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review 2018-01-24 19:18
Crimson Dahlia by Abigail Owen @AOwenBooks
Crimson Dahlia - Abigail Owen


Crimson Dahlia is Book III of the Svatura Series by Abigail Owen.


Filled with magic and supernatural beings in a world fraught with danger.


The covers of the series are done by Debbie Taylor. Fabulous job, Debbie.


Crimson Dahlia (Svatura, #3)

Goodreads  /  Amazon




The battle continues from Hyacinth into Crimson Dahlia, Book III of the Svatura Series by Abigail Owen. This is Lila and Ramsey’s story, and I am eager to hear it.


Lila is locked up, half dressed, being kept in a cold dark pit, yet her snark shines through her chattering teeth. Now that is some great writing, Abigail. Lila’s personality is big and bold and I love it.


How long can she survive? Why is she not able to use her magic to escape…or at least send a telepathic message for help.


Ramsey is a firestarter and he has a special connection to her. He will stop at nothing to find her. She just has to hang on until he can get there.


The characters are not immortal, but can live for thousands of years. The one hundred year old kids go to school, playing at normal. I wonder…do they ever get bored?


All hell breaks loose…people are going missing and cannot be found. They know who is at fault, they just don’t know why. And can they destroy him, before he destroys them?


If sheer stubbornness were a successful strategy, no one would ever mess with this family. Especially the women.


I loved the battles, filled with magics of every type you can imagine. I can hardly wait to see the conclusion.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Crimson Dahlia by Abigail Owen.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  4 Stars



Read more here.





The Shadowcat Nation


The Svatura Series


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Source: www.fundinmental.com/crimson-dahlia-abigail-owen
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text 2017-12-17 17:28
Christmas on Crimson Mountain by Michelle Major
Christmas on Crimson Mountain - Michelle Major

***book available free for a limited amount of time on eHarlequin***

April Sanders is a temporary guardian for her dead friend's two daughters, but the man she's supposed to cater to, an author on a deadline, doesn't want children around. His wife and little son died in a car crash and Connor Pierce had removed himself from all feeling.

Unfortunately for him, the two girls and their temporary guardian soon get under his skin, and he finds himself unable to push them away.

DNF @ 35%

Maybe it was just me, or maybe there were some problems with the editing in this story, because it felt like there were some scenes missing. And the jumps from scene to scene without those missing pieces gave me whiplash.

But hey, maybe it was just me...Because I didn't like what was there either. The heroine came across as a doormat, the hero was a jerk, the oldest kid was a pill, with the only likeable character being little, five-year-old Shay.

The whole un-Scrooging of the hero came across as too rushed, and the rest wasn't really inspiring, so I threw in the towel.

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review 2017-12-08 15:11
Wie sechs Minuten ein Leben zerstören können
Crimson Lake - Candice Fox Crimson Lake - Candice Fox

Es sind nur sechs Minuten, die das Leben von Detective Ted Conkaffey (39) völlig aus der Bahn werfen. Die 13-jährige Claire Bingley verschwindet an einer Bushaltestelle, wird missbraucht und beinahe getötet – und Ted wird verdächtigt. Die Anklage gegen ihn wegen Vergewaltigung wird zwar aus Mangel an Beweisen fallengelassen, doch fast niemand glaubt an seine Unschuld. Der frühere Polizist zieht sich deshalb nach Crimson Lake, eine Kleinstadt im Norden Australiens, zurück. Dort trifft er Amanda Pharrell, die vor Jahren wegen eines angeblichen Mordes ins Gefängnis musste. Als Privatdetektive tun sich beide Außenseiter zusammen, um das Verschwinden eines bekannten Schriftstellers aufzuklären. Dabei holt sie ihre Vergangenheit wieder ein…

Der Thriller „Crimson Lake“ ist der Auftakt einer neuen Reihe von Autorin Candice Fox.

Meine Meinung:
Erzählt wird die Geschichte in der Ich-Perspektive aus der Sicht des Ex-Cops Ted. Unterteilt ist der Thriller in mehrere Kapitel mit einer angenehmen Länge. Ansprechend empfinde ich auch den flüssigen Schreibstil.

Gut gefallen haben mir die beiden ungewöhnlichen Hauptcharaktere, die beide jeweils ihre Ecken und Kanten haben und nicht die klassischen Sympathieträger sind. Während Ted seine Sorgen im Alkohol ertränkt, ist Amanda eine ziemlich exzentrische Person. Zusammen sind sie ein interessantes Duo, das sich positiv von anderen Ermittlern des Genres abhebt.

Die Handlung und die überraschende Auflösung von Amandas Fall wirkten auf mich im Großen und Ganzen glaubwürdig und stimmig. Die Spannung, die sich am Anfang schnell aufbaute, flachte zeitweise etwas ab. Teilweise war mir die Geschichte daher etwas zu langatmig. Am Ende bleiben einige Fragen offen, die vermutlich erst in der Fortsetzung ihre Aufklärung finden.

Titel und Cover des Buches treffen zwar nicht ganz meinen persönlichen Geschmack, passen jedoch gut zur Geschichte.

Ich habe den Thriller als Hörbuch verfolgt. Bei der ungekürzten Lesung hat Sprecher Uve Teschner seine Aufgabe sehr gut gemeistert.

