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text 2018-11-16 09:08
Cyber security as a Service Market Augmented Expansion to be Registered by 2025

Market Overview:

Cyber security as a service is a combination of practices and processes employed to protect systems, networks and data from breaches, attacks and unauthorized access. Cyber security as a service for organizations is an operating expense (Opex) rather than capital expense (Capx) and it manages network security, confidential data protection and enables organizations to respond to incidents taking place immediately. Global Cyber security as a ServiceMarket is expected to grow in the forecasted period, in 2018 market size of the Cyber security as a Service was XX million and in 2025 is expected to reach at XX million with growing CAGR of XX%.The cyber security market includes solutions such as security incident management, Unified Threat Management (UTM), risk and compliance management, and Identity and Access Management (IAM) that enable organizations to secure infrastructure and data from harmful cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Market Dynamics:

Increase in adoption of mobile devices, and growing reliability on Internet services in industries such as retail, healthcare, BFSI, and energy and utility supplements the market growth.Increase in adoption of mobile devices, and growing reliability on Internet services in industries such as retail, healthcare, BFSI, and energy and utility supplements the market growth, the demand for effective cyber security modules such as cyber security as a service is also expected to rise at an unprecedented pace in the near future. It has been observed in the past few years that the number of cyber-attacks has substantially increased, which, in turn, is compelling enterprises to be equipped with effective cyber security solutions and services to ensure security of digital resources and a smooth workflow.

Request For Report Sample: https://www.researchreportinsights.com/report/upsample/120124729/Cyber-security-as-a-Service-Market

Key Players:

The Cyber security as a Service market consists global and regional players includingArmor Defense Inc., Transputec Ltd, BAE Systems, Capgemini, BlackStratus, Choice CyberSecurity, Cloudlock (Cisco), FireEye, Inc., LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, Inc., AT&T, Optiv Security Inc., and Tata Consultancy Services Limitedamong others. 

Market Segmentation:

The Cyber security as a Service market is bifurcated on the basis of user type, services, solutions, deployment type, industry verticaland region. Cyber security as a Service market by region segmented into North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Middle East & Africa. In 2017, Asia-Pacific is expected to dominate due to the rising numbers of start-ups and government initiatives and regulations concerning cyber security. Increased uptake of cloud services in these regions and the rising threat of cyber-attacks are also likely to compel enterprises in these regions to be equipped with cost-effective and reliable cyber security measures in the near future.

Market segmented on the basis of solution:
- Risk and compliance management
- Unified threat management (UTM)
- Security incident management
- Identity and access management (IAM)
- Encryption
- Intrusion prevention systems
- Others

Request For Report TOC : https://www.researchreportinsights.com/report/TOC/120124729/Cyber-security-as-a-Service-Market

Market segmented on the basis of services:
- Professional services
- Managed services

Market segmented on the basis of deployment type:
- Cloud
- On premise 

Market segmented on the basis of deployment type:
- Aerospace and defence
- Public sector
- Retail
- Healthcare
- IT and Telecom
- Energy and utilities
- Manufacturing
- Others

Market segmented on the basis of region:
- North America
• US
• Canada
• Mexico
- Europe
• UK
• Germany
• France
• Rest of Europe
- Asia-Pacific
• China
• Japan
• India
• Australia
• Rest of Asia-Pacific
- Latin America
• Brazil
• Rest of Latin America
- Middle East and Africa (MEA)
• South Africa
• Saudi Arabia
• Rest of MEA

Report Analysis: https://www.researchreportinsights.com/report/upcomming/120124729/Cyber-security-as-a-Service-Market

About Us                               

Research Report Insights (RRI) is a leading market intelligence and consulting firm. We deliver a host of services including custom research reports, syndicated research reports, and consulting services which are personalised in nature. RRI delivers a complete packaged solution to clients; this combines current market intelligence, technology inputs, statistical anecdotes, valuable growth insights, 360-degree view of the competitive framework, and anticipated market trends

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text 2018-10-19 08:27
Importance of SOC (Security Operations Center) for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

With an increasing number of threats in the world, small and mid-sized businesses are facing numerous issues. They are keen to find security services which fit their budgets and yet provide proper security services. An important problem that SMBs (small and mid-sized businesses) face is lack of personnel to build and function their own SOC (Security Operation Center). Due to this, the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) process is out of reach. Eventually, many such organizations are turning towards the way of outsourcing SOC as a Service which can suit their organization's needs and improve the security posture. Several small to mid-sized companies face the "trio of the cyber security troubles" as follows:

  • Recent ransomware like Petya and WannaCry caught the world in their evil grip but in a more modern way.

