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text 2017-03-10 15:31
REVIEW BY AMY - Confess (Confessor #1) by Erin McFadden
Confess - Erin McFadden
Cage McCormick lives a life devoid of affection, unable to seek comfort from those around him. He's never understood why people are repulsed by even the slightest touch of his flesh. How can anything that feels so vital to him be so very wrong? Something deep inside him must be cruelly twisted. Desolate and confused, he's convinced his life will never change and that suicide is his only option.

An angel has observed Cage’s torment from a place in-between and feels compelled to save him and his rare gifts. She knows the truth. Cage is a Confessor, born missing a small portion of his soul. His body pulls the sin and corruption from others, trying to replenish his missing energy. 

Only he can expose your darkest secrets. Only he can remove the blackest stains from your soul. Will he embrace his true nature or find another way out?



@ErinMcF_Author, @Mommy_Amers, #Dystopian, #Fantasy, 5 out of 5 (exceptional)


Source: sites.google.com/site/archaeolibrarian/amy/confessconfessor1byerinmcfadden
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review 2016-05-30 00:00
Confess - Colleen Hoover image

This whole story was just gag worthy. Initially I thought the writing was okay, but then she started saying really stupid shit that was enough to make me throw up a little in my mouth whenever I read it! I feel like the characters were completely flat and basic, and there was literally nothing about either of them that endeared them to me, so maybe they do deserve each other? I honestly don't even care. I loved the part about turning the confessions into paintings, and the artwork was awesome, so for that I'll add another star, but honestly, by 50% in, I decided to skim read... otherwise I never would have made it all the way through... I'll leave you with a couple of choice quotes:

"His voice makes me fear for the safety of the world, because I'm single-handedly depleting the oxygen supply with all the deep breaths I take every time I hear it."

"I'm pretty sure his kisses are the best form of dieting there is, because every time his lips touch mine, I forget all about the fact that I'm starving."

"Trey's eyes are like carving knives, digging into me, hollowing me out."

That's not even the half of it... I just can't...


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text 2016-04-10 17:43
Confess by Colleen Hoover
Confess: A Novel - Colleen Hoover

Anyone that's read more than one Colleen Hoover book can probably agree with me here: she's the queen of romance. 


I was immediately drawn in by Colleen's writing style and characterization. Her style is conversational, and easy to read. Her characters are real and have depth, it wouldn't be hard to put yourself in their shoes in one way or another, or to picture them as your best friend or as a family member. They feel human in a sense that Colleen never seems to portray one of her characters as 'perfect' as I have often found when reading YA/NA novels. They have scars and imperfections, and they have had plenty of highs, and the lowest of lows. Maybe it's for these reasons alone that I want to keep picking up every Colleen Hoover book that I can get my hands on. But let me tell you a bit about why THIS story in particular was a win win for me.


Aside from the romance which, by the way, was perfect, this story had so many layers to it. I love it when an author can tie together parallel paths within a story and make them come together so beautifully at the end, which is exactly what happened in Confess. 


What made this book a special item to have was that there was art work throughout its pages. The images shown all had a meaning and a place within the story. It was like Colleen decided to write a book, but then did it even better than anyone could have hoped for. It was an experience to say the least. On the one hand the reader is following this story, which was a delight for the imagination. And on the other hand, we're being shown these colorful and exiting images to delight our other senses. Did I mention that I think all books should have artwork in them? Well I'm saying that now. I was blown over by the creativity of this book inside and out. Colleen and her publishers really did a stellar job of this one. 


Now for the characters. Auburn and Owen are the kind of people that I wish were real. I think both were equally as well developed in the telling of the story. One didn't fall short of the other. Auburn was maybe a little innocent for my liking, but a well rounded lead for the story nevertheless. Owen was a little more my cup of tea in a sense that he had a bit more grit to his personality. But both worked well together as a fictional duo because of their differences. I think this book was perfectly balanced in all aspects, which I think is a pretty hard thing to come across in YA/NA books sometimes. They're either full of hormonal teenage angst that detracts from the actual story line, or it lacks that spark completely. There was just enough of everything to leave me wanting more, and then to be completely satisfied with the ending because Colleen looked into my soul and wrote it exactly how I wanted it to be.  


