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text 2019-05-18 12:51
Reading Lists and Bookshelves -- Suggestions for BookLikes-opoly

In connection with my Around the World reading challenge, I've created a few reading lists for books from / set in countries other than North America and Western Europe:  Maybe they're going to be of assistance with some of the BL-opoly squares calling for books from those parts of the world.


Books on each of the lists are in alphabetical order by country.  The lists' URLs are:


Africa -- for the "Cape to Cairo" Railroad Square:



Latin / South America and Caribbean -- for the "Patagonia Star" Railroad Square:



Middle East and Central Asia -- for the "Silk Road" Railroad Square:



Eastern and Central Europe:


-- in case you should happen to feel like making part of your "European Vacation" an Eastern European one.


I created the lists to keep track of my reading from the beginning of this year onwards, so they don't contain any books I've read prior to 2019.  But I think they're extensive enough to provide a starting point at least! :)



For additional inspiration you're also welcome to raid some of my "international / Around the World" bookshelves (which contain both books I've already read and books that are still on my TBR):


Scandinavia and Nordic Literature -- for the "Nordic Express" Railroad Square:





India and Indian Subcontinent:


-- both likewise for the "Silk Road" railroad square


France and French Literature:


Germany and German Literature:


Ireland and Irish Literature:


Italy and Italian Literature:






-- all for the "European Vacation" squares


A tiny word of caution with regard to my bookshelves: I tend to add books to a given shelf if they even partially touch on that shelf's topic, so with regard to the books you find there and that are not from an author from one of those countries, you may want to double check if it's got enough of a connection to actually match the requirements of the BL-opoly square you're thinking of using it for.


Incidentally and in conclusion, there's also a reading list for Far and Southeast Asia and Oceania -- just in case someone is interested in books from that part of the world as well (though except for fitting topical criteria such as "mystery" or "xyz on the cover / as part of the plot / as a character", I don't think this one is necessarily as tailor-made for BL-opoly as the other ones).


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text 2019-05-17 18:08
Booklikes-opoly 2019 - the Rules

Basic Rules & FAQ






Game Board

* Players keep track of their own game board and banks, in whatever manner you think will help you. Some players use a single update post, some use a spreadsheet, some download the game board and print if off and keep track of it that way. 



* Every player leaves the Start space with $20.00 in their bank. Every time you pass the "Start" square, you make $5.00



* Dice rolls are based on the honor system. You can either roll virtual dice or you can roll real dice at home. Like in Monopoly, we roll 2 six-sided die! 


* What happens with doubles?  You get to read two books - if you want. If you roll a double, move to that space and decide if you are going to read for it. Roll again, and move to your next space. You are free to do any one of the following four possibilities: read books for both spaces; read the book for the first space and skip the second; read the book for the second space and skip the first; skip both, wait until your roll day comes back up and roll again.


Banking money

* Virtual dollars are awarded based on the page length of the qualifying book, as follows:

0 to 100 pages: $1.00
101 to 200 pages: $2.00
201 to 400 pages: $3.00
401 to 800 pages: $5.00
over 801 pages: $10.00


Roll schedule

*Players can roll no more frequently than every other day. Players keep track of their own roll days. If you roll on a Tuesday, you don't roll again until Thursday. We calculate this is days, not hours, so you can roll at 11:59 on Tuesday and 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, and even though there are only 24 hours and 2 minutes between your rolls, you've rolled every other day. 


Playing through a space

*Like in monopoly, you can play through a space without reading a book to fill the task, the only rule is that you have to wait for your the next roll date to move. However, if you choose to read for a space, you can't move until you finish the book and bank your payout. There are a few exceptions to this rule:


1. when you roll doubles.

2. audiobook exception below

3. if the game master (that would be me) gives you extra rolls.



*Audiobooks can be used for all game play. Base the value of the audiobook on one of the print editions.


*The audiobook exception: audiobook listeners may have one audiobook in progress while they continue moving around the board. You don't bank your payout until you finish listening.




*DNF's are allowed. You can count the # of pages read to get your payout - so if you read 120 pages before DNF'ing, you get $2.00 for your bank. The only caveat is that you have to read 10% of the book to get any payout.



*Game play will start on June 1 MAY 20TH and end on August 10, which gives me a couple of weeks to get ready for Halloween Bingo 2019.


*Special events and holidays: keep an eye on my blog! I will frequently offer extra rolls for holidays like the 4th of July, or other special events like Bout of Books. 


In addition, I reserve the right to mess with you all! I can add features or change the rules at literally any time, so you need to keep an eye on this space!

*I will set up a Q&A thread in the Bingo group. Please post questions in that thread! 

*Where a task refers to genres, you can use any source for determining genres, including GR, book lists, Librarything tags, and your common sense. If you are not sure if a book will fit a certain genre, you can post the question in Q&A.

*On the final day of game play, players must submit the value of their bank accounts to be considered for the acclaim and honor that being a BL-opoly winner brings!

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text 2019-05-17 17:23
Happy Friday, Booklikes!

This is the world



This is Booklikes when we all play booklikes-opoly together!



I should be revealing more of the game today!

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text 2019-05-11 00:40
A Sneak Peak at this year's Booklikes-opoly Board!

Game play begins in just 3 weeks!



I will be unveiling the game play rules and game cards in a couple of weeks, but I thought that I would share the all new game board.


There will be all new game cards this year, with all new game tasks. As you can see, our theme will having us reading books that fit (loosely) into the following categories:


1. School's Out For Summer

2. Stay-Cation

3. Beach Week

4. Mountain Cabin

5. At the Lake House

6. Summer Blockbuster

7. Summer Romance

8. European vacation


We will also have all new Railroad & Question squares!


In addition to the BL squares, which will feature a Wheel-Decide to be unveiled later, I have added 4 novelty squares, one for each of four monopoly tokens: cat, Scottie dog, race car & robot.


Have a great weekend, everyone!

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text 2019-05-06 18:26
Summer Game Time!








Announcing a new summertime game of Booklikes-opoly! The game is still in development, but the theme of the game is "summer vacation." The rules will be similar to our last game of booklikes-opoly (all the way back in summer 2017), and the bank system will work the same way, although the categories will be different, and I will tweak some of the elements that didn't work so great last time


I will be reblogging some of my old posts this morning, for everyone to peruse while OB & I work on the new game!


New theme!

New book tasks!!

New tweaks!


So, if we are going to start a new game on 6/1/19, then we have to call an end to Snakes & Ladders, which will go through 5/31/19.


Get ready...

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