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review 2019-01-06 02:38
Paradise 21
Paradise 21 - Aubrie Dionne

Well, I am a bit disappointed that for such a futuristic book (the crew of the New Dawn have been in space for about 300 years and have another 200 years to go) had way too many patriarchal assholes. Men are the ones in power with women (mostly) in a helpmate/breeding role. Ick. 
Aries was born on the ship and had her job and husband all picked out for her. Barliss was chosen for her and all he sees in her is what she can do for him and give him. She plans her escape and reaches a desert planet Sahara 354. 
I thought that was interesting and wish more time had been spent on the natives there. Barliss (of course) comes after her and destroys what he sees as in his way. I wanted him to have either some epiphany that he was as asshole OR have something (bad) happen to him. He gets rewarded instead. I'm not sure how I feel about the ending with Tiff and Loot.
While the falling in love was fast, there wasn't much romance in this one. Overall, while I liked it, I'm not sure if I will continue on with this series. Book 2 has an overall higher average then this one, so maybe 1 more?

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review 2018-12-22 03:06
Bikinis in Paradise
Bikinis in Paradise (Tj Jensen Paradise Lake Mystery) (Volume 3) - Kathi Daley

TJ has stayed at the ranch to help run the Bikini Competition while her dad, his friend Rosalie and the girls are in FL at a convention, where her dad is the speaker. When the program is beginning, two women from the program have gone missing. A contestant and a woman from the company sponsoring the competition. TJ feels that she has to go find them, but when the organizer is found dead and weighted down in the lake, she feels even more that she has to find the other woman. Dylan also is pulling away from her, because his sister and nephew are coming to town and he wants to convince them to move there, but he also wants to make sure that nothing happens to scare his sister. 

This was an earlier book as the girls are new to her and they are all still trying to create relationships.

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review 2018-12-22 02:57
Fireworks in Paradise
Fireworks in Paradise (A Tj Jensen Mystery) (Volume 8) - Kathi Daley

TJ is called home from SC when her father is seriously injured in a car accident. She feels that she has to find out what happened and who is really to blame for the death of the judge/mayor and the injury to her father. There is a new police officer in town and she doesn't like civilians anywhere near her or any other officer. She feels that civilians are going to get everyone on the force killed. She has an adversarial relationship with TJ.


TJ learns about many things that the judge was working on at the time of his death and continues his work.


This was a good story and it was interesting to see changes in her relationship with Kyle. 


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review 2018-12-17 00:18
Paradise Damned (Descent Series #7) by S.M. Reine
Paradise Damned - S.M. Reine

Elise is trapped within the Garden of Eden - and it is time for the godslayer to finally comfront God himself. Or at least try to survive his presence...


James has run to the rescue - but he is trapped and lost in endless limbo. While on Earth forces gather, the Union, hunters and even demon/angel hybrids as a cataclysmic event is predicted

This book is an odd book. There is plot but for the most part it doesn’t progress and go anywhere. We follow Elise almost exclusively now she is trapped in The Garden with her long nemesis - Adam, God. The god, the god that she, the godslayer, was always intended to face


But while in that garden she experiences a great deal - but, through sheer powerlessness doesn’t do a great deal or move the plot forward. And I think that works and is very necessary to convey just how very powerless and lost Elise is at this moment - how her just surviving and continuing to go forwards in a realm that is inimical to her very being in the face of a being of literally omnipotent power. Being frustrated, being stuck, seeing no way out but fighting on anyway is the core of this book and Elise herself


And while that happens we have the revelations - oh the revelations and truly fascinating world building and take on the ancient Adam and Eve mythology. The nature of Adam/God, the very different nature of Eve (which definitely flips the power scale before Adam ruined everything) the nature of Lillith, the birth of angels, of demons of humanity, why the whole idea of sacrificing women to the clearly dangerous and broken god keeps working, Metaraon and his motives towards all the events in the series so far, including the shape of this coven - so much is here.


On top of that we have nice moments from Nathaniel (James’s son), Elise’s mother Arianne and James himself all adding new shades to their characters both now and going forwards as well as more flashbacks of Elise’s past which helps understand her a bit more. I especially appreciate, after my previous complaints, that Elise and James have a major confrontation over the information he has been hiding from her - and it’s neither dismissed nor swept up. In fact it’s a nice contrast how she kind of rebuilds a lot of bridges with Anthony after their deeply broken relationship after they were both emotionally reeling - but such a neat resolve is denied James


The book ends with epic. And I think it needed to - after so longer with Elise captured and helpless we needed reminding of her awesome strength, we needed reminding that just because she was so helpless in the face of an impossible force doesn’t make her weak. It worked - and I think it worked even more that we had a sort of mini epilogue to basically say that it isn’t over That despite the whole massive, world changing hugeness that just happened, life still goes on and it goes on in quiet, sad and often mundane ways


One odd side effect of all the epic hugeness this is that Lucas, Malcolm and Anthony, making their way to Oymyakon, seeing the Union getting up to various shenanigans is a very fun romp (and I will always kind of love Malcolm, the quintessential rogue) but also jarringly out of place and bizarrely mundane next to all the epic world building and revelations out there - but at the same time the only part of the story that is actually moving forwards



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Source: www.fangsforthefantasy.com/2018/11/paradise-damned-descent-series-7-by-sm.html
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review 2018-12-12 20:13
Treasure in Paradise
Treasure in Paradise (A Tj Jensen Mystery) (Volume 7) - Kathi Daley

TJ takes her sisters, her grandfather, her friend, Kyle and 7 animals to Gull Island, SC to take care of an old friend of the family's retreat. When she arrives, she and Kyle and Doc find a body in the attic. They call the police and start to learn about the victim, the deputy and all the players who might have killed the man. The reason she is so persistent is that Doc, a retired coroner, says that the man was murdered. While this goes on, she deals with someone trying to force a sale of the land she is currently taking care of. She also learns that she has feelings for Kyle and he has the same for her. 


I have been enjoying Kathi Daley's books and have marked as many as I could for reading. I like that this one went to SC, which is somewhere my husband and I have vacationed together and so we know some of the places mentioned. 

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