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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-09-13 21:36
Crimson by Tamela Miles
Crimson - Tamela Miles

The feeling of watching buffy the vampire slayer in pajamas become very strong while reading this or cuddling up to my cat while watching random vampire movies around halloween. I feel ms Miles did a wonderful job en-capturing just how these bad boys work with their hypnotic pull and sexy ways about them.

The underworld of vampires and other nocturnal beings was definitely not for this little, gentle mouse.

(Page 6).

Given this information Delilah and Ash were the perfect due although they kinda started off very fast passed yet believable. Mrs. Miles' starts us by showing how these two met which of course would make sense if you had a no good brother with debts which she tried to settle but ends up owing more than a few thousand which would send myself or anyone into a crazy spiral. Of course her younger brother is shown around as the easily to fold under pressure with no resistance to quit gambling.. Which anyone with a addiction would not do. That stricken me as weird.


Ash tapped his cell phone screen, saving the voicemail he had listened to from William Watts, one of the elder members of the Vampire Council. His mind was spinning with the possibilities of what he wanted to discuss. The elder had been a key member of the council over a hundred years before Ash had been turned. He genuinely liked him and respected his wisdom, which he couldn’t say about many vamps.

(Page 34). 


Now enter into the world of bad vampires and a spiteful queen whom has ideas along with a fate for Delilah that anyone could smell. Welcome to steamy, hot and sexy fast read with well rounded main characters with somewhat back dropped characters as story fillers. Still a lovely read!


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review 2018-06-03 05:09
The Crimson Campaign by Brian McClellan - My Thoughts
The Crimson Campaign - Brian McClellan

I'm late in writing up my thoughts again.  Bad habit, that.  I must get better.  Especially when the read was as good as this one was.

I totally enjoyed my first foray into what they call Flintlock Fantasy with the first book in this trilogy, Promise of Blood, so finally, tired of waiting for this second book to go on sale, I actually paid full price for it.  $12.99 for an e-book published 4 years ago.  That is SO not me.  But I needed to read it!

All my favourites were back - well, except the ones the author killed off in the first book!  *LOL*  Adamat, the police inspector; Tamas, the veteran field marshal; Taniel Two-shot, Tamas' son and powerful powder mage; Ka-poel, Vlora, Bor, Olem... and more. 

I love the fullness of the characters, not a one is totally light or totally dark.  They're nuanced and believable.  The setting is richly drawn, the atmosphere alive and the world-building nothing short of remarkable, IMO.  The plots are intricate, be they the big over-arching ones or the small, private ones.

Brian McClellan is a terrific story-teller and I love the world he's created and the people he's populated it with.  The third novel of the trilogy is calling for me as are all the novellas and short stories. 

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review 2018-01-24 19:18
Crimson Dahlia by Abigail Owen @AOwenBooks
Crimson Dahlia - Abigail Owen


Crimson Dahlia is Book III of the Svatura Series by Abigail Owen.


Filled with magic and supernatural beings in a world fraught with danger.


The covers of the series are done by Debbie Taylor. Fabulous job, Debbie.


Crimson Dahlia (Svatura, #3)

Goodreads  /  Amazon




The battle continues from Hyacinth into Crimson Dahlia, Book III of the Svatura Series by Abigail Owen. This is Lila and Ramsey’s story, and I am eager to hear it.


Lila is locked up, half dressed, being kept in a cold dark pit, yet her snark shines through her chattering teeth. Now that is some great writing, Abigail. Lila’s personality is big and bold and I love it.


How long can she survive? Why is she not able to use her magic to escape…or at least send a telepathic message for help.


Ramsey is a firestarter and he has a special connection to her. He will stop at nothing to find her. She just has to hang on until he can get there.


The characters are not immortal, but can live for thousands of years. The one hundred year old kids go to school, playing at normal. I wonder…do they ever get bored?


All hell breaks loose…people are going missing and cannot be found. They know who is at fault, they just don’t know why. And can they destroy him, before he destroys them?


