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review 2017-08-18 23:53
Something Sparked (Sparks in Texas Book ... Something Sparked (Sparks in Texas Book 2) - Mari Carr,Kelli Collins

Something Sparked by Mari Carr is an amazing read.  This is a fairly short read, a great choice for those with limited time for reading.  Ms Carr has delivered a well-written book.  Her characters are fabulous and lovable, a perfect fit for this story.  This is a menage story though, so it may not be everyone's cup of tea.  Jeannette, Diego and Luc's story is loaded with drama, humor, suspense and smokin' hot sex.  I totally enjoyed Something Sparked and look forward to reading more from Mari Carr in the future.  Something Sparked is book 2 of the Sparks In Texas Series but can be read as a standalone.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

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review 2017-08-13 01:30
The Moonstone
The Moonstone (Evergreens) - Wilkie Collins

There stood Miss Rachel at the table, like a person fascinated, with the Colonel's unlucky Diamond in her hand. There, on either side of her, knelt the two Bouncers, devouring the jewel with their eyes, and screaming with ecstasy every time it flashed on them in a new light. There, at the opposite side of the table, stood Mr. Godfrey, clapping his hands like a large child, and singing out softly, "Exquisite! exquisite!" There sat Mr. Franklin in a chair by the book-case, tugging at his beard, and looking anxiously towards the window. And there, at the window, stood the object he was contemplating— my lady, having the extract from the Colonel's Will in her hand, and keeping her back turned on the whole of the company.


That blasted diamond. 


I had no idea what to expect from this novel. Sure, it is deemed to be the first detective novel. Sure, it is a masterpiece of gothic atmospheric writing. Sure, it had its entertaining moments.

However, the large part of this book just dragged. It dragged even more than The Woman in White! And just as in The Woman in White, the ending was a little illogical and over-complicated

- an opium-induced hallucination

(spoiler show)

? Collins' reliance on a deus ex machina solution did not work for me in The Woman in White and it did not work for me in The Moonstone.

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review 2017-08-10 02:50
So far 'Personal Secrets' is my personal favorite...
Personal Secrets - K.C. Wells,Cornell Collins

‘Personal Secrets’ is book #3 in K. C. Wells series ‘Personal’ and while we get to see Blake and Will become parents to an adorable baby girl and Rick and Angelo are around and doing well. This is Ed’s story. Ed works at Trinity Publishing for Blake and we met him back in book #1 Making It Personal.


Ed’s a down to earth guy who speaks his mind, he enjoys his job and playing rugby. He likes spending time with his teammate Colin…as a matter of fact he likes spending time with Colin so much that he wants them to be friends with benefits…or at least that’s what he starts out wanting but as Ed and Colin spend time together Ed begins to realize that what he feels and wants from Colin goes beyond friends with benefits, but the question is ‘what does Colin want?’


Colin’s wanted Ed for a long time. He just never thought his straight friend would ever want something more from him but when opportunity knocks…Colin’s not only willing to open the door he’ll happily prop it open if it means having a chance at the man who monopolizes his dreams.


In spite of office & family drama and unexpected ex’s and thankfully with the help of some good friends, Colin and Ed manage to work through Ed’s coming to terms with his sexuality and a bit of insecurity on the part of both men.


I loved the honesty between these to men, not that they didn’t have their misunderstandings, but they both worked hard to try and be honest with each other. Colin was sweet, patient and supportive of Ed. While Ed may have hesitated at times, ultimately, he always faced up to how he felt about things and at times he may have even a little help from his friends but in the end Ed knew what he wanted and was willing to persist in his efforts to be the kind of man Colin wanted and would be proud of.


Cornell Collins is once again the narrator for this book and I’ve enjoyed having the continuity of the same voices for these characters from story to story. The voice that was Ed in the first book was the same one that I heard in this book and I enjoyed this a lot. After listening to all 3 of these audio books back to back by the time I got to the final one it felt like listening to friends sharing their stories with me.


I’ve developed a sincere appreciation for listening to audio books like this that are from a series and have the same MCs or as was the case with this series the same core set of characters.


With the first book, Making It Personal, we had Blake and Will as the MCs but Ed, Rick, Karen and few other secondary characters were in this book and carried through to the second book, Personal Changes, where Rick became one of the MCs as we watched his story with Angelo unfold and in book 3 again we are given the same cast of characters, with the addition of Angelo, as Ed and Colin’s story unfolds and I’ve really enjoyed having the same person narrate each book giving me the continuity of having the characters voices remain the same from story to story.


I’ve enjoyed hearing these stories on audio and with my fingers crossed that Cornell Collins will continue as the narrator I look forward to hearing more and spending a few more hours with the familiar voices of this group of co-workers and friends.




A audio book copy of ‘Personal Secrets’ was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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text 2017-08-08 18:17
The Moonstone (Evergreens) - Wilkie Collins

"Study your wife closely, for the next four-and-twenty hours. If your good lady doesn’t exhibit something in the shape of a contradiction in that time, Heaven help you!—you have married a monster."


Oh, Mr. Collins!


Seriously, this book makes me smile a lot. :D

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text 2017-08-03 21:07
The Moonstone (Evergreens) - Wilkie Collins

The upshot of it was, that Rosanna Spearman had been a thief, and not being of the sort that get up Companies in the City, and rob from thousands, instead of only robbing from one, the law laid hold of her, and the prison and the reformatory followed the lead of the law.


Collins having a dig at bankers. I love it.

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