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review 2017-07-06 01:46
The Good Girl by Mary Kubica
The Good Girl - Mary Kubica

This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.

I enjoyed this audiobook quite a bit. I have seen this book around but never gave it too close of a look. I noticed it recently during an audible sale and decided to listen to the sample. I was immediately sold on the book after listening to the sample. I tend to enjoy audiobooks with multiple narrators and the premise of the book sounded really interesting to me. I ended up listening to this audiobook for hours at a time and finished it in just a few days.

This story is told from three main points of view. Mia's mother, Eve, describes her fear for her daughter and everything she does to try to put things back together. Detective Gabe Hoffman is the detective assigned to this case and it was really nice to get his point of view. Colin is the man that abducts Mia and his point of view was by far my favorite of the group.

The three points of view jump around in time a bit. There are parts of the book that focus on before Mia was rescued and other parts that focus on after. I think that by mixing the timeline up a bit the story really became more intense. I really wanted to learn everything that had happened to Mia that caused her to be as she is in some of the scenes.

The narration of the book was very well done. There were four different narrators that helped to bring this audiobook to life. Andi Arndt is one of my favorite narrators so I admit that I was a bit disappointed that she didn't narrate more of the story. She was the voice of Mia and only came into play for the epilogue. Tom Taylorson voices Colin's point of view and did a fantastic job. His parts of the story always completely held my attention. His delivery was very well done. Johnny Heller really sounded like a Detective to me and I enjoyed his sections. Lindy Nettleton narrated the sections that were from Eve's point of view. Her accent was great and she did take on the role very well. I think that her sections of the book were my least favorite but that would be due to the story instead of the narration.

I would recommend this book to others. I did figure out the big twist before the end but still enjoyed the journey. I really enjoyed the fact that this was one of those books that made me really like the bad guy more than any of the other characters. The pacing was well done and I found myself very hooked by the story. I do think that I enjoyed this book a bit more on audio than I would have in print form. I plan to read more from Mary Kubica soon.

Initial Thoughts
I enjoyed this book. The twist wasn't really too hard to figure out. I really liked the fact that the book had multiple narrators. It definitely held my attention and kept me wanting to listen.

Book source: audible purchase

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review 2017-07-05 18:48
The Good Girl - Mary Kubica

I might have given this book one star, but for the sections with the British-born mother. Those passages are, for the most part, at least credible, and the emotional depth is appropriate. The other sections, however, those of the detective and the criminal, were desperately in need of an edit. The voices are cliched, so much so that the detective sounds like a parody of 1940s noir literature (and not a good one at that). The criminal is the same, only without the occasional unintended giggles. On top of that, the plot is predictable and slow moving. How I wished for more. 

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review 2017-04-18 03:33
The Good Girl
The Good Girl - Mary Kubica

This was an interesting book that didn't turn out to be at all what I expected.

I don't quite remember where I got the recommendation from, but this had been on my list of books to listen to for a while. I do prefer the audiobooks for my fiction, and this one turned out great. The synopsis does a good job of setting up the story, but there are still some surprises along the way.

First of all, there's the way the story is told. The author uses rotating first person perspectives between Colin, Eve, and Gabe. This lets us be in the mind of the perpetrator, someone worried about the victim (her mother), and the detective who is trying to find the victim. It also jumps in time throughout where Colin's perspective are consistently in the moment of the kidnapping but Eve and Gabe could either be looking for Mia or trying to piece together what happened after it all.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the "emotional entanglements that eventually cause this family's world to shatter" was not just some straightforward Stockholm syndrome. It's much more complicated than that. Both Colin and Mia are much more complicates than that.

As the pieces began to fall into place, it became satisfying to watch it all play out but wasn't particularly surprising anymore. I thought Mia's brief moment as a point of view character in the epilogue was interesting but not really necessary to close out the story. I suppose that's why it was the epilogue, but I usually find them more satisfying than I did with her. Perhaps it was what she added to the story more than that it was there.

Altogether it was a great book, though. It kept my interest and was well paced. I thoroughly enjoyed all the characters. Surprisingly, I think Colin was my favorite. He was developed well enough that I just couldn't help it.

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review 2017-03-09 20:27
The Good Girl - Mary Kubica

I wasn't sure about this one at first. It started off slow and struggled to hold my attention. But something happened about halfway through and I was hooked right until the end...which I expected...but kinda didn't...all I can say is, great book!

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review 2017-03-06 04:03
Mary Kibica: The Good Girl
The Good Girl - Mary Kubica

In her debut novel Mary Kubice explores two sides of what happens when someone is kidnapped:

Mia was supposed to meet her boyfriend at a bar and when he doesn't show, again, she does something reckless and stupid, she leaves with a stranger. Little does she know he is there for another reason, he was there specifically for her. Colin takes Mia to a secluded cabin in the woods instead of delivering her to his employers both their lives are now in trouble. Mia doesn't know why she was taken, Colin doesn't know why he decided to go against the plan, but their lives and that of Mia's mother, Eve, are forever changed.

Kubice has been an author that I have seen a lot of lately and I decided to try her book (and not because it is hyped as the next gone girl....it is not). I will say that it took me two readings in order to get in to this book, as I was unable to get in to the book the first time and I am really glad I picked it back up. This was a really good book and it was even better once I realized that this was her debut novel. It was an interesting twist that the who the book is about does not have parts told from her point of view. All the information we get about Mia / Chloe is through another person, mainly her mother Eve and Colin her abductor, with the police officer in charge of the investigation in to Mia's abduction Gabe every once in awhile Although Gabe's parts were my least favourite in the book as they did not really add anything to Mia's story, they added a bit to Colins', but I found the investigation part a bit lackluster and definitely secondary.

I really enjoyed the format that Kubice and it really helped tell the story of Mia and how she became Chloe. It also added to the suspense of trying to figure out when and how Mia was able to get away from Colin. Like I said Kudice was very very successful in using this format to her advantage. It was addicting at times as you want to figure out how Mia became Chloe, how she got away, Colin's motivations and what job he was originally hired to do.

It was interesting seeing Mia go through the stages of being the victim of a kidnapping and eventually turning in to Chloe. Stockholm syndrome is very present in this book and it appears that Kubice had good knowledge about the syndrome. Though I do wish we could have been inside Mia's head at the time it was occurring by the end of the book you know why Kubica refrained from doing this. However, even seeing what happened to her second hand was enough for you to understand what she was going through both during the kidnapping and after. Don't worry I did not spoil the book you find out basically right away that she is returned to her family.

Not going to lie sometimes I surprise myself when I am able to figure out a books big twist well before the book has ended. All the info is there it is just whether you can put all the pieces together or not. That said I really did enjoy this book and how Kubice wrote it, as I said above it was addicting at time. I look forward to reading another book by Kubice and I have high expectations now as this was her debut novel.


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