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review 2017-08-01 01:44
And now we're at the end of the line...
Forging the Future - Mary Calmes

'Forging the Future' is the fifth and final book in this series and as much as I loved 'Crucible of Fate' in a lot of ways this one has turned out to be my favorite.


In 'Forging the Future' we're given the answers to any lingering questions and more than a couple of werepanthers get their just desserts and a few others get their very richly deserved 'happily ever after'. This one left me feeling good about a whole lot of things and most of all happy for Jin and Logan as well as the people who have come to be their family.


Sean Crisden was once again the narrator for this final installment to the 'Change of Heart' series and as well as being my favorite book in the series it was also my favorite one of his narrations for this series as well.


Ok, that's it. I'm outta here. Movers are coming in the morning and I plan on getting a little sleep tonight so peace out everyone and Happy Monday!


Psst...here's the link to my original review, apparently this was the only one that I wrote a review for when I read the e-books...Forging the Future

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review 2017-08-01 01:09
And still more...nope, this one's not Jin & Logan...it's...
Crucible of Fate: Change of Heart Book 4 - Mary Calmes,Sean Crisden,Dreamspinner Press LLC

Domin and Koren...nope, close but no cigar...Koren screwed it up again. This time it's Domin and Yuri and for as much as I have come to love Jin and Logan...a story of Domin and Yuri is just what the doctor ordered.


I really loved this one. it was nice to get a story that gave a different perspective to the werepanther world and the aftermath of events that occurred in the previous book 'Honored Vow' and yet still included a bit of Jin and Logan as well. 


Sean Crisden was once again the narrator for this one and thankfully Crane lost of bit of his Fozzie Bear sounding voice so I definitely enjoyed things more. I love that Domin ended up with Yuri and not Koren. 


Yuri proved to be the mate that Domin needed he's strong and supportive and his love for Domin is solid giving Domin the foundation he needs to become the amazing leader that his friend Logan believes him to be. 


This one was just full of awesome and win for me. Definitely a favorite in this series.

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review 2017-07-31 23:53
More werepanthers = more Jin & Logan!!!
Honored Vow - Jeff Gelder,Mary Calmes

'Honored Vow' is the third book in the series 'Change of Heart' only this time it's not so much hearts that are changing as it is Jin...he's becoming way more than you're everyday, ordinary werepanther and while Logan loves him as much as ever. It's the rest of the world giving Jin the side-eye that they need to worry about. Things are changing not just for the Church household but for Logan's tribe as well. 


This one's got action, adventure and some very sexy times. Once again Jeff Gelder does a solid job of narrating the audio book and my original rating of 4 stars remains unchanged. Overall both the story and the audio were enjoyable. 


Sorry but you know moving time constraints and all. I'm out of time. Still if you like shifters, romance and Mary Calmes...check it out.

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review 2017-07-31 23:37
Jin and Logan...take 2...
Trusted Bond - Mary Calmes

Ok, sooo...'Trusted Bond' is the second book in the 'Change of Heart' series and overall I enjoyed both the story and the narration better than the first book. 


Basically this one continues to explore Jin and Logan's relationship as it changes and we see each man/shifter trying to make sense of what's happening and become the partner that the other man/shifter needs. 


Again I read this one several years ago when it was released in e-book format and while this audiobook was narrated by Jeff Gelder and I definitely enjoyed the narration provided by Mr. Gelder. My original rating of 4 stars remains unchanged.


Sorry, moving time constraints still have my life in their control. Truthfully my recommendation on this series so far...read the books the audio books really don't enhance the experience at all.

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review 2017-07-31 23:08
Jin Rayne meets...Fozzie Bear!!! 
Change of Heart - Mary Calmes

'Change of Heart' is the first book in the Mary Calmes series of the same title. I actually read this series around 4 or 5 years ago when it was released in e-book and I liked it. I have to admit it's not my favorite probably not even my second favorite but still I enjoyed it, enough that when I saw that the books were available on audio I didn't really hesitate to buy myself the audio books. 


I'm on a bit of a time constraint here because were in the middle of a move so this at best a sorta', kinda', almost review...


'Change of Heart' is set in the world of shapeshifters...no, not the same ones as Ms. Calmes L'Ange series. These guys are altogether different. Gin Rayne and Logan Church are the MCs for most of this series...think Sam and Jory only they can shift into panthers...I love panthers...yes, this was what got me to read the books in the first place...if there be no dragons...just throw in a panther and chances are you'll catch my attention. 


Now for more about this story...read the blurbs because...time constraint. I'm going to just quickly chat about the audio portion of this story now. Sean Crisden is the narrator for this one and a couple of the later stories as well but in this particular audio book I have to say while some of it was ok...there was one teensy, weensy little niggle that I had with this one and it came in the form of Jin's best friend, Crane. All I'm going to say is..."I had a very definite idea about how Crane was suppose to sound and I'm sorry but Crane sounding like Fozzie Bear...wasn't it. Crane's voice just really, really didn't work for me and I have to admit I am extremely grateful for the fact that Crane didn't see any action of the smexy variety in this one because that just would not have been cool...not at all.


I like Sean Crisden but as one of my friends commented 'he can sometimes be hit and miss for them' and I think I have to admit I agree with this statement as I've listened to a couple of stories narrated by him that I've really enjoyed and then there's been some that...well...just not so much.


At the end of it all I've decided to just leave this one at 3 stars and carry on. 

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