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review 2017-05-04 15:14
Toni FGMAMTC's Reviews > The Man I Love
The Man I Love - Suanne Laqueur
I love this author's writing style. I read wonderful stories all the time, but the actual craft of writing from this author continues to blow me away.

Erik and Daisy meet and fall in love in college. She's a world class ballerina, and he does the technical design. Everything is going wonderful for them. Their romance is perfect. School is great. By all signs, the future is nothing but up, up, up. After a tragedy, it's impossible for them to get back on track. This is the journey of their love and despair and the eventual finding of themselves. It spans many years.

I didn't read anything about this story before starting it. Every emotion hit me hard, and I had to ride it out fully. I want to go into detail about all my feels at each point, but I don't want to spoil anything. Just know that you aren't going to want to put it down, but you may have to a few times to wipe your eyes. It's beyond beautiful. It broke my heart at times and overfilled it others. The Man I Love is not to be missed. Exquisite. Moving. Defining.
***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***
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review 2015-01-19 18:19
The Man I Love
The Man I Love - Suanne Laqueur

Via the book blogging grapevine, this book was on my radar for some time. When author Suanne Laqueur approached me, I was happy to purchase it.


Consequently, my first 2015 read turned out to be a beautifully written Indie affirming my conviction that there are many Indie voices deserving to be heard. With so many aspects ofThe Man I Love to admire, Ms. Laqueur’s voice is indisputably one of them.


First, the story has a timeless theme. Through Erik and Daisy’s story, I re-experienced shades of my own college years, which were…well, let’s just say MANY moons ago. Ms. Laqueur’s writing took me on a magic carpet ride back to my youth, beckoning me to remember and feel anew my own college experiences with friendship and love. Through these two lovers, I felt again the pull, the urgency, the sweetness, the passion, and ultimately, the heartbreak of young love. When a story achieves this, that’s saying something in my book.


The book also speaks to another unfortunate, but increasingly frequent companion to American college life —  gun violence. Erik and Daisy’s story, along with that of their circle of friends, shows not only the immediate physical and emotional devastation these events unleash, but also the long-lasting, ever present ghosts that can walk throughout life with victims, tainting every aspect of their lives and relationships, crippling them psychologically and emotionally.


With poignant clarity, the author shows us how one’s seemingly making it through tragedy can be pure illusion. Indeed, Daisy and Erik appear to have come out the other side, if not unscathed at least unbowed. But behind the facade, Ms. Laqueur beautifully unearths the fault lines people often never see in a traumatized person — someone walking around looking fine on the outside, but drowning inside.


Additionally, this read opened up to me a world to which I have no contact: ballet. Don’t get me wrong. You’ll never catch me at a performance. Been there, done that, not my thing. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed being plunged into this world of dancers, teachers, and stage designers and witnessing the dedication, competition, jealousies, dramas, triumphs, and heartbreaks of the profession. I appreciated seeing all that goes into a production.


I also enjoyed eavesdropping on a world where gayness is not just accepted, but understood…where its existence is uncomplicated and normal. Ms. Laqueur wrote characters like Will, Erik’s best friend, with a love, sensitivity, understanding, level of comfort, and humor that most of us can only hope to have.


While there is much to love about The Man I Love, I had some reservations. First, this is a long book…almost 600 pages. While not a problem in and of itself, the book felt unnecessarily long for this storyline. The first half dragged somewhat for me, with the story not really picking up a head of steam and hooking me until quite a long time in.


My other reservation may be more about me than the book actually, but for similar souls, I mention it. I readily admit I’m a cynic…not all soft and gooey on the inside or out. So when a character gets too schmaltzy, overly dramatic, intense, and downtrodden about love for too long, frankly I want to slap the person and yell Snap out of it! I felt like this about Erik both during and after the breakup. Yes, I readily admit love and love lost can really do a number, on young people especially, for a very long time. Still, I got exasperated with him.


In the end, this is an absorbing debut work by a new author I look forward to watching in future.

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review 2014-08-21 21:30
Book Review ~ The Man I Love by Suanne Laqueur
The Man I Love - Suanne Laqueur

It’s very rare for me to read a debut novel that has that WOW factor.  You know the one….the one you become completely engrossed in.  The one where you really connect with the characters and feel what they are feeling.  The one that causes you to have a vortex of emotions while reading – happiness, sadness, anger and major frustration - then back to happiness again.  But in this case with The Man I Love, I have been 100% WOWED!   It has been quite a while that a novel completely remained in my thoughts even when I had to step away for a bit.  The characters are real people with real problems and real challenges and I found myself relating to them immediately.  


Ms. Laqueur definitely has the magical touch when it comes to writing and her words come to life within the pages of this amazing book.  This well written novel is a must read that I would recommend to just about anyone who wants to immerse themselves in a truly beautiful story of two people who fate has destined to be together only to face the challenges life throws at them.  Well done Ms. Laqueur…..well done!


*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Source: avidbookcollector.blogspot.com/2014/08/book-review-man-i-love-by-suanne-laqueur.html
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