  • With the increasing number of cyber threats, there is an increase in the security expertise scarcity creating over 3.5 million cyber security openings by 2021.

  • As per the Verizon’s DBIR report, hackers are targeting on small and mid-sized businesses and creating a havoc in them as they lack proper SOC (Security Operations Center) services.

As a consequence, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are finding ways on how they can deal with so many upcoming challenges. Therefore, they are going to the reputed security service providers who can implement SOC as a Service. Although, this is a right decision, yet exploring and choosing the correct SOC service provider is not that easy. If your vendor lacks proper and mandatory amenities for the effective SOC with a plain focus on managed detection, then this can turn to a bigger loophole in your security posture.


If you too are stuck on how to choose a smart security provider, then you can follow the below checklist. It guides you to search for a comprehensive SOC service. The checklist includes:


Complexity level


A recent Gartner study identified that MDR (managed detection and response) is a fast-growing market. The detection is obviously used to recognize the threats, but the SOC should also provide prevention and IR (incident response) in case of a disaster.

A comprehensive security package like decisive and effective IR, protection from DDoS attack, ransomware, data breach, and disaster recovery is all you need when you consider a SOC. If the vendor doesn't provide 24/7 SOC and IR services, then it should not be termed as SOC


Real-Time Threat Analysis


Monitoring the threats in real-time with the use of detection services and forensics is a crucial task for SOC. It should be for all the security incidents on the basis of 24/7. The scanty staff in the security team can't handle the noisy and complex SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tools. They can't strain out the false alarms and hence the performance level doesn't stay up to the mark for vital security matters.

You have to make sure that the SOC provider has the abilities of smart detection of the threats round the clock so that you can sleep peacefully.


Armed Threat Hunting


With the burgeoning techniques of hacking and hackers getting smart, it is very tedious to detect every single type of attack. Staying armed means, the network has to stay prepared in advance and search for the threats proactively. This would result in auto-adjustment of the network as per the latest cyber-attacks which could be just a few hours ago. This is a huge responsibility of the security specialists. It calls for learning the different and unique requirements of the client's network and hunt down the threats which can still pass on through the detection process. For this method to work, we need relevant and efficient threat-intelligent sources, machine learning techniques, and choosing everything which can help in one or the other way to find valid security incidents impacting the consumers.


Compliance Control


Compliances are a vital factor while implementing the SOC. Every SOC should compulsorily have some compliances like PCI DSS, HITECH, HIPAA, GLBA, FFIEC, and some other standards that high-quality industries must bind to. The compliance organizations must provide templates for recommended security checks and vulnerability assessments and see whether the businesses are abiding by the given regulatory measures.


Not just hackers can cost you big bucks, but not having required compliances can lead you to pay penalties as well! You must make sure that all these things are handled by your SOC service provider.


Strategic Advising


After monitoring the network and hunting for the upcoming threats, the security engineers will get an in-depth understanding of your company's network. This knowledge of network topology, places of the vital assets will help them to protect those with a proper defense strategy. You should demand this from the outsourced SOC provider as this contributes to designing and improving the security posture.

Instead of having a just scalable cloud-based technology, an outlined IR (Incident Response) process and a team of well-trained security specialists shall persuade the clients to get insights into their organization's security posture. Further, this helps in improving and running the business processes more effectively.


Defined Pricing


Pricing is the issue which everyone faces. Make sure that your prices don't fluctuate every single time because this would deteriorate the trust of your consumers. The SOC service provider should make fixed pricing plans. The rates shall vary on the number of sensors and users instead of log data's volume and servers monitored. Such predictable and defined pricing models are essential for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). These organizations struggle with the fluctuating costs and can't afford highly expensive managed services. Therefore, the SOC providers should not have unpredictable costs.


