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review 2017-03-31 22:46
Chrysanthemum - Kevin Henkes

This is a book that features a rollercoaster of emotions and has a happy ending. This would be a good book to read with any grade. The Lexile level of this book is 460L. For younger grades, the teacher could focus the lesson on emotions. The teacher could have students identify all the different emotions Chrysanthemum felt throughout the book. They could do a writing activity where they identify times that they have felt the same emotions Chrysanthemum felt. For older grades, teachers could go more in depth and talk about feelings she had at beginning, middle, and end of the story. Students could even compare and contrast Chrysanthemum and themselves.

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review 2017-03-31 22:09
Hooray for Reading Day
Hooray for Reading Day! - Margery Cuyler,Arthur Howard

This book could definitely help struggling readers gain a little more confidence. It would be a good book for teachers to read to younger students. The Lexile level of this book is AD380L. This book could help introduce a lesson on problems and solutions. Before reading, a teacher could host a discussion about the word problem and ask students what they think the word means. After reading, the teacher could discuss the problem Jessica has in the story. The students could discuss solutions. I would even tell students that if any feel the way Jessica did about reading to take to me about it and we could work on it together. Students could make their own reading goal and I could help them reach it.

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review 2017-02-06 17:36
Click, Clack, Quackity- Quack
Click, Clack, Quackity-Quack - Doreen Cronin,Betsy Lewin

This book features a continuous story to go with each letter of the alphabet. The letters of the alphabet are written in a big blue font so that they stand out. This book would be good to use with kindergarten. The Lexile level of this book is 450L. It could be used to introduce letters. You could have the students think about all the different words you could spell with a  certain letter as the first one. For older grades, you could have students write a story of their own with all the letters of the alphabet.

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review 2017-01-20 15:56
I need my Monster
I Need My Monster - Amanda Noll,Howard McWilliam

This book is a great book to read with parents and to inspire creativity in students. It is about the main character who tries out different "monsters under his bed" until his designated monster comes back from vacation. Parents could use this book to help their children not be so scared of monsters under the bed. Teachers could get students to create their own monster under the bed and write about it. Also, a teacher could use this book to discuss what fears the students might have like spiders or heights. They could make connections and also write about their fear/how to overcome it. It could be a good book to read near Halloween. There is a version that has an actor who reads this book aloud. Using the video could also help with modeling fluency. I think that parents or teachers could read this book to kindergartners-third graders. I feel like those are the age groups that would enjoy it the most. The Lexile level of this book is AD490L.

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