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review 2018-12-11 09:35
The Ebony Swan
The Ebony Swan - Phyllis A. Whitney

If reviews came with musical accompaniment, you'd be hearing the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah as you read this.  I've finally finished this book.


There's a combination of factors involved in the blame for my incredibly slow progress: I'm in a slump, and therefore easily distracted by anything right now - it doesn't even have to be shiny; life has been busy and when I did sit down to read, interruptions abounded; this is not Whitney's best work.  By a long shot.


Susan's father took her away from her grandmother's home and cut off all contact, after the death of her mother under mysterious circumstances.  Susan was the only witness and at 5, suppressed the memories.  Now her father's dead, she's an adult, and she's returning to her grandmother's home in Virginia to get to know her and figure out why she can't remember her own mother.  But grandma has a trunk-load of secrets she's less than enthusiastic about sharing, and nobody else seems to want Susan to come back at all. 


This is one of Whitney's later books, written in the 80's, and she's still got her magic touch when it comes to atmosphere, setting, and characters.  But the story dragged... the pacing was continental drift slow, and there was so much time spent in the heads of the characters, it was a challenge to keep myself engaged.  And when everything came together with a solution/ending that was twisted in that way in which Whitney excelled (this is an author who really understood long-simmering anger and epic grudges), I was so ...exhausted by the slow pacing that I just couldn't feel the punch I should have. 


It's good, it's even a bit haunting, but you have to really be patient with it, and in the midst of a slump, patience is thin on the ground.

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review 2018-12-06 20:07
A Mistaken Match, Whitney Bailey
A Mistaken Match - Whitney Bailey A Mistaken Match - Whitney Bailey

I really enjoyed this Mail order Bride historical romance between a stubborn hero and heroine. It was a test of who would speak up first and listening to each other. I bought this at a book sale and I've given it a 5* rating. Once their communication skills got better, it made a big difference. Loved most of the other characters too. Nice cold winter's read.

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review 2018-10-24 23:24
Winning Whitney (Alaska Blizzard #3) by Kat Mizera
Winning Whitney - Kat Mizera

Kat Mizera scores a hat trick with the third book in the Alaska Blizzard series, WINNING WHITNEY.  I had been anxiously awaiting reading Whitney’s story ever since we were introduced to her in book two, HOLDING HAILEY.   Kane and Hailey helped rescue Whitney from a stalker in Boston.  In book three, Whitney relocates to Anchorage to work as Kane’s and Hailey’s nanny.  She is shocked when she runs into the man she had a one-night-stand with in Boston four years prior and has never been able to forget; the captain of the Blizzard, Jake Carruthers.  Talk about awkward.  Interestingly enough, Whitney is not the only one that never forgot their night together.


Kat Mizera did a great job with these characters.  Jake and Whitney have a lot of problems to deal with.  There are trust issues and lies through omission.  They have wonderful chemistry.  They are both good people that mean well.  I like how Jake and Whitney grow through the story.  Whitney did not end up being anything like I imagined she would be when we were introduced to her.  I was surprised by her background.  It made for a fascinating story.  It was nice seeing Jake get a second chance after the train wreck of his first marriage. 


I enjoyed the plot.  It was unique and held me captivated.  It flowed well.  The hockey scenes are skillfully written.  I like that it touched on things that happened in the previous books but could be read on its own.  WINNING WHITNEY is a great addition to the Alaska Blizzard Series.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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review 2018-10-23 12:27
Winning Whitney (Alaska Blizzard, Book 3) by Kat Mizera
Winning Whitney - Kat Mizera



Winning Whitney is romance at it's most complicated. Jake and Whitney are perfect together, but life has a tendency to keep getting in the way. A chance meeting turned into a night of passion and a morning of heartache. Will these two star crossed lovers, have the chance to get it right? The right match happened at the wrong time, but fate isn't done with these two yet. What if, just became an irresistible challenge that delivers a dramatic twist keeps you hooked until the very end.

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review 2018-10-01 16:15
#52 - You're Welcome Universe by Whitney Gardner
You're Welcome, Universe - Whitney Gardner

This is a masterpiece! Seriously, this book deserves so much more! I want everyone to read it.


I don’t remember when or why I bought this book, maybe there was a discount or something. I had heard great things about it but did not know more that than. I decided to pick it up last month expecting a fun contemporary read.


Fun, it was. But it was also so much more than that! The main character is totally amazing, and I liked every aspect of her personality. Seriously, she is the best.

The main character, Julia, is going to the Kingston School for the Deaf but she gets expelled and has to go to a “mainstream” school. Julia is amazing because she is an independent teenage girl, but she can also be vulnerable sometimes.  She will meet new people and experiences new things at this school, and of course she will have some bad experiences to.


The story is an ordinary one, the only difference is that Julia has a disability. And I LOVED how it was introduced in this story. I don’t know how to explain but even if you knew Julia is Deaf, it is not what you noticed at first about her. I even sometimes forgot. And I think it’s great because it could help a lot of people realized that people with disabilities are just like us and that their lives is not so different. They don’t need help all the time, they don’t need pity most of all and they just need to be treated like everyone. I think it was shown perfectly in this book.


I fell in love with Julia and her (diverse) family. I loved that her family is so diverse, but it does not feel forced. Sometimes I have the impression that authors try to include diverse characters but just to include them, if you know what I mean. I thought that Julia family was so great!


It is a coming of age story about a young girl who does not totally fit into society because of what other people think of her. And it was beautiful. Everybody should read this book!

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