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review 2017-09-15 23:08
The Jersey Devil by Hunter Shea
The Jersey Devil - Hunter Shea



I found this a tad predictable, but still with some good horrifying moments. It did have a sort of an 80's horror, campy film feel to it.  Rated 3.5 stars.



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review 2017-09-12 15:06
The Imam's Daughter by Hannah Shah
The Imam's Daughter - Hannah Shah

This one was heart-breaking, but I couldn't stop reading it! Kudos to the author for speaking out, especially on the subject matter and of a culture that most of us don't understand.


Synopsis: She lived the life of a devout Muslim in a family of Pakistani Muslims in England, but behind the front door, she was a caged butterfly. For many years, her father abused her in the cellar of their home. At sixteen, she discovered a plan to send her to Pakistan for an arranged marriage, and she gathered the courage to run away. Relentlessly hunted by her angry father and brothers, who were intent on executing an honor killing, she moved from house to house in perpetual fear to escape them. Over time, she converted to Christianity and was able to live and marry as she wished. Hannah found the courage to live her live free from shame, free from religious intolerance, and free from the abuse that haunted her childhood. This is a remarkable true story of how a young girl escaped a life of torture...a story you won't forget!



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text 2017-09-10 16:48
Reading progress update: All the Errors!
The Mystery of The Crochet Chess Set (Crochet Mysteries Series Book 1) - Pamela Murrey

While the story is somewhat okay, the errors really detract from the story. There are times where I have to stop and really think about what the author was trying to say. I am powering through this story just to say I finished it and to see if it actually contains a pattern to create a chess set. My girls love to play chess and I would love to make each one a set of her own. Mostly so they can challenge more people. 


If it doesn't I will figure something out, but that was the whole reason for choosing to take this book as it didn't sound like something I would enjoy. 

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text 2017-09-09 03:36
Reading progress update: Started at Library
No Nest for the Wicket - Donna Andrews

I didn't think to bring my tablet with me, so I could continue to read at the library while I waited for my daughters, usually, they are waiting on me, while I hunt books, but this time, they wanted to play Minecraft and so I picked up a book to read, while I waited. This was on my tablet waiting to be read and is one that I purchased to read because I was having trouble getting a copy of it. 


Meg is playing X-treme Croquet with her family and 7 other teams in two neighbors fields. Mrs. Fenniman read about the sport in a magazine and decided she wanted to play, but the family wouldn't get on board. Meg's family is known for being extreme with croquet games already. After she takes her turn, along comes Mrs. Pruitt, who sends Meg's ball over a cliff. She goes to hunt the ball and finds a dead body. 


While all this is going on, she and Michael have hired the local characters, the Shiffleys, to do the work on their house so that it can be lived in and they are hosting the teams that came from out of town to play in the tournament. 


There are so many laugh out loud moments that my middle daughter borrowed the book from the library so she could read it, while I was reading it. 

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text 2017-09-09 03:23
Reading progress update: Not very far yet
Murder at the 42nd Street Library: A Mystery (Thomas Dunne Book) - Con Lehane

I know it isn't far, but I borrowed it on Kindle App and I just sent a bunch of books to the app because I am rereading them. So it takes a long time for things to download and the actual book to open so that I could read and then I set it down, did a bunch of things with my girls (basically returning books to the library and getting more books). But I am enjoying this story. 


Ambler is an employee at the 42nd Street Library. This is basically a reading library. You cannot borrow a book from it, you request books and/or papers and come in and read in the library for research. 


There are a lot of descriptions of the library in the first chapters to give the reader a glimpse of the place, should they like me, not have been to NYC and may never go there. I went through NY to NH one time and was so disappointed in my visit that I said I wouldn't go there again. On the other hand, I did love New Hampshire and would love to go back again. 


A man walking into the library is shot in front of a defrocked priest (Harry) and the police are investigating and come to Ambler to see if he has heard anything they need to hear. 


There seems to be a lot going on, Adele (another librarian) has just lost her mother, Harry trying to keep certain "researchers" happy, and Max (a former classmate of Ambler and writer of celebrity autobiographies). 



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