To summarize


All these factors are important to consider while choosing the SOC provider. This checklist will guide you to know which things you should not compromise when you want to outsource the SOC provider. You can further read why SOC is important here.

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text 2018-10-04 13:15
How Can Cyber Insurance Actually Help My Startup or Small Business if it’s Hacked?

While undoubtedly aware that hacking, identity and information theft, and data breaches are a massively destructive and costly global threat, the average entrepreneur may not know how great the risk is to them. The cyberattacks that get the press are the ones suffered by the huge corporations, a list of which is too long to include here, but that’s not to say that small- to mid-sized businesses aren’t at risk. In fact, 60% of small businesses that get hacked don’t bounce back from a cyberattack and fold within six months.
So, with the obligatory disturbing statistic shared here, what can you do to protect yourself and your business from the consequences of cyberattacks should that become an unfortunate necessity? The concern might be complex, but the answer is simple: You can get cyber insurance.

What is Cyber Insurance and What Does it Cover?

Cyber insurance was born as a feature of broader errors and omissions (E&O) insurance policies. The increasing prevalence, damage, cost, and risk of cyberattacks led to its emergence as a specific area of coverage.

The origin of cyber insurance has led to a misnomer that an E&O policy is therefore sufficient protection against a cyberattack; or that a general liability policy would cover the costs. That’s not the case, as too many entrepreneurs have learned the hard way. There really is no substitute for the coverage provided by a strong cyber insurance policy.

There are a few areas of coverage that are common to most cyber insurance policies, such as:

  • Legal fees and expenses arising from an attack.
  • Recovery of compromised and sensitive data.
  • Repair or replacement expenditures.
  • Repair or recovery of damaged networks.
  • Notification costs arising from informing those whose information was compromised by the attack.


What Should I Look for in a Cyber Insurance Policy?

While the basics of cyber insurance policies can be similar, that doesn’t mean they are interchangeable. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Finding a provider willing to tailor a cyber policy to your specific needs is a must. Look for relevant brokerages that focus on insuring growing businesses and startups. In particular, find brokerages specializing in cyber insurance and in related fields of liability and exposure mitigation like E&O, D&O insurance, fiduciary liability insurance, and EPLI insurance.

When you’ve found some likely candidates, review the specifics of their cyber insurance offerings. An effective cyber policy is one that addresses both the direct cost and the fallout of a cyberattack, including consequences and costs you may have not even considered. Those consequences can be direct hits to your company’s bottom line, like peripheral data loss, business interruption leading to loss of profits along with extra expenses, the loss of funds being transferred, and new security measures necessary to prevent future attacks.

There may be direct and indirect customer, branding, and optics concerns like liability to banks required to reissue credit cards en masse, public relations expenses related to data breaches, and subsidizing credit monitoring to those exposed.

And then there are the legal, regulatory, and third-party liabilities too numerous to list here. Fortunately, a strong cyber insurance policy from a trusted provider can cover or defray those costs while leveraging risk mitigation resources to avoid them in the first place.

Cyberattacks are a destructive, frustrating, and pernicious reality of the computer age. But with the right coverage, they don’t have to be fatal to your startup or growing business.

About Embroker

Embroker is a leading digital commercial insurance brokerage that specializes in covering business liability with coverage custom-made for each client. Their combination of data and technology with real industry specialization has established their reputation as a top-tier brokerage. Founded in San Francisco in 2015, Embroker continues to serve over 1,800 customers and is licensed in all 50 states. Their user-friendly platform and live on-hand experts ensure a smooth, easy, and intuitive user experience. From crime to D&O insurance, whatever specific insurance your growing business or startup needs, Embroker has got you covered.

Protect and preserve your business at Embroker.com

Original Source: https://goo.gl/KFwnxm

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text 2018-09-28 16:21
Automotive cyber security Market to Discern Magnified Growth During by 2024

Automotive cyber security may be referred to a technology or system that protects or prevents systems of vehicles susceptible to cyber-attacks. With more and more vehicles being connected to the internet, leading vehicle manufacturers across the globe are working closely with software companies, and the internet service providers for providing better cyber security systems in their vehicles.