Mein Fazit:
Mit „Crimson Lake“ ist Candice Fox ein solider Thriller gelungen, die für Unterhaltung sorgt.

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text 2017-10-21 20:00
#30DaysofReadathon - Day 20 through 11
Kiss of Crimson - Lara Adrian
Food: A Love Story - Jim Gaffigan
Call the Midwife: Farewell to the East End - Jennifer Worth
London; the story of the greatest city on Earth. - Edward Rutherford
Night - Elie Wiesel,Robert McAfee Brown,François Mauriac,Stella Rodway
Naked in Death - J.D. Robb

Continuing on with challenge...


Day 20 Best - Kiss of Crimson by Lara Adrian (the best out of the Midnight Breed series; Dante and Tessa is my favorite couple)


Day 19 Graphic - that's easy, my favorite graphic is the Wonder Woman symbol.


Day 18 Alternative - I participate in the 24 in 48 read-a-thon and Bout of Books, two alternatives to the Dewey.


Day 17 Listen - Food: A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan


Day 16 Green - Call the Midwife, Volume 3: Farewell to the East End by Jennifer Worth


Day 15 Thick - London: The Novel by Edward Rutherford


Day 14 Thin - Night by Elie Wiesel


Day 13 Genre - My favorite will always be the romance genre. Hands down.


Day 12 Exercise - does pushing my luck or getting a good temper started count? I guess I like to walk in the Thetford Forest next to my house.


Day 11 Exciting - Naked in Death by JD Robb

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review 2017-09-23 05:55
The Crimson Meniscus, 7 Mind-Blowing Sci-Fi Stories from the Bubble by Jason Werbeloff
The Crimson Meniscus: 7 Mind-Blowing Sci... The Crimson Meniscus: 7 Mind-Blowing Sci-Fi Stories from the Bubble (The Bubble Chronicles Book 1) - Jason Werbeloff

The Crimson Meniscus, 7 Mind-Blowing Sci-Fi Stories from the Bubble by Jason Werbeloff did not disappoint. I've enjoyed this author's writing for a while and although some of it is a touch creepy, it's nevertheless intriguing. I gave it five stars.


Manufacturing Margaret is an intriguing science fiction/futuristic story about an android named Margaret.


"But my speech routines aren't programmed to express such thoughts. Instead, I find myself blurting my only programmed response to these situations. 'Please note that all activities in this cab are recorded.'"


Margaret drives a cab and observes thousands of humans. "I fly over Canal Street, parallel to the river, as though my grav motors are propelled by the spirits of the humans coursing through the thoroughfare below. From up here they look like an army of blood cells pumping through an artery."


Margaret discusses her increasing consciousness. "It's strange to think that everyone, everything, had a first moment of awareness. A point before which nothing was, and after which nothing would ever be the same."


Investing Isobella begins on a puzzling note. "'Look,' he says, 'I'm not going to lie to you, Paul. There's a risk. Sure.'


Jono Falanges slicks back his hair--his fingers leave track marks through the grease. He interlaces his hands behind his head. Stretches.


He knows I'm waiting with a thundering heart. Knows he has my full attention. I'm a desperate man."


It is a creepy tale indeed.


Oscillating Olaf tries to remain in an erotic dream but is interrupted by a phone call. He then has a sense of deju vu when the Roach called. Everything is going wrong. "My jaw was so tight, my teeth sang." He was learning to oscillate between two phases simultaneously. He was receiving messages from the future. A nice surprise twist at the end.


Patenting Peter is married to Cassandra who has what he called 'Lizard Eyes'. "Her gaze tore off me like a waxing strip. Landed on the frayed edge of the fedora on my head." She hated when he wore his father's hat.


His neighbor, Misaki with whom he had been flirting over the past few months as she came to borrow items arrived to borrow milk. He grabbed her wrist. "In the confusion, Misaki dropped the milk, which erupted in an ic spray over my naked feet. It took every fiber of my masculinity not to squeal."


Severing Sidney is an intriguing story about Geppetto's daughter Simona's merging with Neville. It's hauntingly poignant.


Aborting Andromeda is a twisted tale that is unusual to say the least. Christian works for the post-natal abortion clinic. A lovely surprise ending.


Defragmenting Daniel is a mesmerizing, yet somewhat creepy book. I gave it five stars.

"After six years working in the Organ Farm, Daniel still didn’t know why it was green – the Rejek they pumped through the organs. They’d said something in class about photosynthesis. All Daniel knew for sure was that after you ran Rejek through an organ, it was good for transplant."


Even those who work with harvesting organs have had many of their own taken away. "The knee was cybernetic, and you’d think it wouldn’t mind the cold. But ever since they’d harvested it when Daniel was nine, winters had been difficult. It was summer now, but the cold air in Administration wasn’t helping."


Daniel changed after they removed a segment of his brain. "He counted the full 49 seconds this time. Didn't feel the icy jets on his back. Daniel stood resolute against the arti spray. Even as the tears streaked down his cheeks, his mind tucked into itself. Numbed within a crease of a fold of a distant dream."


I received a complimentary copy from the author. That did not change my opinion for this review.


Link to purchase: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073PNRHK3

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