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text 2019-07-15 11:04
6 Signs That You Drink Too Much Coffee

Caffeine affects each of us differently. Here, as with alcohol, someone is carried away from a glass of beer, and someone will drain a couple of liters and not notice. Behind office coffee breaks, coffee shops at every turn and a sure morning habit it is easy not to notice that you have an addiction. Here are some signs that you have too much caffeine in your body.

6 Signs of Coffee Overdose

1. You have a headache

Despite the fact that caffeine is part of many drugs for headaches, its use must be controlled. An overdose of caffeine can cause the type of pain that similar to the overuse of drugs. If you suffer from chronic migraines or simply feel that your head suddenly hurts, you should be especially careful with caffeine.

2. Stomach problems

Coffee irritates the stomach and provokes heartburn. In addition, it stimulates the central nervous system, which causes the body to produce too much stomach acid. Even for those who do not have problems with the digestive tract, doctors do not recommend drinking coffee on an empty stomach. A strong love for caffeine can lead to gastritis and other digestive problems.

3. Feeling anxious

Caffeine makes our body releases a stress hormone called cortisol. When you are calm, it invigorates, but if you are tired or already excited, it can cause anxiety. Excess caffeine over time overloads your nervous system and will lead to chronic stress. If you feel that in the last few days you have been feeling anxious, try to replace coffee with other drinks.

4. Poor sleep

Do not underestimate the effect of caffeine on your sleep. Specialist of the American Council of Somnology and a member of the American Academy of Somnology, Dr. Michael Breus notes that with age, our body begins to process caffeine more slowly. 


Even 5-10 years ago, a cup of latte for the night had no effect on your sleep, but now your nervous system can be much more sensitive. If you noticed that it became harder to fall asleep, pay attention to what time you usually drink coffee and its quantity.

5. Your heart rate rises

Another effect of caffeine on the central nervous system is a rapid heartbeat. In a moderate amount, coffee is safe, but if you feel that the heart is pounding for no reason, it is possible that the cause is coffee. This sensation arises when you are calm and can last all day.

6. You go to the toilet more often than usual

Caffeine acts as a mild diuretic. But some people may be especially sensitive to it. If you start going to the bathroom more often than usual, try to limit yourself from coffee and other caffeine drinks.


What to Do When Coffee Overdose Happens?

First of all, you need to drink plenty of water, as coffee dehydrates the body. After that, it is worth eating foods rich in potassium like bananas. The drink flushes these elements out of the body, which is why a hand tremor and a feeling of tension may appear. 


If you are a coffee lover, we advise you to consume adequate calcium per day, because of its invigorating effect, it leeches this important element from our body. Lack of calcium in our body leads to shoulder, hip, pelvic and back pain.


Products with potassium have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. With an overdose of coffee, a good solution would be to get some fresh air. A short walk will ensure a flow of oxygen which your body lacks after consuming coffee.


An hour later, the state will improve, but on this day it is better to refrain from coffee and quickly lie down to rest. You need about 9.5 hours to reduce the caffeine level in your body by half. 

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text 2019-07-10 13:48
“MJphysio’s approach towards body pain”

Mjphysio uses the most advanced techniques to get the desired results for our clients. We are the best physio in Surrey. We offer both acupuncture and physiotherapy at our clinic to achieve maximum results. Pain can leave a negative impact on our lives. Therefore, it is advisable by our experts to treat your pain as soon as possible.


How do physiotherapy and acupuncture treat pain?

For acupuncture, we use fine needles to stimulate the body’s acupuncture points to improve blood circulation, while promoting the body’s self-healing ability.


What is our approach towards addressing patient’s needs?

We offer a wide range of solutions such as acupuncture, class 4 laser therapy, sports injury and rehabilitation, Vestibular rehabilitation, concussion management, exercise training, active rehab, and orthotics; according to the patient’s needs and condition.


How we treat our patients?

We respect our patients and their needs. Firstly, we explain to them the problem followed by its treatment plan. Then, if he feels comfortable, then only we carry out with the procedure.


Apart from these, we also offer Class 4 laser therapy which is used as a healing approach towards wellness. The usage of soft lasers supplies the body with energy to trigger numerous regenerative processes.


We are a well-known sports physio in Vancouver. You will find amazing staff and good environment like caring, supportive and stimulating. Our therapists have over 18 years of experience. At MJphysio, you can see patients of diverse backgrounds with many different problems and all are happy with our treatment plans.

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text 2019-07-09 11:27
Find Professional Clinic of Physiotherapy in Surrey | Mjphysio

Find professional clinic of Rehabilitation and physiotherapy in Surrey. Physiotherapy services are provided for people with health issues, movement disorders and physical challenges that affect their ability to function properly.

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text 2019-07-08 11:25
What are the problems faced by women after pregnancy?

Your body has been through quite the ordeal to give birth to your baby, and you will need adequate time to recover. With a normal, vaginal birth you will bleed for a few weeks following birth as well as feel pain in the genital area (especially if you tore during delivery). You may also experience hemorrhoids (due to pushing), and lower back pain for about 3 months following delivery. A cesarean section, on the other hand, will have additional itching and scarring to deal with for at least 4-weeks. Incision pain can last up to 8 weeks. You will also have to refrain from sex and halt any exercise for at least 10 weeks.


1. Breastfeeding is a very unique thing women feel especially for the first time mums.


2. You will start to feel hair loss.


3. Body changes are quite common in pregnancy.


4. Skin discoloration happens with some percentage of women.


5. Belly size increases.


6. Your breast size increases.

Source: healtheoz.com/blog-articles
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text 2019-07-06 08:26
Browse Advance Clinic of Physiotherapy in Surrey | Mjphysio

Browse Advance physiotherapy in Surrey, Our Clinic is well equipped with all the advanced technology for quick pain relief. We are the best physiotherapy in Surrey. Schedule a free consultation today!

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