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text 2017-03-31 00:50
No, David!
No, David! - David Shannon

This book is great for students in 1st or 2nd grade and to use as a demonstration of the power of pictures in books. On each page, there was barely any words, but the pictures spoke for the whole book. The journey David undergoes of getting into mischief like an everyday child would be very relatable to the children in the classroom. The Lexile level was BR. For a first reader's book, this would be perfect since there was only a few words per page. An activity I think would be fun with this book would be to have students illustrate their own picture of something David did they get in trouble for too at home to make the book relatable. Overall, great book to really show the power of illustrations!

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review 2016-12-27 17:01
Children's Reivew: Sunny the Snail and Colorful Crayons
Sunny The Snail- And Colorful Crayons: Inspiring Children's Book about being creative - Karmen Sanda

This was a cute snail book. Sunny has is one of 6 snail siblings who all look the same. Even their own mom can not tell them apart. Sunny observes a lot of things around him and so when he finds crayons he has an idea. A really good idea. My daughter though the snails were really pretty and wishes she found some like that. The pictures were very well done, especially when Sunny was drawing. They really stood out, though I would have liked to see what Sunny and his family looked like after his artwork. 

This is a good book that shows you should stand out and make yourself different!

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review 2016-07-05 16:59
A New Fun Read
Bob the Dog - Rodrigo Fp;gueira,Poly Bernatene

In Bob the Dog by Rodrigo Folgueira, a little boy named Mark takes his dog Bob out for a romp in the park.  They are having such a wonderful time!  The pair are laughing and running without a care...until a tiny canary flies into Bob's mouth.

Bob is beside himself with guilt.  He cannot believe that he has just eaten a bird!  Mark soon discovers that the canary (named Jeremy) is alive and well...and hiding from something.

Mark enlists the help of his woodland friends Roger the Rabbit, Cathy the Cat and Oscar the Owl.  Surly, they can come up with a way to get Jeremy out of Bob's stomach.  But what if they can't?  Will Jeremy be forced to live in Bob's tummy forever?

I absolutely love Poly Bernatene's illustrations!  They are both whimsical and adorable.  I especially love all of Bob's facial expressions.  I also love how Bernatene uses mixed media throughout the book, such as hiding pages from other books within the illustrations.  Adding a pawtographed photo of Lassie to Bob's dog house was a very cute (and hilarious) touch.

While I greatly enjoyed the ending, I felt that the resolution to the story came a bit too quickly.  I feel that the story could have been flushed out for a least four more pages.  Overall, this is a fun read for the emergent reader.   

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review 2016-06-25 04:38
Teddy the Dog Rocks!
Teddy the Dog: Be Your Own Dog - Keri Claiborne Boyle,Jonathan Sneider

Grab your sunglasses and prepare for adventure of catastrophic proportions!  In Teddy the Dog:  Be Your Own Dog by Keri Claiborne Boyle, we meet the leader of the pack himself...Teddy.  He is living the dream life while following his own personal motto of "Be you own dog."

One day, Teddy receives a mysterious package from his Aunt Marge.  He cannot believe his eyes when a cat jumps out of the box!  His world is completely turned upside down.

Teddy decides to teach Fishbreath everything he knows about being his own dog.  Much to his dismay, Fishbreath is not skilled at doing dog-like things.  Daring to think outside the box, Teddy tries his paw at becoming more cat-like.  He soon discovers that the feline life is not for him.  Will Teddy and Fishbreath ever be able to find common ground?

I simply adored this book from start to finish!  The illustrations by Jonathan Sneider are adorable and hilarious.  I especially love the illustration of Teddy and his friends at the local food cart.  The poodle with the empty hot dog bun cracks me up!

This is author Keri Claiborne Boyle's debut children's book and I think she has definitely knocked it out of the park.  The theme of being true to oneself is told beautiful through the eyes of Teddy and Fishbreath.  Each character tries their paw at being something that they're not.  In doing so, they find out that they can still be friends even if they are different.

I also loved the humor that is laced throughout the story.  From "...holy purple poodles..." to Teddy and Fishbreath's paw bump on the final page, I found myself laughing out loud with the turn of each page.  This is a wonderful story for animal lovers of all ages that is sure to become a treasured classic.

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review 2016-06-19 03:14
A New Children's Classic
Wolf Camp - Andrea Zuill

"Wolf Camp" by Andrea Zuill tells that tale of Homer, a dog that feels like he is a wolf.  He enjoys doing wolfish things, such as hunting his stuffed moose and howling at the moon.  While eating breakfast one day, Homer receives an invitation to attend Wolf Camp.

Through his persistent begging, Homer's family agrees to let him go to camp.  He can barely contain his excitement as he boards the bus with his fellow campers.  Homer soon finds out that being a wolf is very different from how he thought it would be.  Will he have the courage to stay at camp and become an honorary wolf?

This book has officially become one of my all time favorite children's books!  The illustrations are adorably heartwarming.  I fell in love with Homer the moment I saw the cover of the book!  Many of the illustrations remind me of some of my favorite childhood cartoons.

I greatly enjoyed that humor that is laced throughout the story.  From the subtle jokes on the professor's chalkboard to Pixie's moose hunting, I laughed and smiled the entire time I read this story.  Readers and animal lovers of all ages will be enchanted with this story.  I know that this book is destined to become a new children's classic.

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