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review 2018-05-22 17:22
Complex and I want to see where this is going
Tarnished City (Dark Gifts) - Vic James

Luke is a prisoner, about to go to the house of a man who has broken others. The Jardines are consolidating power in England and Abi is a fugitive.

Things that happen are complicated and set the last book up quite well, I really want to know what is going on and how everything is going to resolve itself.

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review 2018-05-20 22:06
The Dark Horse - Craig Johnson

First off, the narration was good although I wish he wouldn't have made Walt Longmire sound so old. Henry Standing Bear, who is the same age, didn't sound quite as old. I do realize that he fought in Vietnam and would be close to 70, but still I didn't want him sounding that old. 

The story itself dragged a little in places. The mystery was easy to figure out from the beginning.SPOILER [ I thought the horse reunion would be more of a slow-motion running toward each other but it seemed the horse was more excited than the owner. (hide spoiler)] Anyway, good mystery/great series.


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review 2018-05-20 15:46
Pardon My Ghoulish Laughter - Donald E Westlake,Fredric Brown


PARDON MY GHOULISH LAUGHER is a collection of mystery stories from the detective pulps. Most of these tales were originally written back in the 1940's. What fun!


All of these stories have the possibility of being supernatural tales, but all end up having a perfectly reasonable explanation. What's fun is the getting to the explanation! I enjoyed every single tale here, but I think my favorites were:


TWICE KILLED CORPSE- which had a nice little twist as well as a hero that wanted to be a detective.


PARDON MY GHOULISH LAUGHTER- which had a lead character that reminded me of Jimmy Olsen. (I'm showing my age here!)


DEATH IS A WHITE RABBIT- which was a strange little tale with a remote hint of Dr. Moreau and his experiments. These things never go well.


This book was a boatload of fun and reminded me of my pre-teen and early teen years when I read these types of collections. The old Ellery Queen's and Alfred Hitchcock's were always a source of entertainment, but somehow I missed Frederic Brown back then. With this collection and NIGHTMARES AND GEEZENSTACKS, (which I listened to last year), Mr. Brown has made made my list of memorable and witty short story writers. I'll be on the lookout for anything else of his I can get my hands on.


*I received this book as a gift from my friend Tigus, at Booklikes, with no strings attached. Thank you once again, sir! *

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review 2018-05-18 19:29
Dark in Death (In Death #46)
Dark in Death - J.D. Robb

Not too much to say about this one. It didn't really grab me and I did have a hard time sticking with it. That usually never happens when I am reading an "In Death" book. Even when it's ticking me off, I am engrossed. I just felt slightly bored by this one. I do have to say that a serial killer (New York is full of them apparently) murdering women in this one due to books reminded me of a t.v. show. I honestly can't recall which one, but it was bugging me throughout this reading. 


"Dark in Death" takes place in February and we have the usual comments about the weather in this one. Eve and Peabody are called into a murder at a movie theater. A young aspiring actress if found dead after going to catch the movie "Psycho". 


Image result for psycho gif


I initially thought it would have something to do with Hitchcock, but nothing doing. Instead another murder is quickly brought to Eve's attention via Nadine with a murder mystery writer being seen as the ultimate target of a serial killer. 

Not going to lie, a bit disappointed on how this one just lands in Eve's laps. There is no real detective work in this one. Nadine pops up and is all here is the inspiration behind these murders. The writer didn't interest me either. Hopefully she and her daughters don't appear in any future books. I got worried for a moment with someone else out there falling in love with Eve and then she be the subject of books like she already is the subject of a freaking Academy Award Winning movie. 


I do have to say this one takes a look at a more romantic and homebody Eve. I don't know if this is Robb's way of showing how domestic Eve has gotten which of course may make some fans leap to the idea of Eve finally being ready to have a baby with Roarke. Either way, it was interesting, and I was glad to see things change up between Eve and Roarke. A pretty funny scene was when Roarke returns home after having a bad day at work (I know right? When does Roarke have bad days at work?) he finds Eve hanging out and reading a book. Then things go to Eve being up for some foreplay with her playing hide and seek with Roarke. Look I know it sounds weird, but I found it charming. 


Peabody dialed down to regular. We still get some random comments from her, but I didn't want to kick her butt like I did when I read "Echoes in Death."


The big thing is I don't really buy the whole new relationship with Nadine. Reading about Eve and Roarke discussing it made it even more boring which I didn't think was possible. When the new guy throws out a comment about do Nadine and Eve ever argue with less clothing on, I went thumbs down mentally with him. Blech.


We get Dr. Mira and McNabb here, but not a lot of the old favorites. I can't remember the last time we saw Charles and Louise. Also where is the Commander at these days? Did he make an appearance in the last book?


The ending is a foregone conclusion. Even the confession scenes lacked a punch in this one. 

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text 2018-05-18 18:36
Reading progress update: I've read 100%.
Dark in Death - J.D. Robb

A little bit better than previous books. At least there is not a fixation on the rape and murder of women. This was just a bit boring though since you found out who the murderer is very quickly. Then it's just Eve and company doing what they can to take them down. I was surprised that Robb changed up the love scenes between Eve and Roarke. Who knew they could do something else totally different? Not a bad thing at all. I do have to say that the whole romance between Nadine and the rocker was kind of ham-fisted. I just didn't buy it at all. I became less of a fan too when he does the whole gross, "two women arguing is so turning me on." Blah. 

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