If sheer stubbornness were a successful strategy, no one would ever mess with this family. Especially the women.


I loved the battles, filled with magics of every type you can imagine. I can hardly wait to see the conclusion.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Crimson Dahlia by Abigail Owen.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  4 Stars



Read more here.





The Shadowcat Nation


The Svatura Series


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text 2017-12-17 17:28
Christmas on Crimson Mountain by Michelle Major
Christmas on Crimson Mountain - Michelle Major

***book available free for a limited amount of time on eHarlequin***

April Sanders is a temporary guardian for her dead friend's two daughters, but the man she's supposed to cater to, an author on a deadline, doesn't want children around. His wife and little son died in a car crash and Connor Pierce had removed himself from all feeling.

Unfortunately for him, the two girls and their temporary guardian soon get under his skin, and he finds himself unable to push them away.

DNF @ 35%

Maybe it was just me, or maybe there were some problems with the editing in this story, because it felt like there were some scenes missing. And the jumps from scene to scene without those missing pieces gave me whiplash.

But hey, maybe it was just me...Because I didn't like what was there either. The heroine came across as a doormat, the hero was a jerk, the oldest kid was a pill, with the only likeable character being little, five-year-old Shay.

The whole un-Scrooging of the hero came across as too rushed, and the rest wasn't really inspiring, so I threw in the towel.

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review 2017-12-08 15:11
Wie sechs Minuten ein Leben zerstören können
Crimson Lake - Candice Fox

Es sind nur sechs Minuten, die das Leben von Detective Ted Conkaffey (39) völlig aus der Bahn werfen. Die 13-jährige Claire Bingley verschwindet an einer Bushaltestelle, wird missbraucht und beinahe getötet – und Ted wird verdächtigt. Die Anklage gegen ihn wegen Vergewaltigung wird zwar aus Mangel an Beweisen fallengelassen, doch fast niemand glaubt an seine Unschuld. Der frühere Polizist zieht sich deshalb nach Crimson Lake, eine Kleinstadt im Norden Australiens, zurück. Dort trifft er Amanda Pharrell, die vor Jahren wegen eines angeblichen Mordes ins Gefängnis musste. Als Privatdetektive tun sich beide Außenseiter zusammen, um das Verschwinden eines bekannten Schriftstellers aufzuklären. Dabei holt sie ihre Vergangenheit wieder ein…

Der Thriller „Crimson Lake“ ist der Auftakt einer neuen Reihe von Autorin Candice Fox.

Meine Meinung:
Erzählt wird die Geschichte in der Ich-Perspektive aus der Sicht des Ex-Cops Ted. Unterteilt ist der Thriller in mehrere Kapitel mit einer angenehmen Länge. Ansprechend empfinde ich auch den flüssigen Schreibstil.

Gut gefallen haben mir die beiden ungewöhnlichen Hauptcharaktere, die beide jeweils ihre Ecken und Kanten haben und nicht die klassischen Sympathieträger sind. Während Ted seine Sorgen im Alkohol ertränkt, ist Amanda eine ziemlich exzentrische Person. Zusammen sind sie ein interessantes Duo, das sich positiv von anderen Ermittlern des Genres abhebt.

Die Handlung und die überraschende Auflösung von Amandas Fall wirkten auf mich im Großen und Ganzen glaubwürdig und stimmig. Die Spannung, die sich am Anfang schnell aufbaute, flachte zeitweise etwas ab. Teilweise war mir die Geschichte daher etwas zu langatmig. Am Ende bleiben einige Fragen offen, die vermutlich erst in der Fortsetzung ihre Aufklärung finden.

Titel und Cover des Buches treffen zwar nicht ganz meinen persönlichen Geschmack, passen jedoch gut zur Geschichte.

Ich habe den Thriller als Hörbuch verfolgt. Bei der ungekürzten Lesung hat Sprecher Uve Teschner seine Aufgabe sehr gut gemeistert.

Mein Fazit:
Mit „Crimson Lake“ ist Candice Fox ein solider Thriller gelungen, die für Unterhaltung sorgt.

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