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text 2020-06-16 18:00
Booklikes-opoly 2020: updates





Novelty cards: race car


Beginning Balance: $20.00

5/25/2020: Circling the Sun by Paula McLain (385 pages, +3.00): $23.00

5/29/2020: A Quiet Life in the Country by T.E. Kinsey (278 pages, +3.00) $26.00

6/2/2020: The Secret of the Old Mansion by Julie Campbell (263 pages, + 3.00) $29.00

6/16/2020: A Room Full of Bones by Elly Griffiths (352 pages + 3.00) $32.00

Pass Go: $35.00


Game Play


Roll 5:


I got sidetracked and haven't rolled for over a week! I'm still listening to Becoming with the audiobook exception.

I passed GO, landing on:


3. Read a book set in a school or college, or that is considered a "classic," (using any criteria that you want) or that is frequently banned. Hmmmm. Not sure what I will pick for this square.

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text 2020-05-30 17:47
Booklikes-opoly 2020: UPDATE

I'm pushing out a game update, because



Are you ready for it?


Well, here it is:




You can still only roll one time per day, but now, if you end up DNF'ing, or you don't like where you landed, or you just read really, really fast, you can roll




No matter what.

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text 2020-05-30 17:32
Reading progress update: I've read 15%.
Dockside - Susan Wiggs

Several years ago, my mom was addicted to this series by Susan Wiggs. It's set in a small town on Willow Lake, so it fits my current Booklikes-opoly prompt perfectly. The series alternates between winter and summer, so I picked this one because it's one of the summer books. 


Susan Wiggs, Debbie Macomber & Robyn Carr all specialize in this sort of series - romances which feature one specific couple that is part of a small-town ecosystem, with each book focusing on one pairing. The first one I read was Macomber's Cedar Cove series, which I read for years, although I think I petered out around book 5 or 6.


I stumbled on Robyn Carr's Virgin River series when I bought a cheap omnibus for my kindle, in the early days. It was either the first 3 or 4 entries in the series, which has now been adapted for television. I ran out of steam on this one, too, but it's been adapted for a Netflix series that looks pretty entertaining. 


The things that make these series charming are also the things that make them annoying. The small town setting is charming, but the books are universally centered around a couple finding love, as required by the genre conventions. Usually, they are white and heterosexual. They are frequently previously unlucky in love and can be a little bit older (widows, widowers, divorced parents, and single career women rethinking their lives are all staples)- these aren't the typical historical romance, where the female half of the coupling is usually very young. Like a Hallmark Christmas romance, this relentless centering of coupledom can become wearisome. They also aggressively tap into nostalgia for a small-town Americana that never really existed - and if it did exist, it was only available to a select (read: white, heterosexual, affluent) few.


What I like about them is the sense of community that they can demonstrate. They are basically soap operas, in book form, with long-form story telling. This intrigues me. They generally lack the moral complexity and dimension that would be required to make them really interesting, though. There is very little actual poverty - which you would find in a real small town. There is "picturesque" poverty - like the plucky, single mom who can't afford to buy her gorgeous teen daughter the newest and most popular fashions and has to scrape by, but always has soft, beautiful hair and a perfect teeth.


The problems featured in the books are usually easily resolved in one book - the stalker who follows the pretty new resident to town; the abusive ex-husband who needs to be dispatched by the hero; the angry step-child who just needs to be won over by the new, and better, companion, the financially troubled bakery that needs the marketing talents of the ad executive who has opened an office in town. Everyone is always very attractive. I can't help but wonder if a series that took a more complicated look at a small town would even sell, although I think I would be much more interested in that sort of thing.


This is a long post and I'm just rambling now. I'm not sure if I'm going to finish this book or not.

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text 2019-08-09 16:40
Booklikes-opoly 2019 - wrapped up!

Game Updates



Game Play


Bank: $114.00 

Novelty cards currently in my pocket: Robot


Bank Transactions:


5/20/19: Beginning balance, $20.00

5/22/19: Palace of Treason, +$5.00

5/24/19: Family Matters, +$3.00

5/24/19: Pass Go, +$5.00

5/31/19: The Moonstone, +$3.00

5/31/19: A Fatal Inversion, +$5.00

6/2/19: The Division Bell Mystery, +$3.00

6/2/19: Pass Go, +$5.00

6/9/19: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, +$3.00

6/9/19: Below the Clock, +$3.00

6/9/19: A Local Habitation, +$3.00

6/11/19: A Passage to India, +$3.00

6/13/19: A Great Deliverance, +5.00

6/13/19: Pass Go, +$5.00

6/15/19: My Cousin Rachel, +$3.00

6/17/19: The Colour of Murder, +$3.00

6/30/19: Wolf Hall, +$5.00

6/30/19: The Glass Devil, +$3.00

7/2/19: Pass Go, +5.00

7/15/19: Well-Schooled in Murder, +$5.00

7/15/19: A Fountain Filled With Blood, +$3.00

7/15/19: Out of the Deep I Cry, +$3.00

7/15/19: Bring Up the Bodies, +$5.00

7/15/19: The Key to Rebecca, +$3.00 (used cat card)

7/15/19: Pass Go, +$5.00

7/18/19: Pass Go, +$5.00

7/27/19: A Plague on Both Your Houses, +$3.00 

7/27/19: The Secret History, +$5.00 (used race car)

8/9/19: The Winter Mantle, +$5.00 (used cat card)


Total: $127.00





With Halloween Bingo gearing up, I am deep in the throes of organizing that game. Note to self: no games that extend into August ever again. 


I finally finished up The Winter Mantle, which is 512 pages, and is therefore worth $5.00. That's my final book of the game, which means that I end the game with a total of $132.00 in my bank, and holding the robot card.


The rest of my game play is after the page break.


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text 2019-07-28 19:10
Change of plans!
The Winter Mantle - Elizabeth Chadwick

I decided that I will just wait for my digital hold for London - it's telling me it should be available very soon. I should be able to get one more roll out of the BL-opoly game, so that will be my last BL-opoly book!


While I wait, I am going to read The Winter Mantle by Elizabeth Chadwick, which I am calling a romance so it fits the prompt. Romance is the fourth genre tag on the book on GR, and Chadwick writes historical fiction with a focus on the romantic themes. I bought it ages ago, so it's been sitting on my kindle unread since 2015, so I knock another book out of my incredibly, ridiculously long TBR as well!

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