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review 2018-07-25 14:25
Story just doesn't click, I did not feel at all interested
The Prince Kidnaps a Bride - Christina Dodd

This seems to be the final conclusion to the series (aka the third book) that I didn't even know existed, or to rephrase it, I had no idea this book belonged to a series. And I have no idea how they are connected.


I have a couple of big grievances with this book:


1) First of all, for such a simple story it is way too long, filled with fillers basically or side quests, just to pad the story for some reason. Unnecessary, kills any desire for continuing on and makes you feel extra sleepy (proven!).


2) What is wrong with that title? Seriously, prince Rainger never kidnapped anyone, let alone his bride. Why is there even a kidnapping in the title, this story is about the princess' journey home. The title is very misleading.


3) Inconsistencies + unbelievable love. I could go on for hours on this subject. Seriously, I could write three times the length of this novel of the reasons what the hell is wrong with this so called love and how they got to it. But I have no energy because I prefer reading better books instead. One thing that seriously bothered me is something I think someone already mentioned in the comments but I am going to repeat it anyway. So prince Rainger claims that when he was in prison and when he had his one per year torture (which is also quite ludicrous, person who tortured him would have done it on more than one per year occasion, especially when he would indulge in alcohol a bit too much or when his wh*ring wife would piss him off) the one thing he held onto was the image of princess Sorcha. Awwww right? Well NO!!! Because when he managed to escape the prison and wanted to marry a princess to reclaim his country back, from the three sisters Sorcha was the last one he went to find, so after her two sisters whom he wanted more than her he already found married. And not just that, but later on we find out that they disliked each other growing up, they never wanted each other. And now when he went to find her as his last option and only treated her as a means to an end they suddenly proclaim old love with everlasting effects. Oh screw that.


4) Rainger had no problem finding the three sisters far from their homeland where they escaped but the sisters' grandmother who was a strong and unyielding ruler and a woman who loved them dearly couldn't manage to find them. Such a believable story indeed.


5) What was up with that moronic kidnapping at the end??? There was no suspense, there was no drama, there was nothing basically. It was such a stupid thing to put there as some sort of last minute action drama will-they-live moment that I actually laughed and just wished for the blasted thing to end already. 


6) There was absolutely no point in Rainger deceiving Sorcha about his identity. Not one single damn point. 


7) Losing her virginity in a magic-surrounded environment to a deceiving as*hole who even upon meeting her didn't really fall in love, he just wanted to marry a princess so he could get his country back. Yeah, I'll root for that undying love alright. And may I remind you again that she was his last choice from the three sisters... yeah... everlasting love right there.



The only reason I didn't give this book 1 star is because of the brothel scene that I actually quite enjoyed. And this one I won't spoil because if you are still set on reading this book, then I will leave you with at least one small good surprise to help you survive the rest of this long, oxymoron ridden, mutually exclusive, plotholes filled, unbelievable love *coughs and chokes as she writes the word* story.

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review 2018-05-04 04:03
Dead Girl Running - Christina Dodd

I received this book for free from the publisher (Harlequin) as part of their bookstagram publicity campaign. 



I always have a hard time with rating thrillers. I’m pickier with them than with other genres, and I usually end up rating them somewhere in the middle which is exactly what happened with this book (hence my 3.5 stars).


I loved how the book started off. The opening chapter was really good and helped set up the overall plot line well. 


The succeeding chapters, were a bit of an information dump. You get the main character’s backstory and get introduced to a ton of characters. I had a hard time keeping up with all the characters and who they were. 


The mystery was very interesting so I was eager to keep reading. I found that I really enjoyed the writing style. Christian Dodd is an excellent writer. I had just finished reading a not-that-great chick lit book before picking up this book, so the writing in this was a nice change.


The book kind of stalled a bit towards the middle, but picked up tremendously towards the end. There was a lot of action in the last 70 pages. However, there were some scenarios towards the end that didn’t feel very realistic so I didn’t love that. 


The book does end in a slight cliffhanger, so I am interested in reading the next book.


Overall, this was a well written thriller, but it did have its flaws. 