Strategic Partnership between VisualThreat and TUV Rheinland

Various innovative technologies associated with automotive cyber security are being developed worldwide. Recently, VisualThreat and TUV Rheinland made an announcement of a strategic partnership, for helping the automotive industry in testing, detecting and remediating the rise in cyber security threats that target the next-generation vehicles.

Testing facilities and experience of TUV Rheinland, and the cyber security technology of VisualThreat will together offer the automotive industry & component manufacturers with advanced testing services for securing their automotive products from cyber-attacks. The partnership will also help the automotive products & components in meeting the industry standards associated with secure performance.

Request For Report Sample:https://www.researchreportinsights.com/report/upsample/120124600/Automotive-Cyber-security-Market

Automotive Cyber Security market is segmented on the basis of types of cyber security solution such as Software-based, Hardware-based, and Network & Cloud. The global automotive cyber security market is also segmented on the basis of vehicle type such as passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, and heavy commercial vehicles

A New Automotive Cyber Security Facility by NCC Group

NCC Group, the global cyber security & risk mitigation expert, has recently opened its first ever dedicated automotive cyber security research, training and assessment facility. This facility is a part of NCC Group’s ongoing commitment toward raising security standards in the automotive sector. This new facility, located at Greater Manchester, offer the specialist automotive team of NCC Group to complete practical security assessments, perform training, and carry out the cutting-edge research on client vehicles.

According to Andy Davis, Director of Transport Assurance Practice at NCC Group, it is imperative to address the issue of cyber resilience for detecting and preventing the evolving threats. He also added that their new automotive cyber security facility will help in staying ahead of the curve, while identifying the automotive vulnerabilities and helping to mitigate them.

The Argus Connectivity Protection for Preventing Cyber-attacks on Vehicles

With an automotive cyber security research of over 50,000 hours, Argus, a leading automotive cyber security company, has unveiled significant number of vulnerabilities in cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections inherent in the vehicle components, software updates, and third-party dongles. Bluetooth zero day vulnerabilities leave vehicles at huge risk of remote cyber-attacks. These vulnerabilities, collectively named as BlueBorne, could be potentially utilised for performing ransomware attacks on vehicles, and even for completely controlling them.

Request Report Discount TOC:https://www.researchreportinsights.com/report/TOC/120124600/Automotive-Cyber-security-Market

With its extensive knowledge on automotive cyber security, Argus has designed & developed a platform, called Argus Connectivity Protection, for protecting vehicles from cyber-attacks, irrespective of the way they penetrate into vehicles. This also includes protection from vulnerabilities such as BlueBorne buffer overflow. Argus Connectivity Protection involves multiple security modules for reinforcing the target system, detecting intrusions, and preventing malicious threats against vehicle infotainment & telematics units.

Global Automotive Cyber Security Market will Gain Significant Traction during 2016 to 2024

A latest research report developed by Research Report Insights delivers an in-depth analysis & forecast on the global automotive cyber security market for the assessment period, 2016 to 2024. According to RRI’s report, the global market for automotive cyber security will gain significant traction owing to increasing adoption of telematics in the automotive industry, coupled with surging number of connected & autonomous vehicles.

Leading automobile manufacturers are focusing more on R&D and new product development for gaining a firm foothold in the global automotive cyber security market. Expansion of their product portfolio will remain a key strategy adopted by the market players for meeting the robust demand for cyber security systems in vehicles.

Key Players:

Argus Cyber Security Ltd., Cisco Systems Inc., Arilou Technologies, Harman International, Intel Corporation, NXP Semiconductors, ESCRYPT Embedded Systems, Secunet AG, and others

Report Analysis:https://www.researchreportinsights.com/report/upcomming/120124600/Automotive-Cyber-security-Market

Source: www.researchreportinsights.com/report/upcomming/120124600/Automotive-Cyber-security-Market
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review 2018-09-26 17:07
The Enigma Factor by Breakfield & Burkey
The Enigma Factor (The Enigma Factor Series) (Volume 1) - Charles V Breakfield,Roxanne E Burkey

This is a really slow book. Since it’s in the Thriller genre, I was expecting there to be more action and a much swifter pace. With that said, the over all premise is an interesting one. White Hat hackers unite! It takes over half the book to get to that point, but once it does, there is a bit of action and a set up for more action in the sequel.

