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text 2014-09-01 18:47
Secret Anniversary Sale

This week only (first week of September, 2014), you can find the Kindle edition of The Upsilon Knot on sale for $1.99.  Hours and hours of reading pleasure for less than the price of a latte!

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text 2014-02-17 19:06
Do you like BIG books? ABNA doesn't
The Upsilon Knot - Merle Darling

So disappointed!


I have been so looking forward to submitting The Upsilon Knot for this year's Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Well, the contest launched today, and for 2014 they've instituted a maximum word count that comes to about half the size of my book. Not making it past the first cut with last year's literary fiction was hard, but not being able to enter Upsilon at all is massively frustrating.


My friend T was right: I should have ripped off my readers by chopping the book into several random pieces and selling it as a faux trilogy or quartet (remember my post on Chapter Books??). Then I could have submitted one chunk and gotten some visibility from ABNA. Once again, integrity counts for nothing!

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text 2013-12-20 21:07
Hallo UK and Canada! Giveaway Alert!!!
The Upsilon Knot - Merle Darling

Last month I promised UK and Canadian readers that their day would come. Well, in a few more hours, it will be here: I'm giving away 3 more ebook copies of The Upsilon Knot, and this time, it's just for you!


This special UK+Canada Giveaway kicks off tomorrow and runs through the end of 2013. 


Does the holiday season tend to knock you out? Imagine kicking off the new year by kicking back with a good old-fashioned l-o-o-n-n-g escapist read (wooly sox and beverage of your choice optional, albeit anticipated).


You'll find details on the BookLikes Giveaways page.


Post scriptum: If this is the first you've heard of this ripping-alternative-19th-century yarn, please visit my website to learn more (explore the World Of page, and don't neglect to click on the Sneak Peek to read the book's prologue).




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text 2013-11-23 18:20
I won a giveaway!
The Upsilon Knot - Merle Darling

Today, I found out that I won a booklikes giveaway!! I'm so excited - I hardly ever win anything! 


I won this from the author herself - you can visit her booklikes page here.


Here is the description from Amazon:

"The year is 1887, and a case of mistaken identity pits the mad Emperor of Italy against the most dangerous adversary he never imagined—a modern American beauty of decidedly unmaidenly accomplishments. 

In a world where golems are as real as flying machines, life can still be boring for a woman of considerable gifts and peculiar upbringing. 

A coded message from the poetically beautiful Nikola Tesla is Claude Monteith’s chance to do something important. How could the daughter of Queen Charlotte’s favourite spy anticipate that her unknown resemblance to a princess would set her on a collision course with Britain’s arch enemy, the self-proclaimed Caesar Augustus II?! Immersed in the lost knowledge of Egypt and commanding an army of deathless amphoraeka, Augustus will stop at nothing to restore the Roman Empire, including kidnapping the heiress to the British throne. 

Reluctantly partnering with a provocative Italian Englishman who lives under many names, Claude must draw on everything she knows to survive and thwart the Emperor’s designs. From her Chicago home to the old cities of Prague and Dubrovnik, through a highly irregular Hungarian forest and across the face of Italy, the twisting road to the Colosseum and the ultimate showdown is paved with prodigious threats and surprising allies."


And now, I'm going to go make some progress on my homework so I can start reading soon! 

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