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text 2019-09-19 16:32
Five amazing Architecture books.

Recently, I’ve been taking more of an interest in Architecture and building design, mainly because our new neighbours are architects!  Because of this, I’ve started to get my head into a number of books that examine traditional and modern architecture from across the world, together with some other that focus more on studying.  Here’s 10 books that I’ve recently discovered (thanks to EV Architects for the feedback!)


As always, the links in the article below are not affiliate links, just links to the books in case you want to purchase them from Amazon.


The future of Architecture in 100 Buildings. Marc Kushner.


Don’t be fooled by the title. This book showcases the architecture of overt 150 different Architectural building styles from across the world. The architectural designs featured in this book take you on a rollercoaster of creativity, from the incredible relocatable Halley research station in Antarctica to the wild reindeer pavilion in Hjerkinn Norway. This book is packed with stunning visuals that are accompanied by simple explanations. It’s just my cup of tea! 


Check out the book on Amazon.


Archi-doodle – an architect’s activity book. Steve Bowkett.


This quirky publication provides an incredibly engaging way to learn about architecture. Packed full of beautiful hand drawn explainer sketches, this book contains a number of drawing exercises that are great fun and get you thinking. As someone that doesn’t have any drawing experience, I really enjoyed working my way through this book. This book also teaches you about a number of challenging issues that architects face when honing their craft.  The Amazon description suggests this is a book for everyone, but I’d challenge this and say that its more for students and novices, like me!   


Check out the book on Amazon.


Sustainable design. A Critical guide. David Bergman.


A very insightful book that’s more suited to practicing Architects or students (although I still enjoyed it!) This critical guide contains a detailed overview of the different techniques that Architects can apply to reduce the energy footprint of the spaces and structures they design.


The author touches on a number of ecological considerations that I wouldn’t have given a second thought to before reading his book. These considerations include Water and Energy efficiency, materials used, indoor environmental quality, and much more besides.  This book isn’t packed full of stunning images, but the thought-provoking insight more than makes up for this.


Check out the book on Amazon.


Architecture in Wood: A World History. Will Pryce.


The Author of this book is considered to be one of the best Architectural Photographers in the world And so as you can imagine, the images in this publication are extremely high quality - it’s really hard to believe that many of the buildings featured in this book are actually constructed from wood! From the Water Pavilions of Taman Gili to the forbidden city, the structures in this publication are truly stunning.  The book also contains a glossary that includes just about all of the terminology used to describe wooden buildings and the many different techniques used to construct them.  I really enjoyed this one.


Check out the book on Amazon.


Sketching for Architecture and Interior design. Stephanie Travis.


I like my sketches, so I really engaged with the drawings from Stephanie Travis in this book, or more to the point, how to sketch them myself!  This book contains 45 sketching exercises that start with creating simple 3D furniture, through to more complex cityscapes. Most of the techniques in this book are beyond me, but I enjoyed trying anyway! 


Check out the book on Amazon.


There you have it.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the books that I’ve listed here. If you’ve read any other good Architectural books that you’d recommend then I’d love to hear about them in the comments section. Thanks for reading! 






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text 2019-09-08 11:13
Reading progress update: I've read 15%.
Hawksmoor - Peter Ackroyd,Derek Jacobi

Hooray -- what a relief to FINALLY be in the hands of an author who understands the absolutely terrifying effect of both a plague epidemic and the occult -- individually and, even more so, when experienced in combination.  After a week's worth of reading books with (alleged) supernatural and / or mystery and / or horror elements that went anywhere from "nice but kind of nondescript" to "infantile drivel", it feels like with this book and yesterday's impromptu revisit of Agatha Christie's Regatta Mystery and Other Stories, Halloween Bingo is finally beginning in earnest.


Obviously, it helps that this book is narrated by Derek Jacobi -- and I think it says a lot that not even Simon Vance's narration of two of the Agatha Christie stories managed to get too much into the way of my enjoyment -- but by all the gods in bingo heaven, I sorely needed some quality grown-up, well thought out writing, and Hawksmoor is delivering just that ... in spades.


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url 2019-08-17 10:19
Convolutional Neural Networks tutorial - Learn how machines interpret images - DataFlair

Convolutional Neural Networks are a type of Deep Learning Algorithm. Learn how CNN works with complete architecture and example. Explore applications of CNN

Source: data-flair.training/blogs/convolutional-neural-networks-tutorial
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text 2019-08-17 06:16
Instructions for Choosing the Right Multi Residential Architects

Acquiring a successful construction is based upon the skill and experience of architects. Constructing a home or building is a lifetime investment, so you have to choose the right architects. Not all architects will offer you a good design at an affordable cost. The project will get completed successfully only by choosing the person with a good reputation and an agreeable personality. 


The multi residential architects must have the ability to provide design services, construction services, and planning at a reasonable price. Even though there are numerous amounts of architects are available in the market, their work may be varied by skills and experience. Now you are going to see some of the tips for selecting the right architects for obtaining eye-catching designs.


Multi Residential Architects


Make a Research


First and foremost, you have to research the internet for picking out the best architect to design your project. When compared with other contractors, architecture is one of the smaller parts. Therefore, you have to check out the number of architects present nearer to your area. Some of the architects focus on traditional craftsmen whereas another will focus on modern design. You have to choose the one who is suitable for your project. An online portfolio is the best way to know about their reviews and reputation.


Consider the Cost


Pricing is the most essential factor to be considered while hiring the architects for your design. Some of the multi residential architects can evaluate the cost by square footage and others will charge based on an hourly rate. The cost of the architect depends upon the size of the project. Sometimes, the cost may get varied for a smaller and larger project. Choose the architects who will offer an effective design at an affordable cost.


Get Referrals


You should ask a recommendation from previous clients to know how the architect collaborates with the homeowners. They will provide the right guidance for selecting the best one. Asking references from experienced clients is the best choice for getting clear about the architect. Remember, not all architects will work dedicatedly until the completion of the project. The architect should be ready to answer all the queries of the customers.


 Multi Residential Architecture in Melbourne


Analyze the Previous Designs


If you do not have certain knowledge about your architect, ask them to show their previous designs for your confirmation. You should check whether the design method should be suitable for your requirements and expectations. If you have any doubts or queries, don't feel hesitant to clarify it.

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url 2019-08-02 10:24
Tableau Architecture – 8 Major Components of Tableau Server Architecture

All BI tools offer the same thing but in a different way. The difference is created by their architecture. Let's explore how tableau approach a user with its architecture.

Source: data-flair.training
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