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video 2020-11-22 03:49

2020 Book Trailer for The Watchers by Deirdra Eden. www.Knightess.com

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photo 2020-11-22 03:48
The Watchers, The Silver Phoenix

Auriella and Azrael must travel across Asia and Europe to reach the Inner Sanctuary, the only place they will be safe from the legions who hunt them. Auriella keeps a journal and records stories from the lives of the Watchers who are charged with guarding her to safe passage. Traveling to the legendary land of Ophir they retrieve the golden wedge of Ophir which is a key to open the portal of the Inner Sanctuary.


Betrayed by a Watcher who was sent to protect her, Auriella is captured and comes face to face with the Shadow Queen Hazella. After being tortured by the Legion, Auriella must choose her own death. Unbeknownst to King Erebus, the Shadow Queen, Hazella, offers Auriella a quick, but painful death which will ultimately keep Starfire out of the hands of the Legion.


With time running out, Auriella realizes she must be her own hero, and without her powers, find hidden strength from within to save more than just herself.

Source: www.knightess.com/p/books.html
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photo 2020-11-22 03:47
The Watchers, White Dragons

Auriella and Azrael are about to face their greatest battle as all the Watchers of the Earth gather to the Eastern Sanctuary to face Erebus and his army. In her first mass warfare, Auriella leads her Watcher kin against invading hordes, human trafficking pirates, Shadow Queens, Shadow Lords and their wolves, and even Erebus himself. Between war plans and raids, Auriella balances wedding plans and brides maids. With old friends and new friends, and each Watcher with their own mystical gifts and unique personalities, Auriella prepares intricate battles against supernatural foes. Auriella and Azrael will soon learn that their forbidden marriage will risk more than just the safety of Starfire.

Source: www.knightess.com/p/books.html
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photo 2020-11-22 03:46
The Watchers To Capture the Wind

Dark secrets about Azrael’s life and death are revealed which prompts Auriella to break off their engagement and leave Azrael alone on an island of massacred Watcher kin.


In order to prove his loyalty, Azrael sets out to retrieve stolen Starfire from the Legion before they destroy the human race and create their own dark kingdom. Poisoned and stripped of his powers Azrael has no choice but to accept the help of an old enemy with questionable motives.

His haunting past and old wounds resurface when he discovers a book of Watcher genealogy listing not only his family, but Aura’s linage along with her three sisters of power, including his dark and beautiful former fiancée.


A few remaining good Watchers must face the fallen Watchers of old along with the Demon God, Moloch, to reclaim Starfire. Azrael must choose his side and prove his loyalty once and for all.

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review 2015-12-13 15:36
Audio Book Review: Knight of Light
The Watchers, Knight of Light - Deirdra Eden

*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot com, at my request.

Auriella learns she is something more powerful than a witch, and the Shadow Legion wants her, when she runs into a burning house to save trapped children and her skin is unblemished by the fire. She hides for her safety, but that isn't as safe for her either. Auriella will have to face and learn what she is and what she's to do. The path she takes will be one of her own timing to get there.

Julia is a new narrator to me. I found I liked her voice. Her voice is soft, gentle, like a whisper-y sound but not quiet. She speaks each work clearly. She has a slight accent that feels to suit Auriella. I liked the small, higher pitched voice for Cassie, it fits for a pixie. Julia does different voice sounds and tones for the many characters we cross here, which is always a great bonus. The quality of the narration is well done, clear, and enjoyable without distractions.

This story is of Auriella as she grows as a person in this world. After the first four chapters I felt like Auriella didn't have a direction in life. She's not planing on going anywhere, any plans or wants beyond getting away. She ran from the Shadow Lord, the people who believe her a witch, and then planed to run from the cruel witch she served. But there was no ideas after that. No drive other than away from harm. When Auriella finds Cassie she has more direction to save them both. In chapter ten, about two hours in, we get a strong purpose for Auriella. This is when she finds out what she is but still has to verify it. This is something Auriella has to come to accept to move on with what she was sent here for, time will help her accept this as she ages and grows. It's close to the end when she knows what it is she wants to do, and goes for it full steam.

This story feels like a prequel in a sense to me. It brings Auriella to where she needs to be in mind and body through all she's lived through.

This is a Young Adult Fantasy read. Something for young readers to start to read with minimal violence and gentle love. It has it's slower moments with details, but this is where Auriella makes her friends and falls in love with an area and family. It feels as it's a build up to more to come. We finally get an explanation to what Auriella is about four hours into the five and a half hour book. This is the beginning of battles to come.

We are now set up for the battles to come, the fights that Auriella will have to face, and maybe find more like her along the way.

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