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review 2018-09-09 21:19
Stellaluna - Janell Cannon

The plot of Stellaluna consists of a baby bat being knocked away from her mother by an attacking owl where she lands in a nest occupied by birds. She has to try and act like a bird as not to confuse her adoptive siblings. One day she gets separated by her bird family and she is discovered by another bat. This leads to her being reunited with her mother! This is a great book to read to students to celebrate differences and similarities in us all. An extension activity could be for students to create a Venn diagram and describe the ways in which Stellaluna and the birds were alike and the ways in which they were different. 


Lexile level: 550L

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review 2018-09-08 21:55
The Colors of Us
The Colors of Us - Karen Katz

The Colors of Us offers children a perspective on how people come in many different colors and brown is not the only shade. Lena goes on a walk with her mother through her neighborhood and sees that everyone is different, but everyone is wonderful in their own way. I love this book, because it introduces a somewhat sensitive subject in a child-friendly way. I would have this book on display in my classroom library, so children can visit it and read it whenever they would like. I think this book would facilitate many great conversations and allow for children to see that everyone has differences, but we are all people. 


Lexile: 370L

Fountas and Pinnell: K 

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review 2018-09-08 18:49
Ugly: My Memoir - Robert Hoge

This is a memoir by Robert Hoge. Robert was born with a tumor the size of a tennis ball in the middle of his face and with short, twisted legs.  Robert had many difficult surgeries to and the doctors gave him a new nose. Growing up, other kids and adults would act differently towards him and say mean words about his appearance; but Robert would not let it bring him down. 

This is an amazing book for teaching children the importance of being kind to others despite having differences. This would be great as a read aloud and could be useful for any activity to do with character education, character traits, predictions, or inferences. 

Lexile: 890L

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review 2018-02-08 04:47
Counterfeit Bride by Zi Yue
Counterfeit Bride (冒牌新娘) - Zi Yue,籽月

I eally enjoyed this little story. 

Ling Shuang, a daughter of a nobleman, is about to be married to a complete stranger. She is not happy with this arranged marriage. She already has a lover and they made plans for their future life together. 

On her way to her betrothed's house, Ling Shuang forces her male servant, Jie Yi, to put on a female dress and makeup and play a role of a bride. She also gives him a cheap pearl bracelet as a small bribe. They part, Yi to go and get married to the stranger, and Ling Shuang to reunite with her lover.

Tian Yang doesn't want a wife. He remembers his own beautiful aristocratic mother running away to find a better life, far away from the children and the ranch which belonged to their family. This betrayal is so deep, that Tian Yang is determined to undermine any future marriages, arranged or not. When Jie Yi arrives, claiming to be Ling Shuang, Tian Yang take him to a remote warehouse/hut to test his new bride. But Jie Yi, as beautiful and delicate as he is, doesn't mind the hardship; after all, he grew up a servant. 

Over a few weeks, Tian Yang finds himself suddenly drawn to the beautiful young lady, who seems to be perfect for him and is not afraid of hard work. One day, with two young people living so close together, things finally get out of hand. Yi's secret is discovered. Petrified, he leaves the little hut.

In the meantime, Ling Shuang shows up at Tian Yang's ranch, claiming little Yi robbed her blind, left her sick on the road and pretended to be her in order to take her place. Her proof? That little pearl bracelet....

Fun begins :)


As far as BL novels go this was pretty decent, with plenty of twists and turns. The ending was a bit disappointing, with numerous relatives complaining 'oh, my god, two men together! No, it's OK you can stay, but oh, my god, maybe you should leave...' Round and round and round it went.

Translation was confusing at times, but I can't hold it against the book or the person who translated it. All I can say is "thank you for you hard work" :)

3.75 stars.

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review 2018-01-22 01:49
A Taste of Honey by Kai Ashante Wilson
A Taste of Honey - Kai Ashante Wilson

4.5 stars.


While the book was stunning, even without true romance, I can't give it five stars.

The last chapter ruined it for me. Not because how it ended but the way it ended. While I cheered for the MCs, I could not connect with that reality.

Don't want to say anything else for the fear of spoilers, I already gave away too much.

@Monica - thank you, my friend, for the amazing rec and gift :) *hugs*

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