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text 2018-05-03 17:31
Reading progress update: I've read 236 out of 368 pages.
Dead Girl Running - Christina Dodd
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review 2018-04-25 05:20
Review: Dead Girl Running by Christina Dodd
Dead Girl Running - Christina Dodd

Reviewed for Wit and Sin


Everyone has secrets and no one knows that better than Kellen Adams. To say that her life has been turned upside down more than once would be an understatement. But Kellen is a survivor. And for the first time in longer than she can remember, she has a shot at finding home when she takes the job of assistant manager at the Yearning Sands resort. Only on the very day that her bosses leave on vacation a dead body appears on resort property and it’s clear the victim had been murdered. Now everyone around her is a suspect – from the staff to the guests – and Kellen has to put the pieces of the puzzle together before her new home turns into something from a horror movie. And is it the stress of tracking a killer that’s bringing old nightmares to the forefront of her memory or are there more sinister elements at play? Kellen can’t be sure, especially when a potentially vital year of her life is missing from her memory…

Dead Girl Running is a fantastic thriller that kept me up way too late reading. Christina Dodd is in top form in her first Cape Charade novel. It’s an engrossing, evocative, pulse-pounding page-turner.

Kellen is a stellar heroine. She’s been through absolute hell, almost lost herself in the process, and survived horrors that would break most people. She’s not exactly superhuman, but she is an incredibly strong character. I admired the way she built her life back up from the ashes and fully came into her own over the course of the story. She’s got a spine of steel and the visible scars she carries are no match for the emotional ones, but she’s a kind, fascinating character. I loved uncovering the pieces of her past alongside Kellen and my only real problem with Dead Girl Running is that I have to wait for the second book because holy cow, the information Ms. Dodd reveals about Kellen only makes me want to know more.

Mystery and murder abound at what would otherwise be the idyllic Yearning Sands. I’d be doing a disservice to readers to reveal much of the plot because this is a thriller and the excitement comes from looking for clues and watching events unfold. Suffice it to say that there are a few mysteries and they’re well-crafted and interwoven without the book losing its focus. There are also multiple players in this game and Ms. Dodd does a great job of fleshing them out and bringing the world of Dead Girl Running to life. The story itself starts off with a bang and continues to move at a good pace, building intensity until you absolutely cannot put the book down.

Dead Girl Running is the first book in Ms. Dodd’s Cape Charade series and I absolutely cannot wait for more. While this book easily stands alone, fans of Ms. Dodd’s will enjoy the loose ties it has to her Bella Terra Deception and Virtue Falls series. Whether you’re an old fan of Ms. Dodd’s or are diving into her work for the first time, Dead Girl Running is a captivating suspense novel that will leaving you begging for more Cape Charade stories.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Source: witandsin.blogspot.com/2018/04/review-dead-girl-running-by-christina.html
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review 2018-03-15 23:41
The Woman Who Couldn't Scream by Christina Dodd
The Woman Who Couldn't Scream: A Novel (The Virtue Falls Series) - Christina Dodd

This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Book.

I liked this book but I didn't love it. It has been years since I have read anything by Christina Dodd but I have really enjoyed her writing in the past so I was excited to get the chance to read this book. This is the fourth book in the Virtue Falls series and I think that I might have gotten a bit more out of it if I had read the previous books before jumping into this one. I didn't have any kind of difficulty following the story but there were times that I just felt like I was missing something. I did like the book and was eager how things would work out.

This book really seemed to be telling more than one story. There is Merida, a mute woman, who has been recently widowed. The other main focus was on Kateri, the newly elected sheriff. Both of these woman had there own issues to deal and relationships to figure out. I honestly think that I might have like the book a bit more if the focus didn't shift back and forth as much as it did. There were quite a few times that I was pulled out of the story a bit as the point of view changed.

There is a whole lot going on in this book. So much. There is a convict on the loose, a string of murders occurring in Virtue Falls, a relative in town causing trouble, romantic issues, a long lost lover, a comatose friend, plus a frog god. It was probably too much in a lot of ways and started to seem unrealistic. I am okay with the frog god not being realistic but I would have liked for a little more believability for the rest of the story.

I really did like Kateri. She seemed to be able to handle just about anything but was willing to take advice from others. I liked Stag as well but he wasn't in the book as much as I would have liked but he seemed to really be what Kateri needed. I also really liked some of the members of the police force and the older bar owner. Merida and Benedict never felt completely real to me. I didn't dislike them but I wasn't sure if I should trust them either.

I think that my biggest issue with the book was that things just seemed too convenient at times. As the excitement of the book peaked, the characters would catch a break that was too good to be true. Problems were solved a little too easily and solutions showed up just when they were needed. I am glad that all of the loose ends were wrapped up but I would have it to feel a bit more real.

I do think that a lot of readers will enjoy this one. I enjoyed this book even though I had some issues with the story. I do hope to read more of Christina Dodd's work very soon.

I received an advance reader edition of this book from St. Martins Press via NetGalley.

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