approximately Yours, Blutzeuge, Süßer Ruf des Todes


Books started this month but haven't finished yet: Elias & Laia - Die Herrschaft der Masken, Der Fledermausmann, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


So this month, I decided to just stop being an adult and completely dive into my books. Real life just was way too much these last few months, I needed that mental break. So I just read all the books. All of them. This is an insane number for me. Also, the quality, I seriously enjoyed all these books.

(I'm doing this wrap up super early. Look at me, having my shit together for once!!!)

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