All in all, I think this was a wonderful read. I've already got my next Colleen Hoover book sitting on my shelf, waiting for me to devour it soon!


More to come.


Steph x

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review 2016-02-14 01:49
Confess: A Novel - Colleen Hoover

This is my first book by this author. I really enjoyed her writing style. She had many twists and turns throughout the book that made the reader keep guessing what was going to happen.

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review 2016-01-19 00:00
Love and Confess: Roman (dtv junior)
Love and Confess: Roman (dtv junior) - Colleen Hoover,Katarina Ganslandt Cover
Abgesehen von der Farbe (rosa/pink) gefällt mir das Cover sehr gut. Es ist das Bild, das Owen malt, als er Dalles das erste Mal begegnet ist, für mich zumindest stellt es das dar. Mir gefällt die Idee, das Gemälde als Cover zu haben. Das original Cover ist allerdings wesentlich schöner. Dort ist eine Leinwand zu sehen mit Farbspritzern. Das deutsche Cover hingegen wirkt so melancholisch, wie die Geschichte es ist.

Meine Meinung
Auburn lebt in Dallas und arbeitet als Frisöse in einem kleinen Salon. Durch einen Zufall hilft sie Owen eines Nachmittags bei einer seiner Ausstellungen. Er sucht "ganz dringend" eine Aushilfe, da die Letzte nicht aufgetaucht ist. Auburn mochte ich sehr gerne. Sie ist vielleicht etwas zu Opferwillig, aber darüber kann man hinweg sehen, wenn man bedenkt, was sie bereits alles verloren hat. Dabei wurde mir das Herz zeitweise ganz schön schwer. Mir ist es leicht gefallen mit Auburn mitzufiebern und ihrer Geschichte zu folgen. Es war leicht ihre Handlungen nachzuvollziehen. Manches fand ich etwas übertrieben, aber ich möchte nicht zu viel verraten. Sicher ist: Auburn ist eine tolle weibliche Hauptfigur. Sie kämpft für das, was sie liebt und ist durchaus bereit auf ihr eigenes Wohl zu verzichten, damit es anderen Menschen besser geht.

Owen ist Künstler in Dallas. Er lässt sich für seine Gemälde von Geständnissen inspirieren. Diese Geständnisse können Passanten anonym in seinen Briefkasten werfen. Einmal im Monat verkauft er dann einige seiner Bilder. Manchmal sind es ganz viele, manchmal ist es nur ein einziges. Es dauert nicht lange, bis Owen sich in Auburn verliebt. Er ist absolut davon überzeugt, sie wäre viel zu gut für ihn und kann doch irgendwie die Finger nicht von ihm lassen. Als das Schicksal den beiden dann auch noch übel mit spielt, glaubt Owen er hätte Auburn für immer verloren.

Die Geschichte von Auburn und Owen ist tragisch und zum Teil wirklich sehr traurig, doch es wirkt nicht übertrieben oder an den Haaren herbei gezogen. Man kann sich tatsächlich vorstellen, dass es diese Geschichte wirklich gibt, auch wenn ich das nicht hoffe. Es war für mich einfach, die Entschiedungen der Figuren nachzuvollziehen. Die meisten davon erschienen mir sogar logisch und begründet, was ja bei dieser Art von Geschichte nicht immer der Fall ist.
Auburn und Owen haben mich für ein paar Stunden sehr gut unterhalten und ich habe das Buch nahezu verschlungen. Ich konnte in der Geschichte versinken und alles um mich herum vergessen und völlig ausblenden.
Die Autorin hat bereits gezeigt, dass sie unglaublich tolle Liebesgeschichten schreiben kann. Mein Favorit wird mit abstand aber weiterhin Weil ich Layken liebe bleiben.

Wertung (4/5)

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