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text 2017-04-21 19:14
Reading progress update: I've read 78 out of 304 pages.
Goddess of Love - P.C. Cast

Okay, the stupidity in this book are driving me insane. I love the Goddess books, but this one isn't doing it for me.

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text 2017-04-19 02:49
Reading slash Coloring slash Laugh-snorting
You Are Here: An Owner's Manual for Dangerous Minds - Jenny Lawson

I just love this book. I finished one page for a friend.



I got some brand new markers in the mail today that I ordered from Zulily. I ordered I large pack of fineliners and a small pack of felt markers. They are wonderful. I'm enjoying myself. I've been on such a roll with reading that taking a break is relief.

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text 2017-04-18 01:00
Reading progress update: I've read 47 out of 199 pages.
Keep Holding On - Susane Colasanti

This book feels very cliche and stereotypical. We have the outcast girl that is poor and bullied. Her mom that blames her for ruining her life. The classmates that hate her for pretty much no reason. The boy next door that she drools over. The bad boy she's dating on the low. The rich bestie. There is nothing original about this mess yet. Holding out hope it at least ends up cute. I wanted to read this forever.

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text 2017-04-16 23:52
Reading progress update: I've read 15%.
Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher

This book is definitely getting to me since I was heavily bullied as a child. I was never cool enough, rich enough, my voice was too country, my interests too weird. And then my mother. She bullied me too. For very much the same reasons. I remember wanting this cool furry vest from the mall and she told me bounty that I'm already a freak and made fun of, I shouldn't make it worse. I was suicidal all thru high school and the first few years of my marriage, despite my husband's love and devotion. I hate knowing there are other kids out there in this kind of pain. 

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text 2017-04-14 17:29
Reading progress update: I've read 83 out of 244 pages.
The Night Lives On - Walter Lord

"...The Board of Trade regulations required her to carry boats for only 962 persons, but the White Star Line liked little flourishes and threw in space for an extra 216. In a "worst case" situation the Titanic might lawfully have gone to sea with lifeboats for only 27% of her passengers and crew."


I am always dumbfounded that there was a time before "a boat for every butt". I even read earlier that one of the First Class survivors was offended more of the lower class survived because they took up space in "First Class lifeboats" and more gentry should have lived. It was honestly beyond their realm of understanding that lifeboats were for everybody, and every single passenger deserved to live. 

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