Jacob Michaels is always so very, very polite. It takes a lot of dialogue to be that polite and considerate all the time. He’s faced with some tough truths that rise abruptly and smack him in the face and yet, he is still the polite, caring person. In his 30s, he’s never pursued a deep romantic relationship wanting to wait until he can afford a wife… but he says it in a more considerate way. This quaint mind set made me think of 1800s and even early 1900s where it was fairly common for men in their 40s to marry women half their age. So obviously Jacob has some deep seeded issues to work on.

His mom and granny were White Hats as well but unfortunately they are dead. I think having them alive and meddling would have made this story much more interesting. As it is, the ladies are nearly all romantic interests with a few other skills that we rarely get to see in action. Petra is the main love interest and is a skilled White Hat, though we are mostly told that and not shown. I think she’s in her 40s or older but that’s unclear. Julie is a flirtatious barista with hidden skills. Patty also has hidden skills but seems to be most proficient in inventive bedroom play. Haddy is married. Master Po, while currently celibate, used to enjoy oral sex and was proficient at it. As you can see, with nearly every female character, there is a bedroom scene. While the men get to be professional managers, hackers, bad guys, cops, spies, business men, etc.

At one point, Petra is thinking to herself how attracted she is to Jacob because of his aura of danger. So funny! Jacob hasn’t done anything dangerous at all at this point. He keeps in shape but he doesn’t have any hand to hand combat training nor any gun or knife proficiency. So, no danger here. Also, that was during the bike tour of the Long Island wineries. Petra has a motorcycle but she lacked the experience to carry a heavier passenger on the back seat, so she let Jacob drive. Argh! If Petra had a slew of other skills that we see used in this plot, that scene wouldn’t bother me so. With Petra relegated to Main Love Interest, it’s a let down. She’s been riding since her teen years but has never carried heavier people on the back seat…. It would have been so easy to give her this one skill and put it on display.

OK, so about halfway through this book we finally get a dead body. Yes! Let the action commence! The pace does pick up a little but it’s still pretty darn slow for a Thriller. I did really like how complicated things got for Buzz, Jacob’s best friend. He’s been taking it too easy, using Jacob to complete his own work tasks (Buzz’s coding skills aren’t all that). Now he’s in some hot water and he has to make some tough choices. I expect Book 2 will show us more of Buzz.

There are a ton of info dumps all the way through this book. Some are fun, cutting edge science or just plain science fiction and I enjoyed those. Like there’s some image encryption tech coupled with tattoos. Yes! That’s very interesting stuff and I wish we had more of it. There’s info dumps on China’s economics and how that relates to cyber security and also on the Enigma machine of WW2. Those were interesting if a bit long winded. Other info dumps were pretty pedestrian and only increased the word count to this novel. Honestly, I don’t really need to know how many pairs of socks Jacob packed to go to DefCon in Las Vegas.

For the most part, the characters stay the same throughout the story. I was expecting some character growth since there wasn’t much action going on. Perhaps the characters needed some action to force them to grow. Buzz showed the greatest growth and that was just a smidge. Some evil Russians (Sergei and Grigory) come in late in the book and give us some true, if one dimensional, villains to watch out for. I did feel for the white tiger Nikky.

All told, the book has promise but it’s long winded. 3/5 stars.

The Narration: Steven Jay Cohen does a pretty good job. He has distinct voices for all the characters and most of his female voices sound like ladies. I felt he struggled with some of the accents a little, some being a bit over accentuated. For the first few hours, Cohen kept putting a slight emphasis on an odd word in every other sentence. It wasn’t William Shatner level, but it was noticeable. After a while, this did smooth out and wasn’t noticeable very often. There’s no technical issues with this recording. 4/5 stars.

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by MK Marketing. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

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