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text 2013-11-03 18:00
Writing a scientific essay is fuckloads easier than an humanities one grrrrr !!!!!

I've literally spent hours today and yesterday reading pages which maybe..just maybe added up to double digits !! All for a 2000 essay on Self and Other that i'm supposed to hand in the middle of this month-I feel screwed already *sigh* If anyone out there knows something about Hegel, Self and Other, Frantz Fanon, Rene Menil and Stuart Hall- give me a shout would ya ! Help a poor soul out :( Until then, I'll be doing more reading tonight and maybe a bit of writing too if I can figure out wtf to say ugh !! 



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text 2013-10-22 17:24
Truman and American Prometheus
By David McCullough: Truman - -Simon & Schuster-
American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer - Kai Bird,Martin J. Sherwin

ETA: I adored Truman when I read it, but now my perspectives are a bit changed....... I am currently reading American Prometheus by Kai Bird. It is essential to get another view on Truman's actions and choices concerning atomic weapons, the arms race and the Cold War. To get a fuller understanding of the time and era I strongly recommend reading American Prometheus too! Another five star book.


I listened to the audiobook format of this book, that means more than 54 hours, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Little content could have been removed. The narration by Nelson Runger was wonderful. I have complained about his slurping before, but the producers have removed the slurps. His steady clear pace perfectly matches the informative text. His intonation for Truman, was perfect, both the strength of his speeches in the presidency and his reflections, to-the-point remarks and sarcastic jokes of the elderly man. Our voice does change with age, and Runger has mastered this. (Some voices were, however, in my opinion, too low and ponderous.) At the end, and this is a book that covers all aspects of Truman’s life, from birth to death, i.e. 1884-1972, there were tears in my eyes. This is a book about a man dedicated to fighting for his beliefs, but he was a politician at heart. Keep in mind that I tend to instinctively distrust politicians. It is rather remarkable that I so loved this book. I will try to never again shy away from a book about politicians……well, at least such books written by John McCullough.

Why did I love this book? You learn about American life and values as they were when America was still a land of pioneers to what it had become by the middle of the 20th Century. What the political parties stood for has changed dramatically with time. On completion of this book you have a thorough understanding of the American party system. You travel from an agrarian Midwest value mindset through WW1, the Depression, the New Deal, WW2, the emergence of atomic weapons, the birth of the UN and NATO, the Berlin blockade and successful airlift, the Cold War and McCarthyism, the focus on civil rights, the Korean War all the way up to Kennedy’s presidency. You follow this time-period through the life of a man living through its events, and a man who as president shaped many of these events. McCullough gives you a thorough understanding of all these events and a thorough understanding of the man Truman.

It is an honest book that never shies away from the mistakes made. I wasn’t thrilled with Truman’s friendship and dependence upon Pendergast. I felt that Truman’s relationship with his wife was at first not adequately clarified. By the end I understood Truman, all of him. I believe I comprehend both his familial relationships and the value he put on friendships, which explain his relationship with Pendergast . You see both the good and the bad. I very much admire the strength and forthrightness of Truman who was at heart a marvelous politician. Yes, definitely a politician who fought for his party and made mistakes, but dam he tried his best. Always. He never shirked his responsibilities. He never ran away from a problem, but faced them head on. He was not infallible. I still don’t understand why they never had more children……

I was born in 1951. I understand now what my parents lived through and why they were who they were. I understand now what lead up to the world I was born into. I totally loved this book.

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text 2013-10-21 10:12
How a Curly-Coated Retriever looks, like the sweetie in my avatar!


Testing how to do pictures. This is a photo of a Curly Coated Retriever that looks like Oscar. He is now four, Oscar I mean......


Curlies are big and very love-able and smart and love to swim.


Thanks, Simran for the instructions. I did not need to add the letters url!








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text 2013-10-20 07:07
General chat room for all of Chrissie's friends!

Hi Lisa, I thought we can use this blog to suggest books we want to recommend to each other. You and I and our other friends  chat about, well, anything! And to help each other learn about BL. I have put it on both your blog and mine since I gave it two tags:  chrissieandfriendsgab   and lisaandfriendschat  !


I hope Simran has found this and Lee and............all of you!


Oscar says a woofy hi.


I am reading American Prometheus by Kai Bird about Oppenheimer. Very good!!!  excellent follow up to Bomb by ....I cannot remember, but I just wrote a blog entry about that one. That review is near the top of my blog page.


Don't give up if you are lost, just wade around for a while. I am a nincompoop at this stuff and I have sort of managed so you can too.



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text 2013-10-16 15:39
So do you want to gab with me?

Then write a blog entry and give it the tag chrissieandfriendsgab. The title can be whatever you want to talk about. The tag box is at the right hand bottom corner of the text box of your blog message.


You can also go to my blog ( http://chrissie.booklikes.com ) and you will see a link to where we talk.

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